Beyond the Rib Cage

A story in which everything goes wrong...yet so right.


2. Chapter Two

    I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock wailing. I reached my hand over to swat the top to silence it. I rub my hand over my face rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. Suddenly I hear a loud bang from downstairs and my spine tingles. Worrying thoughts that it might be Sam started flooding in.

    "Harry!" Louis shouts, and I sigh in relief. "You're gonna wake Devan up!" Louis scolds. I giggle, and jump out of bed, grabbing some shorts and a hoodie. I check my reflection in the mirror and sigh. "I don't look that terrible." I think to myself shrugging. I jog down the stairs and into the living room. Louis looks towards the stairs and notices me.

    "See!" He shouts gesturing towards me, with a frown on his face.

    "Lou, don't scold Harry. I was already up you idiot." I say with a smirk. Louis glances over at Harry with a slight smile, and then back down at his phone. Harry is cooking something on the stove, and it smells amazing. Better then anything I've ever cooked, at least.

    "What are you making?" I ask leaning over the island trying to see what was in the pan. He looks over at me, with a smile blocking me view with his shoulder.

    “Something. Just…trust me. I know you'll like it." His accent rings through my ears and my heart starts beating faster. I just nod, unable to speak. I walk over and sit next to Louis who is still looking down at his phone.

    "Who are you texting?" I wonder. I start leaning in a bit closer to him to see what was so important.

    "Hey! You stalker" Louis screeches as he pushes me away.

    "What is so important about that phone!" I screech and try grabbing his phone away from him. He just pushes me off the couch. I landed on my butt and Louis and I just stared at each other. After a few seconds of silence we both start laughing. Harry looks horrified by us for a moment before he's laughing too.

    "So, I'm gonna head off soon." Louis says from the sink, where he offered to do the dishes.

    “Okay." I reply simply, looking out the window. I sneaking glances at Harry who looked towards me with a small smile which I returned.

    "What?" I ask, my voice low.

    "Mind if I hang out here, with you?" he asks. I blush as Louis stops the water and turns around with an interested look plastered to his face.

    "Uhm." I mumble, looking between Harry and Louis. Harry gives me a pleading look, and Louis gives me a small smile with a slight nod.

    "Sure, I guess so." I shrug. Harry's face brightens up, and he gives me a wide smile.     “Yay!" He cheers and does a little dance where he stands. Louis is also smiling wide and celebrating with Harry.

    "Why are you both so weird?!” I laugh and stand up, going to the stairs.

    “Where are you going?" Harry asks. I look down at my outfit and up the stairs again.     "Well, I can't wear this all day, now can I?" I ask with a bit of sass placing my hand on my hip.  Harry chuckles and replies with a simple, no. I turn and run up the stairs to my bedroom. I haphazardly throw my sweatshirt on my bed along with my shorts. I open my underwear drawer and pull out a pair of red lacy panties. I slip off the panties I’m wearing and slide on the new pair. I take off the sports bra I was previously wearing and grab a black lace bra. I put that on and shuffle to the closet. “Actually…I think I’ll take a shower.” I think to myself as I grab a pair of black skinnies and an oversized, red, knit sweater. I walked into the hall and yelled down the stairs still half naked.

    “Lou!” I yelled down the stairs. All I heard were footsteps. He was walking into the living room.

    “He just left about five minutes ago he said he was-“ Harry said while looking at his phone until he looked up at me.

    “Oh my God! Harry!” I screamed covering myself in embarrassment. He just looked away and chuckled.

    “Anyway, I’m gonna take a shower.” I said hiding behind the corner. He just shouted an, okay, and I was running to the bathroom. I just shook my head and took off the underwear I was wearing. I stepped into the shower and started doing my shower routine.

    Once I was finished I stepped out and dried off. I got dressed in my clean clothes and just let my hair down to dry naturally. I reached into the cabinet next to my sink and grabbed my contact case and took out the small contacts and placed them into the correct side of the case. I then gently placed my large glasses on the bridge of my nose. I put the contact case away and grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste. I put the paste on the bristles of the brush and ran it under the cold water. I started brushing my teeth until I heard the a loud bang from down stairs. I rinsed my mouth out and ran downstairs to see Harry on his back in the middle of the living room laughing like a mad man. I run over to him and help him up. I reached my hand out and he grabbed it. I pulled him up to his feet as I started laughing with him.

    “Oh my God! Are you okay?!” I ask him holding my stomach as I laughed harder. He just nodded while he stood in front of me rubbing his lower back. I stick out my bottom lip looking at him with sympathy.

    “ Well, I don’t have classes for like three hours so, we can like…watch tv?” I suggested as I adjust my glasses to sit more comfortably on my nose. He just nods looking up at me for the first time since I came down stairs. His eyes widen as he looks me up and down. I wrap my arms around myself uncomfortable. He notices my stance realizes how uncomfortable I am and turns away and walks into the kitchen.

    “I made you breakfast.” he yells as I hear him walk in. I look over to him and see him carrying two plates. I take one and see that it’s pancakes and hash browns.

    “Pumpkin pancakes and hash browns.” he says smiling.

    “How did you know? That’s my favorite. Thanks.” I says happily as i sit down and start to eat.

    “Just a good guess.” he said quietly as I turn the tv on and flick through what’s on Netflix. I settle on New Girl and get more comfortable on the couch. I’ve been binge watching this for a few days now and I’m really liking it.

    “What is this?” Harry asked sounding like he already knew the answer.

    “It’s New Girl.” I said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. He just nodded and sat down next to me. We sat on the couch for around 2 and a half hours just watching tv.

    I looked at the time and realized I only had about 20 minutes to get ready and to class.

    “Shit! I have to get ready for classes!” I stood up quickly and jogged up the stairs. I went into my room and got my bag together and quickly applied some foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick before I ran back downstairs. I grabbed my wallet, phone, keys, and backpack before I walked to my car. I drove down the road to the campus.

    I parked in front of the lecture hall and quickly walked inside. Once I was inside the few people in there turned to look at me. I politely smiled at them and sat near the front. Once the room was full, the professor walked in and started the lesson. I took notes in the appropriate notebook and 45 minutes later the class was over. I had one more class right now and then one more in about two hours.

     I walked to the next class and again took notes and for the class. The professor told us we had a huge project we had to do that was due next week.

    Once that class finished and I walked to the library where usually I sit alone because nobody ever goes in there. I sat in the usual spot and started studying. I opened my textbooks and continued working on essays, and reading, and projects.

    About an hour passed and I started packing up. I got my things together and stood up. I started walking towards the door when I bumped into something. Or someone. I heard a deep groan from above me and a muttered, sorry. I just nodded and grabbed my glasses which had fallen on the floor. I stood and put the think rims on my nose. My eyes focused on the face of the person I ran into. He was tall. He had blonde hair, straight teeth, glasses, and beautiful sea blue eyes.

    “Sorry, I didn’t see you.” he said quickly. He has a thick Irish accent, which was kind of hot. What? No! I can’t thin that! I have a boyfriend. Before I could dwell on that for any longer I though of something to say.

    “It’s okay, I’m sorry too, I just kinda…” I said and trailed off when he grabbed my hand.

    “I’m Niall.” he said smoothly.

    “I’m…uhhh…I’m Devan.” I said getting captivated by his eyes. He chuckled and grabbed a pen. He lightly grabbed my hand and wrote on the back of my hand. Once he finished he walked away without a word. I look at my hand where he had written ‘(020) 639-2673’. I smiled to myself and walked out of the library. I started walking to my next class when it started raining. I just held my bag over my head and started running. Once I got to my class I sat down and, again, took notes.

    I finished my last class of the day and got in my car. I then started driving home.

    Once I was home I saw Harry still there. I unlocked the front door and walked inside. I saw Harry on the couch looking at his phone. I walked over to him and sat down.

    For about the next 3 hours we just talked. We got to know each other and we actually had a lot in common. He added his phone number into my phone and we talked a little bit more.

    We had moved from the couch to my bedroom. I was sitting on my bed and he was sitting on my desk chair.

    I heard the front door open and I assumed it was Sam so I pushed Harry out of my room. I pushed him into the bathroom across the hall. . I told him to be quiet and run out the door when I text him to. I then sprinted down the stairs to the living room.. Once I looked over to the door I saw it was just Louis.

    “Jesus Lou! You gave me a heart attack!” I screamed punching him playfully in the chest.

    “Harry! It’s just Louis! You can come down!” I screamed and heard quick footsteps come down the stairs. Louis puts down his bag and walks into the house. We all sat down in the living room and talked for a few more hours until Louis and Harry had to go. We all said our goodbyes and they left. And just like that I was alone.

    I started making some dinner and just when I sat down the eat I heard a loud car horn blaring. I heard the car shut off and a few seconds later I heard the front door open. I heard heavy footsteps after the door slammed. A tall figure entered the kitchen and he smiled. I just put on a fake smile and walked over to him.

    “Sam…” I said slowly before his large hand came into contact with my face.

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