Five Nights At Freddys Hotel *On Hold for now*

One year at PAX West 4 YouTubers CloverLuckGaming (Chloe), KittyKatGaming (Kaylie), LittleDeerGaming (Jen), and SnowyOwlGaming (Alexis). We're going but the hotel they were staying at when strange things started to happen. Something was after Alexis. But Can the rest of the girls save Alexis with the help of there boyfriends Markiplier (Chloe), Jacksepticeye (Kaylie), Natewantstobattle (Jen), and Vanoss (Alexis). Will Alexis be saved and will the girls get with their favorite YouTubers and will the boys love them back. YOU MUST READ TO FIND OUT!!!
PS: There is a little bit of swearing but not a lot. Hope you enjoy punch that like button in the face LIKE A BOSS and high-5's all around WAPOOSH! WAPOOSH! and I'll see all you dudes in the next videoooo. Sorry had to do that I LOVE JACKSEPTICEYE and I just found out I'm part Irish so enjoy.


1. Chapter 1: Arriving

In this story there were 4 girls Chloe (24), Kaylie (26), Jen (27), and Alexis (28). These girls were big fans of One Direction and these YouTubers Markiplier (Chloe), Jacksepticeye (Kaylie), NatewantstoBattle aka Nathan Sharp (Jen), and VanossGaming (Alexis). We were all gamers like our favorite YouTubers our names were CloverLuckGaming (Chloe), KittyKatGaming (Kaylie), LittleDeerGaming (Jen), and SnowyOwlGaming (Alexis). PAX West was this weekend and we were all heading to LA. After we landed we would have to head to our hotel cause we only had 5 hours till PAX. We were all staying at the same hotel as Mark, Seán, Nate, and Vanoss. But we had no idea our favorite YouTubers would be staying at that same hotel. Well we knew other YouTubers were gonna be staying there but not our favorite. We arrive in LA and meet in the airport we are all exited to see each other except for Chloe and Kaylie. "OMG I missed you guys but we should head to our hotel we have 5 hours till PAX," Kaylie said. So we get a Taxi and head to our hotel we see a lot of fans some holding signs that say "WE LOVE YOU and NUMBER 1 FAN!" We get out in this order Alexis, Jen, Kaylie, and Chloe. As soon as we got out our fans started to scream and some started to cry. We all find this one kid that is crying we walk over and they were crying. We don't like crying fans so we walk over and sign and take pictures as we hear them scream "SING FOR US!" So we say "Sure." Black Magic by Little Mix starts playing we sing along. 

-Short Time Skip-

We finish singing and everyone claps Alexis says "ALRIGHT WE GOTTA HEAD IN WE'LL SEE YOU AT PAX!" So we head into to our hotel and get the keys to our rooms and put our stuff down. We were all on different floors but we were next to our favorite YouTubers. But we didn't know until we heard Freddy's laugh. Kaylie gets a notification on her iPhone from the group chat with Alexis, Chloe, and Jen. Alexis texts "Did you hear that?" All the girls reply "Yes what was it." "I don't know but we need to figure it out meet me in the lobby."Alexis texted. Kaylie, Chloe, and Jen reply "OK On our way!" 

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