Daylight Diaries 2

Massachusetts began to fade until, a monster deep inside, was under the missing house, mysteriously a new crowd of people came out
Of blue. Back in a time, A unknown girl forgot her past, until a minot
Discovered the new light. To a true reality, yet to be discovered

Author's note

J.a 2017 copyright

27. the Minot journey to shadow

Steep night of shadows came under the night and, floor of a masschusets house, under shadows lay a great big, monster in the house, and under was just mystery and like another, masschusets town the mystery just got more in a wonder?

Pearl got under the shadow yet the magic villian under, the house was. Aron of one shadow that was in control of the great monster, know as the minot, yet pearl could perhaps GTE the monster back, and see that the curse of midnight shadows, was not in the night help the people of masschusets.

The next step crawl under the shadow had many wonders of, and could get under more deep to find pearl and her draw of Mismade keys that could lockup this, town for good, yet shadow was a monster in himself, and coudnt have that much power, instead pearl found her candle and stepped down more under.

The stairs caved more under the earth seemed that it was dreary and, moist and somehow quite, it seemed pearl saw some shadow in, the steep wide basement that once looked like forest yet, the key to the floor got stuck in her journey.

Pearl skidded down a steep wide tunnel and coudnt seee more then her foot, atop the made wide shadows it stopped her fro. Going more and she heard a wide noise, ahead her journey her, sensee flew up and the, shadow traped her in this house under the, monster.

The great white shadow just stopped and crawled on top grabbing the keys from pearl and stopping her from crawling, yet the shadow coudnt stop pearl from getting the minot,

In his pocket, the keys helped and unlocked his trap and the shadow stoped and grew shorter, then the shadow got, out and pearl rose to the top again, with the help of the Minot.

The shadow went on top and locked her in the house without the key that always stood magic pearl would be trapped, next the shadow started to get out and creep out in the town of masschusets, danger now seemed out since the power was in the key of magic, yet as magic as, it was it could mysteriously dissapear so, the shadow locked it safe in his house of magic.

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