Lost Sister Of Luna Lovegood

Im the lost sister of luna lovegood she doesn't know i excist i know she does though im younger by 2 years suprisingly

Author Note: Ill make hp ships too you tell me who you ship in harry potter ill make a short soooo sorry its not original


7. The Common Room

When I said its fine i was still scared. 
Draco: Ella, your trembeling in fear your not fine im sorry" he comforted me in a hug he tried to make me stop crying it worked.
I while in the hug with him i was blushing he felt very comforting as if he, he was like me. Me and him were like cold and hot before Blaise pushed us and we kissed, im gonna tell him! 
Me: D-draco i-i l-like y-you" i said hoping he wouldn't be afraid of me.

Draco: Hmmm?" he questioned me but he knew what i said he pushed me against a wall us standing one inch apart.

Me: D-draco w-w-what you d-d-doing?" i started smiliing he was not going to answer me, well not the way you think.

Draco: Princess im doing what we should do" im blushing lightly looking in his eyes he smilled and passionatly kissed me.

Me:...",we pulled apart me blushing dark.

Draco: Speechless princess?"

Me: P-princess? I-i liked that

Draco: Yes princess is your nickname and i did that because i knew you like that






A/N: she first year his 3rd year

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