Lost Sister Of Luna Lovegood

Im the lost sister of luna lovegood she doesn't know i excist i know she does though im younger by 2 years suprisingly

Author Note: Ill make hp ships too you tell me who you ship in harry potter ill make a short soooo sorry its not original


1. The Begging

Chapter 1: The Begging

I was in my room a stormy night sitting with my aunt and uncle since you know Luna is with dad. She made me sad sometimes but to be honest she is extremely sweet and quiet. I sat in my bed unpaitently waiting for the train my aunt grabbed the platform ticket so i could go to the train station. She gave it to me it read "Platform 9 and 3 quarters." I squeal and ran to the train station i asked where it was and then i found it ran in there and smiled. I went in the train and there were 2 other people sitting i asked "Can i sit with you." They smiled and nodded. 

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