Daylight Diaries 2

Massachusetts began to fade until, a monster deep inside, was under the missing house, mysteriously a new crowd of people came out
Of blue. Back in a time, A unknown girl forgot her past, until a minot
Discovered the new light. To a true reality, yet to be discovered

Author's note

J.a 2017 copyright

28. the Minot journey to a shadow

pearl was Locke with the key out of her hands, she could only wait till some force could find her in the key she knew would not appear untill soe how the Minot got back atop.

The graet shadow was atop now and he forgot that pearl had the draw in her house, yet the only thing out was a door that crept under the draw, now the shadow could lock the houses up, and evry town in masschusets was locked to its might, the last was getting clearer a bit. Yet the shadow had power in this key.

The next shadow that came out was the same one within, the great house atop found more keys and soon the shadow could own the keys back to masschussets, in his shop lead. Great art in the room under his house again was a past, he could set behind and forget the way the town was lost.

Pearl stood under yet the Minot was down under, trappped in thunder, of things yet pearl found the draw and read the past of diaries and found that, the key could get out, if pearl could find her shadow and bring, back the diary that once stood out, perhaps the past was forgotten and new draw, of keys was to be, found under the house she get the minot out.

To be continued...

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