Harry Potter Truth Or DARE!!!!

In the comments say who is included the dare and any thing you want to add

Who: Ron and Hermione
Dare: 7 minutes in heaven but only ron knowns
Extra: Harry gets the dark mark


4. First Dare

First Dare


Hey everyone", i said to My hostages. They all kinda growled at me Including Draco..... Everyone hated me besides Dad, Mom, Brother and Aunt. Everyone there we mad i told them i took there wands so they wont teleport before the dare. "Ok everyone i brought you here for a game of truth or dare" i said as i untied them. Draco made his mad face happen. "First dare is including Harry and Snape" they stared at me in disgiust. "Your dare is for Snape...i mean Professer Snape its from @Rowenajackson she said "I dare Harry to jump in a potion that will make him forget everything for a hour (A chapter) and let Professer Snape to rewrite his life".  Snape looked at me with a small smile as Harry frowned in disgust. "OOO a great dare to start it off this is the perfect one." I said. Harry yelled but i made him jump in the potion. Snape finishes rewriting harrys life.


A/N: Sorry i didn't put details for how he rewited his life but that take forever

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