Five Nights At Freddys Hotel *On Hold for now*

One year at PAX West 4 YouTubers CloverLuckGaming (Chloe), KittyKatGaming (Kaylie), LittleDeerGaming (Jen), and SnowyOwlGaming (Alexis). We're going but the hotel they were staying at when strange things started to happen. Something was after Alexis. But Can the rest of the girls save Alexis with the help of there boyfriends Markiplier (Chloe), Jacksepticeye (Kaylie), Natewantstobattle (Jen), and Vanoss (Alexis). Will Alexis be saved and will the girls get with their favorite YouTubers and will the boys love them back. YOU MUST READ TO FIND OUT!!!
PS: There is a little bit of swearing but not a lot. Hope you enjoy punch that like button in the face LIKE A BOSS and high-5's all around WAPOOSH! WAPOOSH! and I'll see all you dudes in the next videoooo. Sorry had to do that I LOVE JACKSEPTICEYE and I just found out I'm part Irish so enjoy.


5. Chapter 5: Story Time

Jens POV:

I stood up and watched Alexis leave. "Chloe your a bitch you know what happened to her when she was little!" I yelled. "Yeah Yeah." Chloe scoffed. "I'm going after her." Kaylie said. "No don't she will meet us later." I said while grabbing Kaylies shoulder. "What happened to Alexis?" The boys asked. "When Alexis was six she was kidnapped when her older brother was watching her once they got back to their hideout she was raped and that happened until she escaped and then she was found by an elderly lady she calls Nana." I told them the story of Alexis the guys look like they are ready to kill someone. "So that makes Mark her brother so she was taken away from Mark." Jack said. I reply "Yes that is Mark's younger sister." I look at Mark and he says "Yeah my parents told me I had a younger sister that died from cancer but I always had a feeling she was alive and I was right."

Marks POV:

I have to go find her I'll meet you there." I run out an I catch her before before she gets in the elevator. "Hold the door Lexi!" I shout. "Go away Mark!" Alexis sighed while turning away from me. "Alexis Lynn Fischbach please look at me." I pleaded. She slid down the wall and started sobbing. "Come on Alexis!" I cooed while picking Alexis up bridal style. She fell asleep in my arms on the way back to the room. "Oh my god Alexis!" Kaylie yelled. "Kaylie she's fine!" I reassure her as I set my little sister down on the couch.

A/N: Sorry if timing is a little off can't calculate that stuff.

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-Half an Hour Time Skip-

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