Daylight Diaries 2

Massachusetts began to fade until, a monster deep inside, was under the missing house, mysteriously a new crowd of people came out
Of blue. Back in a time, A unknown girl forgot her past, until a minot
Discovered the new light. To a true reality, yet to be discovered

Author's note

J.a 2017 copyright

46. shadows and newport diaries page 10

The door finally open and the, most of. Ad ark stairway lead upstairs and in the very room the next way out was nowwhere the shadow could earn the way in, yet the mirror saw the, keys mysteriously the clue aside the wss under the draw the whole time the draw was in newport suddenly, pearl grew faint, a shadow crept aside her, the Minot puzzled aside her and saw the new amazed town open the windows were not only trapped but seemingly the Minot, knew as if time erupt to chnage, nothing is forever yet aside the windows was a distant past in masschusets time, however the very same day, years ago time swept in the uniform it once did.

Eager to meet the power inside the, Minot coudnt see weare the outside Waas the most time ever seem the only thing  was that, every thing on the outside lead to mysterious imagination, true i light the only thing seemed out of the next, mind the Minot seemed willing a bit, yet unaware of its behaviors lead pearl to think that it was time to see a grand key among the rest she saw, a draw under swept it in the hands under crept her mind, yet she pulled and she saw, an amazing picture it seemed as if the shadow had left an array of fine puzzled art and pictures past, and distant untold stories amazingly the, bushes seemed in ideal place to see what was held so far back, and if the town?

A crept of haunts still underlined the next house as if pearl coudnt but, wait to open the door, the Minot was suddenly open and out and more sudden distance came back, a window rose, and more things opened, pearl discovered that true meaning of a diary was once owned by the Minot itself, perhaps the true door was yet to be opened beyond, the nest, was a more bright dazed up calendar, a art and shadow started to be in yhe middle of every draw it seemed more then just the things layed but, waht haunted the every still last whta clues lead under the same disatnd past? And how did all shadows, find it under there, what was in the next door, and the Minot could possibly see or know?


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