Five Nights At Freddys Hotel *On Hold for now*

One year at PAX West 4 YouTubers CloverLuckGaming (Chloe), KittyKatGaming (Kaylie), LittleDeerGaming (Jen), and SnowyOwlGaming (Alexis). We're going but the hotel they were staying at when strange things started to happen. Something was after Alexis. But Can the rest of the girls save Alexis with the help of there boyfriends Markiplier (Chloe), Jacksepticeye (Kaylie), Natewantstobattle (Jen), and Vanoss (Alexis). Will Alexis be saved and will the girls get with their favorite YouTubers and will the boys love them back. YOU MUST READ TO FIND OUT!!!
PS: There is a little bit of swearing but not a lot. Hope you enjoy punch that like button in the face LIKE A BOSS and high-5's all around WAPOOSH! WAPOOSH! and I'll see all you dudes in the next videoooo. Sorry had to do that I LOVE JACKSEPTICEYE and I just found out I'm part Irish so enjoy.


3. Chapter 3: The Note

Alexis POV:

I go over to my oven and open it I see a pizza box. I grab it out open it there was a piece of pizza and a note. The note said "ITS ME!" I look at the top of the box and it said "Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria" I lift my hand to my waist about ready to grab my gun and turn around. I see Vanoss and I hit him and say "You jerk you scared the shit out of me!" Vanoss said "Yeah I do that a lot." I grab the pizza box and show it to Vanoss and I ask "Do you think this is just a prank my friends are playing on me?" "No." Vanoss replied. "Maybe it's just a coincidence." I mumbled. Vanoss walks out of my room and I get my Laptop "Screw my nap it's another day but I should upload a video." I say to myself. I grab my camera and I press play "3...2...1...Go!" I whispered as I started my live vlog. "Hello everyone it's SnowyOwlGaming here an I'm in my hotel for PAX!" I screamed my intro I see 2,000 people are watching. Then I hear my door open and I see everyone come in. Jen whispers "Are you doing a Live Stream/Vlog?" I nod my head and say "Everyone I have some guests or friends I should say joining me." I smile "That's right it's my crew and there friends." "HEYOH!" Kaylie yelled with Jack. "Hey Guys!" Chloe and Mark say at the same time. "TACO!" Jen and Nate yelled. "Guys spear my ears!" I yelled over them.

-10-15 minute Time Skip-

Alexis POV:

People were spamming in the comments sing. I ask the girls "Wanna sing?" The girls all say "Yes!" I pull out my phone an play Story of my Life by One Direction. After we finished singing I looked at the boys and then at the clock. I see the boys were amazed and that we only have 4 hours and 30 minutes. "Alright everyone thanks for watching we just hit a 30 minute mark. So I gotta go but if you did like this video slap that like button in the face and comment how you liked it and I'll try to reply back and I'll see you guys next time byeeeee!" I shouted my outro.

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