Daylight Diaries 2

Massachusetts began to fade until, a monster deep inside, was under the missing house, mysteriously a new crowd of people came out
Of blue. Back in a time, A unknown girl forgot her past, until a minot
Discovered the new light. To a true reality, yet to be discovered

Author's note

J.a 2017 copyright

4. draws of the new paradox

Memories that suddenly, Garry had appeared as someone, who just lived and was having deep down mellow perhaps, starting to remeber some of his past, yet all things were deeply confused around the distance between another neighborhood outside, even if existed.

The key suddenly shock Garry, and the draw built a sudden house on the side. Garry started to fade the house began opening a locksmith, became more and more apprentice and, the diary door, folowed the house, new residence took place.

A key a few more houses, and a locksmith with a name, a creature stirred yet, was left under the house, the old got newer, by now a town had started to build, people began with little more, of memories, yet the past maybe seized to exist?

However a art store and keeone, stayed shallow inbetween the new , things still resembled a diary that looked like a door and a sudden draw, had sunk deeper and deeper.

Outside, the river faded the locksmith poured a, substance and more did the river fade, perhaps such a locksmith new more, about the past, and was waiting to begin something,

However the past will never fade, sometimes the past resided something's, but masschusets had began to start as the same, without the memory that set it aside.

Time however oddly always resided to come back, the door opened the locksmith, went under, his keys magically were one in a box, the draw was missing, who once owned it, and what did it mean?

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