The Hidden Life of Rowena Foribe * NANOWRIMO 2017*

The life of a witch who had lived most of her life without knowing who or what she truly is. Upon walking into a classroom and getting a project she dives deep into her family history. Finding things that she didn't know and overhearing things that she shouldn't know about. Seeing things that she shouldn't. She is about to turn 15 years old and that is when the first sighs of a witch come out. She can choose to go with them and see where the journey will take her or she can be like her family and turn her back on the Goddess and magic and powers. Rowena is just a normal 14-year-old high school student. Slacking in a few classes but good on most of her classes. Rowena has a few friends but her best friend that she tells everything, Eva Flixnet, who is in most of her classes.

(I know NaNoWriMo is done but I will still be working somewhat on this book. It is also for my school. They want me to write a novella soI wrote for NaNoWriMo.I also made a new cover but it is being picky with me)


7. What is Going on With my Powers?

Eva went home and my mom didn't leave me alone all day. She even called into work so I wouldn't be alone. I couldn't make it to the store and felt ready bad about not being able to make it even though I had promised. My mom however had made secret little phones calls all day while watching me. I know because she didn't let me out of her site. I heard and saw everything that she was saying into the phone behind my back. She kept thinking that I couldn't hear anything but I was making a secret note of everything that she had said. It seemed that she was making little plans to meet with an old friend of hers. I had to tell Eva but my mom wasn't letting me use my phone. I booted up my computer and looked over my shoulder almost shocked that my mom wasn't behind me. I logged onto the website that we use to chat to each other and started to type to Eva. 


Rowena - … 

Eva- What is it? I haven't seen you on all day! 

Rowena – Everything! Grr my mom is being the worst. She is not letting me out of my room. 

Rowena – She is making secret calls to someone. 

Rowena – She is not even giving me my computer and my phone. 

Eva – So that's why you haven't been on all day. 

Rowena – And she is just watching over my shoulder at all moment of the day.  I had said that I would go and meet you for coffee later but I guess not. 

Eva – okay Well I was really hoping that we would have a chance to talk about the math project but I can see that you can't. Well, we can just except that we will fail.  


"Rowena, if you think that that is going to work you are sadly mistaken. You are not leaving my sight until I am sure that you aren’t doing anything dangers," I heard my mother say frowning down on me. I wanted to growl at her but I felt myself getting warming and thought that it would be better if I didn't get all hot. She seemed to think that after something that I was going to just go all out and lose my mind hurting everyone else. I shut my eyes and thought about water. How it would cool even the hottest fire and that is what happened. I knew that I wasn't going to start burning everything in sight and my mom saw this. Eyeing my closely she left the room not looking away from me. When she walked out a tried to think about the door shutting behind her and was amazed that the door slammed shut behind her. I wished for it to lock as well. She opened the door without difficultly and I sighed. So, I couldn't do that. I looked over to my notebook and took a note of that.  

A few hours after that little show off I was watching a candle burn happily on a candle wick. I wanted to be closer to it as though I could make it. My mom was in the bathroom taking her time instead of in the same room as me. Looking around I imaged the fire jumping into my hands without burning them I tried to see myself holding fire and nothing burning and it not going out until I wanted it to. Opening my eyes, I found that in my cupped hands there was a small little ball of fire. I smiled and wanted to laugh because of how happy I was. I held the laugh because if my mom heard I would be in so much trouble. Today I was being punished for something that I couldn't control. Sighing I watched the fire dance around in my hand and around me. I watched fingers dancing next to a bonfire in my hand. I heard them singing or chanting words that I couldn't understand. It lasted for a moment more before the fire went out and I stood with my back turned away from my mom as I tried to caught my breath.  

"Who taught you how to do that?" My mother's voice came from behind me. She was scared by the look on her face and the sound of her voice. I looked around to see everything was moved out of the way. 

"What happened?" I asked innocently, as if I didn't know what just happened. MY mom looked like she was the one who was going to turn red and blow up. She pointed to the middle of the rug in the living rooms. Looking closely there was a small burn mark. I wished water to clean it from me and it was gone in a second. "Alright you know now. I know that you are aware of what is going on. You also know that I have your book, right?" She asked running a hand through her hair. Nodding I sat down on the coach and waited for her to tell me more about what she was getting at.  

"Okay I guess that your father is right. It is time for you to know the truth. You are a witch Rowena, that is who you were born to be but not who your meant to be. If you get through your 15th birthday and don't do anything magic related you don't have to live with the powers that comes with it. If you do somehow use magic on your 15th birthday you will have to become a witch. You will have your powers even if you don't use them on your 15th birthday but they will be harder to use and get to. Right now, you're in the middle of human and witch. Do you understand that?" She asked looking at me in my eyes once more putting me on the spot. Nodding my head, she sighed and went down on her knees in front of me. "I urge you to not follow on this path. Bad things happen when people are on this path. People like us make a lot of bad choices," She said taking my hands.  

"Back before you said something about dad wanting to tell me about it. What is his part?" I asked titling my head to the side. 

"Do you know that the Foribe witch family is the most powerful? But did you know that the Treadway family name is also a powerful witch family? Your father is from Treadway. I am from Foribe. You are one of the most powerful born witches that there could be and you have a lot of weight on your shoulders if you do want to be a witch," My mother warned me. I didn't know that I was in the most powerful two families that there could be. She stood up and walked away from me almost as if she knew that I needed some time to be alone after hearing this. She put my phone and computer on my bed when I got up to my room. I was shocked to much to move for a little bit of time. I wished time to slow and almost ran out of the house. I didn't want to be there when the shit hit the fan, not like it didn't already just do that. I had my new bus pass on me and told myself that I needed to go to the bookstore but something was stopping me and taking me to somewhere else. I went all the to the end of the line and jumped on a bus that would take me farther than that. I was somewhere in the town. I walked into a little shop and sat down. I was lucky that it was a bookstore otherwise they would have wanted me out pretty fast. No money and hardly anything on me. I needed time away from my house.  

When I got back my mom was crying and my dad holding her I almost wanted to just back out and spend the night at Eva's house but my mom looked up and stopped crying. Instead she looked angry, "How could you do that to me! I am your mother, for God's sake! You slowed time and then left and now your back and you could have been hurt and no one would have been there to help you! Why did you have to go and leave after that?" She yelled at me. Jumping back, I almost hit a wall but missed and jumped through a door way instead. Running up the steps and away from my mom, I ran right into my room to see a few of my things missing but nothing too important. Wishing the door to shut fast behind me I moved something to make sure that no one would open the door to come from the outside to get at me. After a moment of waiting for someone to come and get at me sank down to the floor against a wall and cried.  

The tears kept coming hours after being yelled at. I guess so much held in emotion is what did this to me. "I am never going to hold in my feelings again," I told myself through my tears, knowing fully well that I was going to do that again, I always end up doing it again even thought I promise myself that I would never do it again. Looking over at the clock I saw that it seemed frozen. Did I just freeze time again? I thought and tried to get time moving again. It seemed to work the clock started to tick again at least. I wanted to stay in my room for a while longer before I had to go and face getting yelled at again. I looked over at my computer and thought about never seeing it again. I had to change my thoughts for fear that it was going to actually disappear. Looking over to my door I thought about what I liked to do. Grabbing my camera, I smiled down at it as I turned it on. The one thing that would make me feel normal again. I went to my window and focused the camera in on someone watering their flowers. I know that it is creepy to take picture of the people across the street, but I am not taking pictures of them in general. It is more like the small droplets that the camera can get, or the way that they roll off of the flower petal. -------- 

After about three pictures my camera died and I had to remind myself that I need to start charging it more at night. Sighing I put the camera down and looked at my bed I really didn't want to go to sleep and I really didn't want to go downstairs and eat anything. My stomach was gone and it felt weird but I was getting used to skipping a bunch of meals. I looked up at my ceiling and imaged the stars spreading up above my face. I imaged the moon being painted onto my ceiling with a small little hidden symbol where the start where painted into a circle with the little three leaves coming out of it. Closing my eyes, I imaged the cool breeze that comes every time I lay outside in the grass and the crickets hiding everywhere in the yard.  

Looking around I could swear that being outside in the middle of summer was all around me. I was hearing the crickets in the grass I was smelling the summer breeze bringing in a small storm. The leaves turning greenish from the sun shining on them. The crickets sung their little song and the street light flickered on and off like normal. Shocked that this could be real I looked around trying to find out what was going on. "Stop it!" A voice on the wind yelled at me. Looking up I was shocked to see should horrifying figure hovering over me looked down. "Stop magic!" They said again.  

"Why?" I asked. The person flashed, suddenly in front of me. I still couldn't see their face, but the feeling of negative vibes and watchful eyes was all on me. I wanted to get away but found my feet couldn't move at all.   

My eyes shot open to see the stars painted over my head but looking around I was still in my room. Was it just a dream? I wondered. It seemed so real. I looked around to see a mini whirlwind of papers torn from books and notebooks spinning around my room.  

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