Harry Potter Truth Or DARE!!!!

In the comments say who is included the dare and any thing you want to add

Who: Ron and Hermione
Dare: 7 minutes in heaven but only ron knowns
Extra: Harry gets the dark mark


5. Second Dare and Extra Drama (Random Not real user i just made one up for this chapter)

"Hey Friends." They all groaned except Narcissa and Bellatrix, "so this dare is from VanessaLola and it says: I dare Dianna Malfoy and Neville to make out. In my head i was going happy crazy but i couldn't say it outloud. "Come on Neville i guess we have to make out." He grabbed my arm and pulled me up the stairs to go to my room he pushed me against the wall im blushing very dark. He kisses me when we pulled apart i was stuttering and blushing. "Hey Dianna i have a crush on you, your too cute and your blushing" Neville said very dreamily. Me in belief because i knew it "H-heh y-yeah lets get back to the game." We hold hands as we walked out of the room me still blushing they are all confused Narcissa, Bellatrix, Draco and Lucius were all mad. Draco told him "Break her heart ill break your face",he seems to be protective of me. Lucius walked up to Neville bringing his wand out Bellatrix did the same. They had found their wands."Aha Neville, You're not dating a superior" said Lucius as Bellatrix pinned Neville to the wall and crucioed him until he fell on the floor in tears. I started crying and ran to Neville his voice was faint "Dianna im so sorry." I brang him to Ms.Pomfery with Luna, Harry, Ron.Ginny and Hermione and Draco was there because he felt sorry for me. "Ms.Malfoy Mr.Longbottom should be waking up soon." He slowly open his eyes and grabbed my hand and he woke up. "Neville! your alright" i said smilling. We went back to my house Neville holding my hand.



Author Note: I will make bigger chapters from now on because i dont get dares

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