The Jesus of Suburbia

(Green Day)
Welcome to the rage and love of St. Jimmy. You think the world has gone to shit, that nobody cares? Well then step right up because you've come to the right place.

The Jesus of Suburbia is my personal interpretation of the Green Day album American Idiot. Each chapter is associated with a song, or part of Jimmy's story. These interpretations are my own and other's PUBLIC interpretations.

(Cover image not mine, credits go to †Not Relevant†
@LauraGDMCR on website )

*All content written and used is created solely by me unless stated otherwise! Please be kind and do not use my work, or give credit where credit is due! Thank you*


3. American Idiot pt. 2: One Nation under Hell

I don't want to be like the rest. I don't want to suffer like the rest. I don't want to wear a mask of happiness covering the destruction of another innocent soul. When I was younger, you always saw broken down adults. You always looked down on them, saying things like "Beggar" or maybe even "Disgrace". Now, you see kids. Miserable children with the responsibilities of their parents, if they even have any. You see them turning to drugs before their own families. You see them turn to alcohol before the ones they love, and adults are now looking down on them for being "beggars" and "a disgrace to society". We wouldn't be a disgrace if we hadn't learned it from you. We wouldn't be like this, we didn't ask for this. We didn't ask to life in shit. America asked for us to, just because we aren't good enough. Just because I don't look like you, just because I don't talk like you, or dress like you. 

To whom, to what do we pledge to? To what "United States" am I pledging my broken heart and soul to when the closest we are to being united is the fact that we all shit. And half the time, people can't take a shit. What flag, what piece of cloth am I selling myself away to? What republic am I standing for when I can't even speak about how this town needs help? And what fucking god is looking over me. What fucking kind of god would put all of us in this shit show? What kind of kind god would sit by and watch us cry out for help and feed the rich more fucking money the can spend on their new ten-car garage? What liberty do I have, what fucking justice do I have when we have all been corrupted? What justice do I have when so many are arrested just by dressing how they choose? By being a skin color they didn't ask for or choose? It just seems so fucked to me, and I'm tired of it.

Don't wanna be an American Idiot

Don't want a nation under the new media

And can you hear the sound of hysteria?

The subliminal mind-fuck America 


"C'mon, we'll only be there for a little bit, I promise", she pleaded, tugging my arm. I rolled my eyes, fully knowing we wouldn't be there for a little bit, nor would she be leaving with me. Sighing, I nodded and she smiled. 

"Only for a little bit, you know I think he is an asshole." She shrugged and pushed my shoulder. I grabbed her hand and walked close behind her, her shoulder against mine. I followed her up the steps into the "small party" that was much louder, and much larger than what she described it to be. Walking up the porch, a few guys sitting on the ledge smoking nodded to me, one of them saying, "Hey, Jimmy". I nodded back and followed behind her. I already wanted to leave. I knew these people. These men, these boys. And they weren't my friends. They were my enemies. Not that they knew that. Even if they did, they didn't care. They saw her as a prize they won for their sadness. My grip on her hand tightens and I get closer, my head nearly on top of hers. I feel like an animal protecting my kill from fucking scavengers. My face is already hot, so is my neck. A black haired kid approaches her and looks over to me, then my grip on her hand. She whispers something that I can't hear and I snap.

The pulsing of the music matches the pulsing of my heart. The pulse of my angry blood in my veins. I drop her hand and push it back to her. She whips around, her blonde hair swiping my face. 

"Jimmy what the fuck, dude?" She yells, and instantly, all of her fuck buddies start to wrap around us. 

"What the fuck? You are asking me what the fuck? I know you've fucked at least half, if not all of these guys in here. That's what the fuck." I spit out, sweating building up against my hairline and under my eyes. Someone's hand wraps around my shoulder and pulls me towards them.

"What the fuck are saying to my girl?" He spat in my face and I yank his hand off of me. 

"Your fucking girl? Oh- fuck this shit." I turn to her and close to her ear, her eyes tearing up.

"Go be a slut away from me, okay? I don't need that shit. We're done." I push her chest and she stumbles back. 

Sluts. Thugs. Emos. Punks. Posers. Goth. Geeks. The poor. The rich. And out of all of those. Only the rich win. 

I pledge allegiance to broken down souls of the United States of Negligence 

And to the hypocrisy for which it stands

One nation under hell with propaganda and taxes for all





Hey guys! So sorry this wasn't out yesterday....kind of obsessed with Stranger Things. I hope you liked American Idiot and I really thank you all for the views I have gotten within three days! It makes me really happy and knowing that people actually read this kind of stuff is great.

I'm super excited to write Jesus of Suburbia which should be about three chapters or so, so that one will be finished by *hopefully* Wednesday next week. :3

NOTE: All lyrics in this song are the property of Green Day's American Idiot, not mine.

Also, I do not agree nor disagree with any statement above. This story is purely fiction and is Jimmy's idea of America! 


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