Daylight Diaries

Massachusetts began to fade until, a monster deep inside, was under the missing house, mysteriously a new crowd of people came out
Of blue. Back in a time, A unknown girl forgot her past, until a minot
Discovered the new light. To a true reality, yet to be discovered
By Joseph


39. Shadows and Newport diaries page 3

Upon every new journey was a new time that suddenly saw the sunrise, and the past had been present what was more shocking was the immediate glaze and sunrises, masschusets town of new port somehow this was the only town aside the real story and the open, book daries explained, some yet the real book was yet perhaps under the town how, could that be since the art and shadow keys were locked away in the shop, perhaps the new way was under the floor, yet pearl tryed she needed a key within the one, that apeared to be the true one, it just kept on dissapear ing.

In the cascaded sunrise a beutiful time was set on limits how that was nevre the same, it was similar to some times yet, the houses aside were New England modern what was captivating more about the, houses that, they appeared the Same and there out, calm and meadow strange distance lead pearl outside yet the past had more to be solved within these, haunted creepy doors were a story evrey story had, a new way telling the next story.

The shadows started to lock people that knew masschusets the, old way and diaries hat pearl ha Deere shadows that the diaries were once written by a timid shy, shadow perhaps all shadows were under the sunset and that's how they tell time yet, for newport ajourney was under, yet to be discovered the house that pearl saw was perhaps the only shadow under it and since more familiar ways the, house that kept on dwelling was very near a key yet, it perhaps was the one and only masschusets key.

It had very much been there and not, somehow it stayed and grasped, and only stood in shadows of hands pearl saw the sunset and then she, discovered that the only way to get into any house was to tell time past and start remebreingbthe way the story aside the minot and the true masschusets was, under a past perhaps now new meaning was coming for. The distant sunrise and sunset and yet between the, two there was some kind of key, under the house.

Strangely he art that showed the newport diaries was once a picture and shadow it had more then two tales within a tale what was more amazing was the book aside the old story, a haunted house was under the mask of a setting sunrise the beuty of any kind of picture of the sunset was under the diary any kind of hidden, keys were on the locked ones pearl could find the key yet the only key was in th newport shop.

The key was yet to be, under the diaries were needed first yet, the only one was, she had and it was terrifying that a story of the haunted meadows and places, her past completly was getting dimmer and shadows, seem to control the open meadows as Time started to slowly fade.


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