Never Again

Her adrenaline was pumping, her heart was racing. She pulled the trigger and he fell holding his shoulder. he winced in pain. "The tribe no longer needs you" a deep voice spoke from behind her. He wasn't about to let him take her away again.


1. Home at last


"School isn't great for me dad, i don't understand why you don't just let me drop out" i say as walk into the kitchen. School is hard for me, bully and teachers not to mention the homework. I graduate in a year and all i have is a freaking bruise and a busted lip. I promise one day ill get out of here and ill run so far away.   My dad never takes the time to notice all of my bums and bruises. my mom was always passed out with her vomit on her to worry about anything else. I hate this stupid life. I had a boyfriend but of course he dumped me for a hotter girl. Now, im alone with no one to love me but my self. I cannot believe he had my heart in his hands and he just ripped it to shreds. I cannot take living without him. Ive tried to runaway but the stupid cops found me so many times.

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