Lost Sister Of Luna Lovegood

Im the lost sister of luna lovegood she doesn't know i excist i know she does though im younger by 2 years suprisingly

Author Note: Ill make hp ships too you tell me who you ship in harry potter ill make a short soooo sorry its not original


2. Sorting

Chapter 2: Sorting

I walked off the train following Mcgonagall. She told me to sit at a table i sat at ravenclaw. She read names off the parchment first was a girl on my train her name was Arianna Valentine she was sorted to Hufflepuff. Next was a boy named Amia Valentine Arianna's brother he was a Slytherin. "Ellanore Lovegood," Mcgonagall said reading my name off the parchement i was scared then sadly i was a Slytherin maybe i do like the death eaters? 

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