Lost Sister Of Luna Lovegood

Im the lost sister of luna lovegood she doesn't know i excist i know she does though im younger by 2 years suprisingly

Author Note: Ill make hp ships too you tell me who you ship in harry potter ill make a short soooo sorry its not original


5. The Tour

The tour

Draco walked me to a bed titled "Pansy Parkinson" i told him and he said he knows but since i don't have a bed ill use Pansy's because shes on a trip. He stared in my eyes for a second Mind: OH MY GOD HE LIKES ME. But apparently he was staring at my eyes because i'm a half-blood. But i quickly grabbed my scarf to hide the fact i was blushing. Shoot we were late to class we ran to class Mcgonagall was saying "Why were you Ellanore Lovegood and Draco Malfoy late do you want me to tell your parents." We both shook our heads no and took our seat. I was so bored i feel asleep i hate Transfiguration. Minerva Mcgonagall woke me up and told me if i was late again or sleeping again she would tell Dumbledore. Draco was mad that she did that but he didn't argue for the fact he would get me and him in trouble.

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