The war

War, the most destructive thing killing millions in the world.

I hope you enjoy reading it.


1. The life of an Orphan

NAME: Philip


My name is Sami. It was just an ordinary day until they came. Those wretched flying machines flew and dropped bombs on every house they saw. We all saw the person grin before he released hell on us. We sprinted down to the stairs to the basement in hopes that we could escape. Mum and Dad died saving us. They pushed us inside the tunnel that they built, just as the hard wooden platform fell on them, crushing the last breath away from them. I swore I would take revenge on whoever did it.


Yet here I am now standing with my horrified sister, Uri. She is working through the feelings and emotions of what she saw back then. We are standing on a ‘train tunnel’ where trains supposedly travel past us. We are hoping to jump on one of them… Here it comes now, the moment arises and we jump onto the train. This is what the other people call hitchhiking. We call it our last hope. Many of our people have done this before; some have died trying. We crash in through the window and hope that luck is on our side. That we will go wherever destiny takes us.


I am a beggar. A sad little beggar. I've got used that name. Kids normally ask their mummies and Daddies what we're doing there. They don't reply. I normally spend my time around my mates, but since they’re not there I figured I might as well talk to you. Well, my name’s Blaze. I’m 13; not old enough to be living out on the streets by myself. I have no clue how and why I got here but hey it's life. Life's harsh, harsher than anything in the world.


I’m gonna take a stroll now. Down to where I usually go; down to that abandoned warehouse where I spend most of my time there playing ‘throw the Rock and try and knock the cans game’. I just have to turn the corner. Yes here comes the turn…


“We need to stop that attack, it killed thousands of Syrians so why not do that to us?”said one man. A boy and a girl next to me who looked foreign put their finger to their mouths and smiled at me. I kept silent.

“How though? We can’t do anything these days. We need some more recruits.”

One person shifted his feet to the place where I stood and lit a cigarette. He looked up at me and shouted “ They heard everything we said, maybe he could help us!” Before I could peg it down the street they caught me along with the Syrian kids.


Perhaps this was fortune shining down on us I thought pleasantly. I was going to avenge the murder of 300,000 innocent Syrians and my Mum and Dad. This is it. I took a step forward and introduced myself. “ I am Sami and this is my sister Uri. We both survived the ruthless bombings that happened in Syria. I’d be happy to serve as an agent under you.”

The other person Blaze,said that he would do this job too as he needed the money because he was homeless.

“Great,” the man said happily,”I’m John and the other two behind me are Nick and Tim and we’ll take you back to headquarters.” We got loaded in a peculiar ‘car’ with four wheels. We travelled silently back to their ‘base’.


What have gotten myself into? I was just taking myself on a stroll going to play hit the can and this happened. Yes this is the greatest day of my life. I’m finally going to get some money and I can move out from the street. I was herded into the base and solid metal bars slammed down behind. I knew I wasn’t gonna get out of this one even if I tried to. This base was so well hidden and protected, that you couldn’t even escape the Complex. Yes that's what I've named it; the Complex. I don't know about what the name of this base is but it's a maze getting to the main control room  . I wonder how people even get here!


The commander was fat, he was smoking the strongest cigarette  that could damage your lungs. He pointed at me and said coolly” So you're the kid from the Syrian bombings? And you want revenge on whoever did it?”

“Yes,” I said in a calm, tranquil voice. He smiled coldly at me.

“And you're the kid off the street?” He said as if he wanted to laugh at him. “So three orphans want to join the ICSS?”

We all said yes. (ICSS stands for International Children Spy Society). He laughed at us so hard in burst in tears. I curled my hands into a fist and my hands started to shake from pure rage and anger.


My knuckles turned white as I had a crack at his jaw. His head violently got  knocked back and I realised that had knocked him out cold. I spat on him as I said “ That's what you get for laughing at us!”

“Whoa! Cool punch, by the way I'm Blaze and I come from England you saw me at that abandoned warehouse back then.”

I smirk and said what my name was and my sister she said hi.


I am Uri and this is my perspective of what's happening at the moment. Basically I've been forced to help my brother take revenge on the group of monsters that came from hell itself. He wants me to help him kill whoever killed those 300,000 Syrians and our Mum and Dad. I'm happy with that. I know that my brother and I are thirsty for vengeance but should we really kill that man? If we do won't we be as bad as them? Will we be in turn the monsters? I'd rather bring him to justice but if I had no choice I would kill him the first time I see him. I know that. Anyway I think the commander’s going to send us into a black ops mission because of my impulsive brother. We’Ll see what happens.


People sounded the alarm and armed soldiers rushed in to capture us. Capture well I kinda like that word. They dragged us and threw us in the same stinking cell before slamming the gate shut on us. We screeched and screamed at them to let us out however they took no notice. “Stupid guards,” I mutter under my breath. The commander walked in coolly; his face swollen from the punch. He sighed and said “ I’ll give you another chance,” he said spitefully,”Complete this black ops mission and you can walk free and have loads of money. If not, well then, you DIE!”


I got onto the car that was meant to be taking us to the Liverpool airport. We were given a mission debriefing; we were meant to be going to the majestic Ritz hotel. I had to sit through 5 hours of travelling as we had been taken to the middle of nowhere when we were going to their secretive base. We have arrived at the airport…


I knew it I just knew. The commander had sent on a black ops mission. I went inside the vast, spacious private jet that was going to take us to London. The seats were luxurious and we have taken flight. The journey would only be about 30 minutes as we were at Liverpool. I had just got off the plane when to black-suit armed men came towards us and herded Blaze, my brother and I to a expensive jet-black car that was taking to the Ritz. We arrived at 6:00 p.m and it had been easy so far. But we know in ours heart and souls that is was going to turn nasty.


I was really shocked when I saw it. I mean real shocked. It was the opposite to everything I saw. It was wonderous like a dream. When I went inside it I wasn’t expecting hospitality as I have never had any.They took our luggage bags ( they were filled with life-changing guns) and took us where we were staying. They left us and closed the door. We had started our mission…


We first let the boss of ISIS go out for a meeting. I let my sister go follow him and Blaze and I raided through the boss’s room. We soon found computer and we brought a hacking device for hacking passwords. We logged on and soon found out that he was going to destroy the world with missile launchers. We panicked and squirmed about until we calmed down and talked to each other. “Alright, so the leader is going to released the missiles. He’s probably going to where he is going now to fire them!” Damn it why was I so stupid. We took off after Uri who was probably already there. Luckily, we all had trackers implanted on our phones and we found she was at Cowcross street.  We sprinted as swiftly as we could. We ran until our lungs burned.


He was tall just like the man who bombed our house down. I think he was the man who dropped those life-changing bombs on us. We eventually came to the place where he was meeting with the other leaders. I suppose I should keep following him. We have reached an abandoned house; he went inside it. And so did I.


We both charged in and to our surprise, he was already down. Uri was standing, astonished. He looked like a pathetic whimpering dog. “Uri, did you do this,” I ask.

“No,” she replied. I checked her facial expression and saw that she was just as we were. “ I was just about to go in when I saw some smoke from inside. I think some men came in beat him up before climbing up the rope and leaving him to our mercy.” Sami raised his gun and pointed it at him. Despite all that had happened to him, he was hesitant to pull the trigger.


I thought I would just pull the trigger. I thought I could do it. Yet here I am trembling in hesitation. I thought of the future and how this would affect me. “Don’t do it Sami! You’ll be a murderer just like them! This’ll make you as bad as them,” Uri cried in desperation.

“ Kill me! Kill me you coward! I killed your Mum and Dad! I shouted the order to kill 300,000 Syrians! Pull the damn trigger on me!” shouted the leader in a taunting voice.

“ SHUT UP!” I yelled. The room fell silent. I had made my decision. I rose up and pulled the trigger. BANG!




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