The Jesus of Suburbia

(Green Day)
Welcome to the rage and love of St. Jimmy. You think the world has gone to shit, that nobody cares? Well then step right up because you've come to the right place.

The Jesus of Suburbia is my personal interpretation of the Green Day album American Idiot. Each chapter is associated with a song, or part of Jimmy's story. These interpretations are my own and other's PUBLIC interpretations.

(Cover image not mine, credits go to †Not Relevant†
@LauraGDMCR on website )

*All content written and used is created solely by me unless stated otherwise! Please be kind and do not use my work, or give credit where credit is due! Thank you*


1. Rage and Love: Introduction

Light. Bright light. Bright light coming in through the tattered curtains. Bright light coming in through the tattered curtains blinding me. Carpet. Red carpet. Red carpet on the floor of my room. Red carpet on the floor of my room leaving an ugly print on my body. Sitting up slowly, I wake up the dead nerves and limp bones in my body, now all screaming for help. Fuck that hurts. Fuck, that hurts too. Fuck, all of me hurts. I cover my eyes from the sunlight rudely intruding my room and rub the back of my head. 

I'd say I'm dead, but that would just be too good to be true. That and my entire body hurts. So I know I am alive, how and why I am alive in the real question now. But who has time to think anymore? I stand up slowly, grunting and pulling the black shirt off of my body and throw it against the wall. Shit, I'm surprised it didn't stick. I start to walk over to the shattered mirror hanging on the opposite wall before tripping over empty beer bottles and cans. So that's where I was all night. Maybe she is here somewhere? My hand rushes to my head as a surge of sharp pain attacks it. Hungover. Like usual. I keep my hand on my left temple and walk out of my room, opening the door I brutally assaulted after another drunk night. The hallway is lined with the same red carpet in my room, but rather lined with socks and random articles of clothing. 

I walk into the living room, it's silent. The once white now yellow nicotine stained curtains sit still, and the grey now tan and brown sofa, dotted with holes from cigarettes remains abandoned. Highly unusual, since my mom and him are usually there, chain smoking the cigarettes they mooch off of me and my friends. Classy. Still, no sign of her. I turn to the kitchen, hopefully finding life in there, but yet again I am wrong. Well shit. I make my way back down the hallway, peering into the bathroom. Nope, but her ripped jeans are here. Last place I can look, my mother's room. I glance in there, her and him together in the same bed. It disgusts me. She knows what he is doing to her, me, to us, yet she just lets it all happen. I'm not big on corruption, in case you weren't aware. She rolls over into him, shielding her own eyes from the sunlight jeering through the curtains. She isn't in the house. The cat pads down the hall and brushes up against my legs before walking through my door. I follow him into my room, if I am going to look outside I should probably get some pants. 

I walk in and sit on the edge of my bed, reaching on the floor to grab the black jeans. I lean back, putting a leg in before looking over, seeing a foot. Two feet. Two beautiful, long, pale legs leading up to a beautiful, pale-bodied girl. A beautiful, pale-bodied, sleeping girl. Smiling, I push the jeans on my leg back down with my other foot and crawl in next to her. She grumbles softly and rolls over on her side toward me. She rests her blonde head on my chest, her sleepy breathing regulating again. I lay my head back against the wall and wince as it hits it.

"Fucking hell", I mutter and rub the back of my head, then I close my eyes. 


I wake up again, looking over to the alarm clock on the nightstand. 3:24 PM

God dammit... Her sleepy head is still on me and the headache is gone. I shake her shoulder gently and she wakes up slowly with a few soft groans. She yawns and immediately her hands retreat to her temples. 

"Rough night?", She asks and I nod, motioning to the floor littered with clothes and beer bottles. She smiles briefly and I rub her shoulder. She gets up out of the bed and picks up her clothes, putting them on. She stops and looks back to me.

"My pants?", She says accusingly and I roll my eyes.

"They are in the fucking bathroom". She growls under her breath at my reply and marches out of the room to retrieve her pants. She comes back in fully clothed and runs her fingers through her hair. She rubs her bare arms and I throw a flannel at her. She puts it on, followed by her black studded heels. I get up, walking over to her. I wrap my arms around her waist, my forehead against hers. Her ice-blue eyes look into my shit-brown, and she pushes her hands against my chest. She pushes her body away from mine and walks out of my room, down the hallway, and out of the shitty, broken down house. The shitty, broken down house that hosts a shitty, broken down kid and his shitty step-father who is using my broken down mother. I stand there, not moving for a minute. My fists clench at my sides, my knuckles turn white. 

Every fucking time. Every fucking time I try to get close, she pushes me away. Literally. I already know I'm not the only guy sticking my dick in her. I know I'm not the only guy getting drunk out of my mind with her just to gain some relief. That's what she is for, but for some reason, I love her for that. 




What's poppin? Let me know if you like it so far, and if I should continue with this writing style. This is only part one to "American Idiot". Next chapter will have some Green Day in it for sure! I almost want to change the name of this chapter to something other than "American Idiot" since this doesn't really pertain to the supposed story of the song. Let me know what you think??

-Brandon <3

(Edit: So I did make a change to the title of this "Chapter" from "American Idiot pt. 1" to "Rage and Love: Introduction" 

I'm planning on having the full first chapter out this Tuesday Nov. 7! Thanks to all who have read)


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