Silvered Blood

Siblings. One is obsessed with silver and the other is crazy about blood. She is a psychopath and he is a vampire.


1. Prologue

In the ancient ages of swordsmen and medieval realms, an unearthly sickness came out of nowhere and started to plague its way throughout the kingdoms of Europe. Physicians toiled nauseating hours to cure the cumulative masses of patients whilst researchers tousled all their time in learning about the bizarre phenomenon. Alas, neither the physicians nor the researchers had any significant luck and there was little they could do to save themselves from being infected by the catastrophe, that had been named the Psychosomatic Syndrome of Insanity, or, as it was commonly known, the Insane Syndrome.

The Insane Syndrome was named with precise accuracy for it indeed rendered its victim partly insane. Infectious and incurable, the Syndrome influenced the victim’s brain, inducing them to have a certain desperate desire, a desire that, if not fulfilled almost immediately, could result in instantaneous lethal death. Not only that, people affected by the Syndrome would be vulnerable to irregular loss of sanity and substantial outbursts of emotion.

While the Syndrome troubled the kingdoms without cease, some cases were much less severe than others. For instance, a person affected by the Insane Syndrome could have an unquenchable desire for flowers and thus would be harmless in comparison to a victim who desired bloodlust above everything else. However, since it was infectious, the law made it clear that no one could be left to roam free and, upon the label of insane people, victims of the Syndrome were loaded into mental asylums like animals. Remarkably enough, animals and plants were completely immune to the Syndrome and remained unharmed through all the years it disseminated across Europe.

As victims, even if they were children, had to leave their families when being admitted to an asylum, many families were rather reluctant about telling someone if a family member indeed exposed symptoms of the sickness. While, in case of the Syndrome influenced a very anomalous longing, keeping it secret was nearly impossible, it was relatively easy to control a desire that didn’t outstand as such.

One of the unfortunate people to be affected by the Insane Syndrome was a young girl known as Myrah. The girl, as result of the Syndrome, was obsessed with silver in all forms and she needed masses of silver around her to remain sane and settled. Only fifteen years old and rather naïve, her parents were outraged at the idea of allowing her to be hoarded into a mental asylum and they started doing what any good parents would do – hiding her from the public. Because of the Syndrome, the girl developed a habit of losing her temper all too frequently and screaming at strangers for no reason. Therefore, her parents, who happened to be of a lower middle-class status, resolved to keep her confined in a room most of the day, only letting her out for two hours each day.

The diseased girl also had a brother, Ernest, who was younger than her but all the more sophisticated and intellectual. Ernest was, unlike his unfortunate sister, very able to handle himself in oppressive situations and he had a high degree of control over his behaviour. He always found his sister odd and he was not very close with her, even before she was infected. To him, she was an opposite mind and he did not care much to bond with her.

On the other hand, Myrah did long for some company, someone who would actually become her friend. As time passed, her father grew more and more horrified at her condition. She had overflowing chests of silver in her room and she would never stop staring at the beautiful glint that reflected from its spectacular metallic hues. Day by day, she grew restless for more silver and slept for even fewer hours. Her father, worried that she had developed insomnia, decided that they couldn’t hide her any longer. Myrah’s condition was only getting worse and the mental asylum was the final solution, no matter how horrific it was.

Upon hearing what her husband felt, Myrah’s mother worried more than ever. She worried that her little daughter would be snatched from her and she felt certain that she must convince her husband otherwise. While she did succeed in letting Myrah stay, the father grew colder and remote towards both his wife and daughter. He only cared about Ernest who had grown up to be the apple of his father’s eye and he prayed that Ernest would be there with him, whether the mother and daughter were there or not.

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