Five Nights At Freddys Hotel *On Hold for now*

One year at PAX West 4 YouTubers CloverLuckGaming (Chloe), KittyKatGaming (Kaylie), LittleDeerGaming (Jen), and SnowyOwlGaming (Alexis). We're going but the hotel they were staying at when strange things started to happen. Something was after Alexis. But Can the rest of the girls save Alexis with the help of there boyfriends Markiplier (Chloe), Jacksepticeye (Kaylie), Natewantstobattle (Jen), and Vanoss (Alexis). Will Alexis be saved and will the girls get with their favorite YouTubers and will the boys love them back. YOU MUST READ TO FIND OUT!!!
PS: There is a little bit of swearing but not a lot. Hope you enjoy punch that like button in the face LIKE A BOSS and high-5's all around WAPOOSH! WAPOOSH! and I'll see all you dudes in the next videoooo. Sorry had to do that I LOVE JACKSEPTICEYE and I just found out I'm part Irish so enjoy.


2. Chapter 2: Meeting our Favorite YouTubers

We are all running down the hall to the elevators on our separate floors. Then we see...

Kaylie's POV:

I scream right in front of Jack aka Seán McLoughlin. "OH MY GOSH YOUR JACKSEPTICEYE!" He looks at me and says "The one and only Jackaboy. Oh and I know who you are you are KittyKatGaming aka Kaylie Bradley. "Yep the one and only." I reply. He looks at me and starts laughing. I then give him a hug and ask "Did you hear that laugh?" He replayed with a straight face "Yes I did I was just heading to the lobby to see." "Same do u wanna tag with me?" We say at the same time.

Alexis's POV:

I scream right in front of Evan aka Vanoss "OH MY GOSH YOUR VANOSSGAMING!" He looks at me and says "Yep that's me and you are SnowyOwlGaming I don't know your real name though." I reply "Yeah that's a secret and how did you know who I was!?" He replies "I watch your videos that's how I know. "Oh Did you hear that laugh?" We say at the same time. "Yes I was gonna go down to the lobby wanna come." "Sure!" I say in an exited tone.

Chloe's POV:

I scream right in front of Mark aka Markiplier. "YOUR MARKIPLIER MY MOST FAVORITE YOUTUBER EVER!" He looks at me and covers his ears and says "I think everyone in the building heard that there Clover." I look at him then realize he just said my gaming name. I say "Ya know Clover isn't my real name it's Chloe." Oh yes I know who you are Chloe the youngest out of all your friends. But the cutest." I reply "Awwww thx and did you hear that laugh?" "Yes I did I was gonna head down to the lobby and check it out until I ran into you."

Jen's POV:

I scream right in Nate's face. "OMG YOU ARE NATHAN SHARP AKA NATEWANTSTOBATTLE MY FAVORITE SINGER!" (Not her true fav singer or YouTuber) "Yes I think I know who I am there Jen and I know I can sing I know you can too." "Yeah I know so did you hear that laugh?" Nate says "I did was gonna head to the lobby wanna come." "Sure." I reply.

Kaylies POV:

We all arrive at the the lobby. We all meet up with each other and we talk then we hear thumping I cuddle up to Jack. When Alexis gets up and the thumping stopped.

Alexis POV:

I see something in the hall I get worried mainly for Kaylie and Jen. But a little more Kaylie because I think that think is after her and me. I start to walk away when I hear singing. I go into the lobby and say "We need to go to our rooms now." We get in the elevator when I go to out my hands on my waist when I feel my gun. "*gasp* my gun!" I exclaimed. "Wait you have a gun?" Kaylie said while going into Jack's arms. "Dude I'm from New York City of course I have a gun!" I sighed when I hear the guys chuckling "Boys shut it!" I snapped we all stood there silently till there was no one left except for Vanoss and I. I tell Vanoss "I'm gonna get a quick nap." "Ok." He replys. I grab my key and unlock my door and go in I see my oven is on.

Quick update: My friend and I are writing this on paper at the moment I will be typing more as soon as I get the story back. If your enjoying if you want to be in the story put your name and favorite YouTuber. Hope you enjoy 👍💚🇮🇹🇺🇸🇬🇧

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