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Grace is the main character of my story and her name speaks about her character. She lives with her cousin sister Samantha in a new place as her parents moved to a new country. There she get to know a lot of boys. Shawn, Adam, David.
Find out with whom her fate lies in the story. Get to know about the boys in the story.


1. Chapter 1 : The First Hug

"What the hell"

Usually I don't speak such bad words, not at least when I am in public. Yes I agree that it might not be a bad word for most of the people at all but for me it is. I have no habit of speaking such words.

I was in a shop buying some groceries which was nearby my new house. I was waiting in the line as the shopkeeper was calculating the amounts for him to return when I suddenly felt someone grabbing my waist from behind. Those hands moved to the front of my belly and interlinked with each other. When I looked at the hand I was shocked because those strong and muscular hands did not belong to female kind. Now I could feel the person's body too as the grip became tighter around me. I could feel his hands slowly moving upwards from my belly and at that time those words flew out of my mouth.

"David, long time no see. By the way bro why do you sound so feminine and how have you become so thin?"

Seriously, is this a joke or what? He hugged me thinking I was David, 'a boy' or is he just making up.

"I am not David and for god's sake stop moving your hand."

The grip became loose.  And when I quickly turned around, the cap fell from my head & my hair loosened which I had hidden under my cap before.  In front of me there was a guy standing, who was about 6 inches taller than me & to whom I have never met before.

I moved with my maternal cousin sister here around 3 months ago. My parents currently live in USA. They wanted to take me as well but I could not go because of my work and studies here. So they bought a house here as they thought the area was much safer. My parents knew lots of people around here and before moving they asked each and every known person to look after us. My parents also asked my sister to accompany me and she immediately agreed as we both are very close to each other since we were kids.

"Sorry I thought you were David. But believe me it was not my fault. I didn't do it knowingly. You look exactly like David from behind. You shouldn't have hidden your hair like that."

My mouth opened wide with shock. How could possibly a woman look like a man from behind and who is this guy called David? I was a bit annoyed by this guy. First of all he hugged me from behind and secondly he is saying that it was not his fault. I wanted to tell him that he should go to a doctor to check up his eyes but I choose to ignore him. I picked up my cap, turned around, went outside the shop, took the first left, walked straight for 1 minute, turned the knob of gate and looked back. He was walking towards me with a smirk on his face. Is he following me? He wants to get beaten up by me or what? I waited standing on the gate. He stood right in front of me and handed me a bag. My bad, I forgot to take it back with me.

"The shopkeeper said this belonged to you." I took the bag from his hand.

"Thank you"

"Why were you in such a hurry earlier that you forgot your bag on your way back?"

It's because of you, you dumb person. You are annoying me.

"It just slipped from my mind." I replied putting an expression less face. I was waiting for him to leave but I heard him speaking to me again.

"So, are you new here?"


"No? But I haven't seen you before in this area. This house belongs to Mr. & Mrs. Gonzalez."

"You are right but it doesn't belong to them anymore. They sold it to my parents."

"Okay. But why was I not informed about that? He forgot to tell me. I am gonna take his class now."

"Excuse me. Are you talking to me?"

He smiled at me, turned around and started walking. I closed the gate and was about to enter the main door.

"It was nice meeting you Miss Cap."

Miss cap?? What kind of name is that?

I went to the kitchen where Samantha, my maternal cousin was cooking dinner. I placed the cap and the bag on the table.

"What took you so long?" She asked while steering the curry.

"Oh just an annoying cat crossed my way." I told her with sarcasm.

"Haha ...... an annoying cat. Whoa... What are you wearing?" She looked at me from bottom to top.

"Why? What's wrong?"

"You look exactly like a boy in that dress. What kind of girl wears such dress? An over sized check shirt, a loose jeans and a cap with that. You are unbelievable, Grace."

Samantha is 2 years younger than me but in fashion, she is way too ahead. I recalled earlier incident. So, he was serious about taking me as a boy. I weakly smiled at Sam.

"I will change right now."

We both started having dinner half an hour later.

"Sam, do you know someone named David around here?"

"Oh isn't David the boy with those blue eyes. He is funny as well as friendly."

"I can't remember him."

"Ya ya...... how would you remember him? You are always stuck in you study or work. Do you even have time to think about boys, grace?" She wiggled her eyebrows.

"Oh shut up Sam. I am serious."

"How could you forget him? You even said that you like him the day you first met."

"Samantha, you are scaring me. When did I say that I liked him? Tell me the truth."

"Sorry sorry. David was the boy's name who helped us move our bags when we first came here. We together had lunch with him that day. He also told you that you both have same taste in colors."

"Oh so his name is David. But I told him that I liked him as a brother."

"Wait...Why are you asking about him suddenly?"

"Amm actually Sam, earlier when I went out to buy groceries, I met someone in the shop.  And he told me that I look like David from behind."

Sam burst out laughing and tears were spilling out from her eyes. It was hard for her to calm down after that. I left her in the kitchen as she was still laughing unconditionally. I was reading a novel in my bed when she came inside my room and sat on a chair near me.

"Grace, I am sorry for earlier. But you know you should not wear such clothes from now on. Not in even in your dreams. Otherwise even a zombie would not agree to marry and have babies with you."

"You little girl." I closed the book and threw it in her direction but before it hit her, she ran laughing closing the door behind.

*************************************************************************************The next day I met David in the same shop. Actually I was waiting for the bus and I saw him on the other side of the road sitting outside the shop. I decided to go and talk to him.

"Hi David, How are you?"

He looked at me with shocked expression.

"Well I am fantastic but I think you are not."

"Why are you saying like that?"

"It is kind of surprising that it is you who came to talk to me. You never used to talk before. It seem like you didn't even recognize me at all some days ago. It was always Samantha who talked with me after we first met."

"I am so sorry about that David but it won't happen again. By the way what are you doing here all alone?"

"I am just here to meet my childhood friend. I am meeting him after almost a year."

"Then you must be feeling really happy to meet your friend after a long time."

"Very very happy actually. You know I always talk to him on the phone but meeting him face to face after such a long time, I can't explain how excited I am right now."

"I can understand how you must be feeling. Okay David I have to go now or I will be late for work."

"Can't you sit with me for little while. My friend will be here at anytime soon. I can introduce you to him. You both can be friends too."

"May be next time. See you soon. Bye."




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