I don't want to hear anymore lies.
I don't want to feel guilty for something i shouldn't.
I don't want to get used anymore.
I just don't...

(Kind of a short story, advice, diary thingy, inspired by some feelings I've had lately).


2. Don't say you're hurting, without the scars...

Some of the people you love, and people you think will never lie to you, they will.

They'll betray you, lie to your face and stab you in the back. Again, not always intentionally, but it'll hurt just as much.

This doesn't make them fake. It makes them human. Just like you. They make mistakes, and as a friend you're expected to forgive them, which you in most cases no matter how bad it is (depending on how good of friends you are) you will.

But what if they don't ask for forgiveness?

What if your forgiveness is just expected at this point?

Or even worse.

That they don't even think to get it because they think "Oh, she won't care"?

Yeah, sounds surreal, but all of the above has happened to me, my friends and probably to you too. The thing about people like that, is that they're sneaky. They know how to get away with things like this, without anyone noticing... Except for the person who's targeted. And know if you speak up, everyone else will see you as a little butt hurt baby, who's jealous of you friend and their life.

So unfair, right?


Being manipulative is a gift used to curse and hurt others. It's a sad and low way to get whatever you desire. But what's even lower is to do it, and not ask for forgiveness, not for the formality of it, but because you realize that you actually hurt someone really bad.


When all of that is said and done, then there's only one last thing you need to tackle. The lowest most manipulative trick in the book; Turning your friends and sometimes even yourself against you, to make you believe that you being hurt, for something they did hurt them much worse, than what they did to you in the first place. 

It's sickening to me that this actually works, and how many friendships this has ruined. I can think of a few myself... Making you feel like you are the one, who need to say sorry for what they did? Can you just hear how wrong that sounds? And you know what don't. Don't do it. Yeah, you may think "Oh, but they are my friends, and if I don't say sorry I won't have any", but that is bullshit. If you leave that friend group, then no matter if you sit alone at lunch or find new friends, in most cases (if your old friends are just as strong and smart as you), they'll realize who that bad friends really is, by them doing the same to them, as they did to you, or watching him/her dong it to others. Because people like that don't just pick one victim. No. They have hundreds. And if you walk away, they'll just find a new one.


A new one to maniplate.

A new one to hurt.

A new one to lie to.

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