Dalton Cyr and Lauren

It is a fan fiction about me and one of my favorite up and coming singers.


1. Meeting Dalton (Lauren's P.O.V.)

Hello my name is Lauren. I am a seventeen year girl about to be a senior in high school. My parents recently got divorced and my mom got custody of me. She was looking for a new job and ended up finding one in Jacksonville, Florida.  My mom decided to take the job and she found us a house as well. A month after the divorce was finalized I was coming home from school and my mom told me to pack up my stuff because we were moving to Florida. 

When we arrived in Florida two days later we got food and then drove to our new house. We arrived at the house and the moving truck was already there. I got out of our car and one of our new neighbors was outside. He looks about the same age as me and he is pretty good looking. I was about to go in the new house when he started walking my way. While he was walking my way I didn't notice but my mom had let our puppy Lola, out and she ran straight toward him. 

She jumped up on him and she ended up knocking him over. I laughed a little but at the same time he had fallen I felt bad. So I ran over to him and since she was licking him I grabbed her collar and had apologized and offered him a hand up.

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