Five Nights At Freddys Hotel *On Hold for now*

One year at PAX West 4 YouTubers CloverLuckGaming (Chloe), KittyKatGaming (Kaylie), LittleDeerGaming (Jen), and SnowyOwlGaming (Alexis). We're going but the hotel they were staying at when strange things started to happen. Something was after Alexis. But Can the rest of the girls save Alexis with the help of there boyfriends Markiplier (Chloe), Jacksepticeye (Kaylie), Natewantstobattle (Jen), and Vanoss (Alexis). Will Alexis be saved and will the girls get with their favorite YouTubers and will the boys love them back. YOU MUST READ TO FIND OUT!!!
PS: There is a little bit of swearing but not a lot. Hope you enjoy punch that like button in the face LIKE A BOSS and high-5's all around WAPOOSH! WAPOOSH! and I'll see all you dudes in the next videoooo. Sorry had to do that I LOVE JACKSEPTICEYE and I just found out I'm part Irish so enjoy.


4. Chapter 4: Nap

Alexis POV:

After I was done shouting my outro us girls all got up and plopped on the floor. "I'm so tired." I groaned. "Same you know I'm gonna go back to my room and go to sleep." Jen and Chloe shared saying. "Night girls." I yawned. Nate, Jen, Mark, and Chloe all left my room. I got up and flopped on the couch "Night SnowyOwl." Kaylie yawned. "Night." I mumbled. Jack left with Kaylie now it was only me and Vanoss "Night." I mumbled until I heard a creepy laugh and a girly scream. Chloe screamed "Alexis!! Did you hear that?!!" All the guys run back in my room. "Wait your name is Alexis." Vanoss questioned. "Yeah but normally I go by Lexi." I yawn again."Guys we should let Lexi sleep." Nate said while walking next to Jen. Jen gives Nate a side hug and said "Yes we should Bye sis!"

-Short Time Skip-

I look at the clock I the dark and said "I have to get up we have now 3 hours and 45 minutes till PAX." I check my phone and I have 10 new notifications all saying from the group chat. "Meet me in my room to get ready." Kaylie texted. So I get my things and head to Kaylies room with everything I needed for PAX. I walk in and all the girls yell "Morning Sunshine." Kaylie starts laughing until she falls on the floor. I see Jack pick Kaylie up and starts playing with the tin foil in her hair. I ask "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO YOUR HAIR KAYLIE?" Kaylie says "I'm dying it green to match with this guy (pointing to Jack) an I already told you is be dying it a lime green." Jack looks at me and says "It's fine Alexis she wanted to get her hair died like me so I went to the store and got the dye so we could dye it green." I respond "Ok I got it now and where is my makeup girl!" Chloe walks over and says "Sit down and Shut up." After Chloe's done with my makeup I flop on the floor but Kaylie made me stand up. So I stand up next to Mark but Chloe had to say something I wish she wouldn't have said. "Hey Lexi you and Mark look alike." Everyone stopped what they were doing. "Ya know what Chloe's right they do look like each other." Jack said from my left. I started to get dizzy I stumbled backwards "Woah wait Lexi!" Jen yelled as she caught my arms I kinda looked at Mark then I started to feel better. I stand up and say "I'll meet you guys at PAX."

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