The soul of Whomping Willow



1. The one and only chapter

Harlow has always had a problem getting friends and making positive connections with people. Her cousin Trever was the only one who understood her and who did not call her cruel, mean or strange. She just could not handle her feelings. She yelled when she got angry, laughed when she wanted and had no limits. 
She told a person if she did not like his or her appearance.
Harlow was that kind of person. Some say it was thanks to Trever she became like that. Others claim that her family did not take care of her.
But no-one is thinking that she was actually her own person, that she did not have to have a completely ruined childhood to become a completely destroyed person.

When Harlow started at Hogwarts, she ended up in Ravenclaw, which was a shock to everyone. She had been told she was crazy and brutal.
Because she and Trever always played little pranks, but after each time, Trever said that Harlow had planned everything. 
Which was not quite right, Harlow made it logical, Trever came on the original plan.
So when Trever was sorted in Slytherin, it was a shock to everyone except Harlow who just started laughing at Trever who was close to burst into tears. 
The 11-year-old boy had disappointed the whole family and he knew that. Harlow, on the other hand, was pleased to no longer be the black sheep of the genus.

... The years went by ...
Harlow became lonelier and loner. Trever slowly start to get more friends a bit on the side. The two of them stopped with the pranks when Trever became a Prefect, even though Harlow tried to get him on the prank-train again sometimes. 
She started to focus more and more on homework.
She was like that girl who is a classic nerd, but if one would call her a nerd you would get all your legs away or something in that style.

= 8 September =
Harlow had decided to wait outside Slytherin's holes on Trever, she never did that, so why not be nice. Even that was the last way to describe Harlow and she knew that.
She watched her wristwatch, it was from a muggler shop and had a tan-beared bear with blue braces. 
He would be early if she felt him right, which meant that in 2 minutes and 43 seconds he would go out of here to not be late at the tree where they always studied.
Harlow began to hear voices from within, she knew that Trever had more friends but she still did not like it.
"Do you come out and meet that scary girl now or something?"
 "Why do you even hang out?" 
"She will end up in Azkaban I promise you." 
"I have heard that she is completely heartless and laughs when she breaks people's legs." Several voices continued to speak in mouth to each other, first they had moved towards her but now they stood still. 
"Out with the words Trev." Trev, that's what his other friends always called him. 
"It's not like she's listening to you."
Harlow felt nervous, would he defend her? He must defend her? How crucial to their friendship is this?
"So no one says Harlow will go to Azkaban. Okay?" Harlow breathed easily.
"Everyone already knows that it will happen." 
Just that second when he pronounced those words. Her entire world raged, all her respect for him disappeared. She was blinded. Feel the tears flowing. Did they come? She felt so helpless, what would she do?
She could not think, Harlow let the instinct take over and knocked her fist all she could in the nearest wall.
"She is here." 
"Are you going to comfort your little friend?" 
"She or we?" 
She stopped listen, her hand dumped and she stood with her back facing the door where Trever and the others should have arrived. She heard running steps.
"Harlow! Hey, I'm sorry." Harlow had no idea what she was saying so she just took her elbow and slipped into the wall. Not because it solved anything
"Okay. So you heard?" He was trying to get a good answer.
She turned around looking into Trever's eyes. Everything looked blurred out by the tears.
"Hah you cry!" He fluttered, probably because 'hard Harlow' never cries.
"Wow ... You're ... Pathetic. You're also incredibly ugly." She smiled. 
"By the way, why do I end up in Azkaban? Because I'm honest. I can end it if you want? I can change myself so others can like me even though I do not like myself. It will be perfect!" She smiled and ironine dropped. She turned around and ran away, she heard someone who said, 
"Somebody has to tell the principal otherwise the whole place will explode."
It was probably true.
Trever ran after her, he took his hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him, with a sight he never saw. She stood up stately. They was out on the hill, not far away from the forest.
"I'm a black sheep Trever. I'm ruining. But do not a friend respect one for their shortcomings? You just clarify them. " She shouted out the words because they would only be swallowed by the wind.
"I'm sorry, but I thought that you would be something. Writing a biography and becoming famous, tell me how I changed you. But you destroyed everything ... by being you! " He screamed. She did not get it anymore, she took her wand up and said the first formula that came to her brain. Which she would regret.
"Crucio!" Trever fell on the ground in pain and screamed. When he lay there, she continued with the rod. She just said the word over and over again. "Crucio, Crucio, Crucio."
"There they are!" She heard far away. She wanted to be alone here, Harlow realized that everything was running for her. She looked forward to one of Trever's friends who ran toward where they stood.
"Leave us alone!" she called.
"We can help you!" she heard the principal shouting. She knew it was a lie. Trever started to recover, now everything was gone.
"Crucio!" she called it against Trever, she looked into his eyes when they were closed and opened.
"Sorry!" he choked out. There she lost control, most came close now. It was around three teachers, the principal and some friends for Trever.
"Crucio." Harlow smiled and gave each of the friends an indescribable pain.
"Do not come closer!" She said it as warning, but the teachers continued to go behind the principal.
"Stop. Now, otherwise you will suffer!"
"Do not you threaten us Harlow, just come here." The headmaster said that with an unbelievable calm, Harlow frustrated to the utmost when it had already been reached.
"Avada Kedavra!" A few moments later, the principal lay down on the ground, the worst thing about her was not to omit the formula. It had worked, she had wanted to kill someone. She did it again, stuck on Trever who started sneaking away.
"Avada Kedavra."
The teachers were completely stunned someone sent away a bird.
"You do not know what you are doing girl!" said one of the teachers.
"Everything is already gone." She smiled and directed the stick towards the teacher.
The other teachers were picking up their wands and it started to grow up a tree from the ground trying to grab Harlow. She gave up. It was too late. She let the tree embrace her.

It took a few minutes before more wizards were there and came closer to her. But she refused to let them do it. She did everything she could to get rid of those she knocked her arm, kicked and shook her head. Things happened, moved. The tree. She had grown into the tree.
So every time someone came, she thought someone would take her away to Azkaban or kill her.


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