About a young man with aspergers who works in a coffee shop and his colleagues who help him and others with day to day tasks.


1. Prologue

Forrest Gump once said, 'Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get'. I think that every time I walk into my workplace. Costa Coffee in a big train station. Mornings are the busiest times. Queues on land side and rail side, customers demanding coffee, food, and sometimes things we don't even sell. 
There's the awkward customers, the ones who take their sweet precious time deciding what they want when they have about fifty people behind them and don't seem to care. There's the impatient ones, the ones who come in on rail side demanding something to be made within a minute because their trains there and then complain we take to long. Like we say, 'Don't come in if you don't have the time, get a coffee on the train you nut'. Those are the worst. There's the people who come in and ask for a coffee, when there's several types of coffees. So if you get an americano and don't like it, that's your problem for not doing your research. I could rant on about different types of customers, so I won't. So to sum this up the best types of customers are the regular customers. The ones who've been coming in for years and years and give you sweets every time they come in. Those are the best customers. 
It's an interesting job at that. Even the people I work with. My manager Gary, is the best manager I could ask for. Endless amounts of proseco and giving me cupcakes for my good work is something that really boosts my morale, a lot. We've had work nights out for Christmas and other times, some to remember, and some to forget. He really is the best manager anyone could ask for. 
With a manager comes an assistant manager, or two in our shop. Two young lads, Sam and Matt. Sam's really skinny, only twenty one years old, good looking smart, intelligent and all the rest. Matt is a bit like that, but with a beard. Gary calls him axe-man for some reason, I'm yet to hear the story of it. I just hope it's not to weird. 
Some people say you don't come to work to make friends. But when your in a workplace where you get on with everyone and make friends, it makes it a better environment to work in. Becca and Amy fit the bill great. The two girls in the shop who I get on with the most. Amy at twenty two would be in charge of me if there were no other maestros on shift, but she's shorter and me and I'm not like what I was when I first started. I'm not scared of her anymore, she's like a little cute teddy bear. Becca on the other hand is taller than me, like Amy she's pretty and its pretty fantastic when we're all on shift together. Fiona's another one I get on with quite well and think of Ariel from the little mermaid every time I see her because of her red hair, which is pretty beautiful. I also think of Fiona from Shrek the Musical for some weird reason, I tell Amy and Becca but they just call me weird and think I'm on something. I try to lighten the shift up by talking about Disney and the shop playing Disney songs but most of the time they just laugh at me, so I laugh at them back and then things get a little out of hand and quite awkward. 
On mornings I usually work with Sean who works Monday to Friday, never weekends when he has three children. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He is so polite with every customer, calls them sir or madam, even if someone is complaining he'll try his best to keep them happy. Then there's Matty who has aspergers and sometimes finds things a little difficult on a morning when there's a lot of things going on at once. Sometimes a customer may upset him so we all encourage him that its just one person who is an impatient twit that got out of the wrong side of bed in the morning. But like Sean he's so polite and out of everyone in the shop has the best customer service, I tell him there's a reason to why he has that flying bean on his collar, for his great customer service. 
But this story I'm telling isn't my story. It in fact doesn't have much to do with me at all. This is about life behind the till in a coffee shop, and what goes on inside the heads of the people making your coffee. This is about someone who tries his best every day he comes into work. This is about someone who goes that extra mile to try and make your day better. This is about someone who makes a massive impact on the shops customer service and who makes it better every day. This is Mattys story. 


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