Daylight Diaries

Massachusetts began to fade until, a monster deep inside, was under the missing house, mysteriously a new crowd of people came out
Of blue. Back in a time, A unknown girl forgot her past, until a minot
Discovered the new light. To a true reality, yet to be discobered.
By Joseph carpenteri


38. Shadow and newport diaries page 2

newport was under a draw strange pearl saw the mat under the house before she left and the haunted house even though looked huge on the outside strangely was small like evry house in masschusets only door under the mat had a starnge light in a book it was as if the whole light had new meaning it was perhaps. A stone yet,it was glowing like time was still in the last moment, and pearl even though knew, that a visit to newport was perhaps a small part of the old town once aside the shop and every art was somehow in thhat locked door, suddenly and eager weary shadow started to creep upon the door an scred and weary pearl saw a shadow aside the door.

Upon the the door a weary pearl, knew that every stone had its story everything and its main door had evry kind of diary yet upon the shadows the time had lessened and the dark air was more it was if the time was sunken in order, to fix pearl need to find theh shared diary the first one wasn't the diary that she was upon it was more in burden down perhaps the draw that stil was in the house was in Newport and, the sudden dark sunset would come and go, fade and draw new sun?

The outside saw diaries pearl never reallly Oned tosee the diaries she was more into keys and stones and any mystical door under behind the Magic a shadow once could forth, yet the mystery could never be solved yet? The question was why was the sun in shadows time? Perhaps the past had fadede and the minot was yet to be found yet once again was it under, the tunnel and was the tunnel under yet to be released in the woods th creature yet small was spuntanioulsy, magical and needed to be in a true masschusets house.

The Tim spears saw her fate th time she knew there more in the journey of Newport and its diaries yet, the last had story things were coming more cleare every time a new, door new key and shadow that was suddenly looking her story she saw, was getting the shadows closer and close.

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