Dalton Cyr and Lauren

It is a fan fiction about me and one of my favorite up and coming singers.


2. Meeting Lauren (Dalton's P.O.V.)

I grabbed her hand up that she offered after Lola had knocked me down. After she helped me up I introduced myself and she did the same. I had asked where she had moved here from and she had said "Michigan." I said "That's a long way a ways." Then we both shared a laugh. I asked if she is going to attend the same high school as me, she said "Yes. I start when you start next September."

I told her that I would show her around and introduce her to some of my friends. She said that she would like that. After we talked for a little while she asked if I wanted to come to her house. I said "Sure that sounds like a fun thing to do. Just let me tell my mom." She responded with a smile. When we arrived at her house she let go of Lola's collar. Lola just ran in the open car door right after.

After that we walked to her house and she introduced me to her mom. She seemed really nice, I thought to myself. Then we went in her house and she had just found out which room was hers. So we walked up there together and it was a big room.  She gave me a tour of her new house. Which in the backyard had a big pool and also a hot tub. I told her that I was jealous of the pool and that I would be coming over a lot to use it. Then she said it was fine if I did. 


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