The Hidden Life of Rowena Foribe * NANOWRIMO 2017*

The life of a witch who had lived most of her life without knowing who or what she truly is. Upon walking into a classroom and getting a project she dives deep into her family history. Finding things that she didn't know and overhearing things that she shouldn't know about. Seeing things that she shouldn't. She is about to turn 15 years old and that is when the first sighs of a witch come out. She can choose to go with them and see where the journey will take her or she can be like her family and turn her back on the Goddess and magic and powers. Rowena is just a normal 14-year-old high school student. Slacking in a few classes but good on most of her classes. Rowena has a few friends but her best friend that she tells everything, Eva Flixnet, who is in most of her classes.

(I know NaNoWriMo is done but I will still be working somewhat on this book. It is also for my school. They want me to write a novella soI wrote for NaNoWriMo.I also made a new cover but it is being picky with me)


12. The Truth is Always Found


I opened the book and propped it up on my lap. This page was about the markings of dark magic, like when someone gets cursed or hexed. I was interested to know how to tell if someone was cursed. The first words that I read on the page was"To tell if someone you know has been cursed it is very simplyFirst, they have a strange marking somewhere on them. This would be mostly out of sight as to not draw attrition to it from other people. Second, bad things tend to happen around them more often. This could be anything from small little figurines breaking or being dropped on accident to someone getting seriously hurt. Thirdthey tend to look as though they are getting sick. For a witch, they know when someone has cursed them. It is part of the function. For a human being it is not. They look pale and sick but other than those small details they are fine on the inside. Here are some of the symbols that you would find on a cursed person,I looked down at the symbols and one stuck out to me because I had seen it before. I couldn't remember where thought. I shook my head and went to the next paragraph. 

"Another way to tell if someone has been cursed is the around what happened. Just place your hand over the spot where they were and think about positive energy. If you feel a zap then it was a curse if you don't it was just an unfortunate event,It read. I looked over to the stop where Eva was hit and remembered where I had seen the mark on her neck. Eva was cursed, but I had to make sure of it. I put the book down and walked over to the spot with drying blood on it and stuck my head close to the ground. Sending out positive energy I was shocked to find out that I got zapped. I pulled my head away and closed my eyes. Someone had cursed my friend. Now why and how would someone do that? I opened my eyes and walked over to the book and picked it up.  

Back inside I felt I could think a little better than what I could outside. My mom was acting weird around me all of a sudden and trying to find ways to get around being in the same room with me long enough to have some kind of conversation. I looked over to the kitchen door and twisted my head the other way to look up the steps. I was going to be in my room talking with my dad. I called my dad into my room and he looked amazed that I wanted to talk with him. "Somethings up with mom," I stated right off the bat. 

"Yes, there is something going on with her. But I told you that she takes things differently than you or me, He told me again. 

"No, I mean she is lying to me. Not just the witch part knows about it. I feel like she isn't telling me the whole truth only bits and pieces of it," I said trying to shake the feeling of being watched. 

"What do you mean by that Rowena?" He sat down on my bed next to me.  

"What I mean dad, is that I was just outside reading this and it was interesting. On this page, it told me about curses. It should me one marking that I had seen before, on Eva's neck. It was out of site and it looked just look the marking from the book." I stopped to find the page and show him. My dad's eyes got big when I showed the book. "And then you have mom acting differently. Do you think that she had done this to Eva? As a way of getting me to not use magic on my birthday," I asked him. 

"Well, your mother is... She is... she can't do magic this isn't her who cursed your friend," My dad told me. 

"But she could have gotten someone else to do it for her right? Say as someone who could do magic?" I titled my head and waited for the reasons that never came. My mom knocked on my door and opened it. 

"Dinner is severed," She said sweetly avoiding looking at me directly. She then turned and walked right back down the hallway to the top of the steps and down.  

"See? Notice how she never looked into my eyes like she is afraid I am going to find something that I shouldn't," I told my dad and smacked him on the shoulder. "I am not that scary on any case," I held back a giggle. 

"You know you can be very scary sometimes," He said back smiling. "But we should go eat," He got up from my bed and walked to the door. "Coming?" I shook my head. I wasn't really hungry. I was more tried then anything. He closed the door behind him and walked away. I knew know that my mom had asked someone to curse Eva so she could tell me to get away from magic because it hurts people. We were going to need to have a long talk about this whole thing sometime. But right now, I just wanted to go to bed. It had been a long day.   

Falling asleep to the sounds of an ocean that wasn't there I had no dreams but only this since of worry for my friend. I was afraid and even my restless night of sleep told me that. I woke up to my mom and dad inside my room this time. I shut my eyes and listened to their talk. 

"She thinks you cursed her friend. Is it true?" My dad asked. 

"Why should I tell you? In front of her? For all I know she isn't MY little girl anymore. She's yours. You want her to be a witch just like you and not normal like me. You want her to do everything that is what I stand against. I might as well as start making her go to church, then shouldn't I? I mean her birthday is tomorrow and I can't have her use her powers at all. She can't even cast a circle otherwise she is gone from me. My little girl would be stand off by the witch council and she would be forced to learn everything and treated like a princess. I was treated like that even before my 15th birthday. I don't want her to have to deal with that," My mom said her voice getting thicker by the end. She didn't want me to go away to this place and learn about my past. She wanted me to be, normal? She isn't even thinking about what I want in this problem 

"So yes, you did?" My dad asked with a sigh. 

"Yes, I had someone curse her and then her friend. I just couldn't live with myself if I had cursed our daughter. So, I had someone curse her friend instead," She said back in a somewhat angry tone. 

"Well, she knows that you did. She told me while you were in the kitchen. She called me into her room and we talked about you. She knows you, Mivea. Just like I know you." He took a deep breath. 

"I know that. She sees right through me like you did, my love. One thing that I love and hate the both of you. To my own family, I was insane as I am to this one. But I have seen what she can do and I just think that she is too powerful even for the both of us," My mom whispered. It hung in the air for a moment before footsteps walked away and the soft click of my door being shut followed. I opened my eyes and was alone in my dark room. It felt weird to know that my mom was the cause of everything bad happening but she was doing it for a good reason, or that's what she told herself. I sat up in my bed and watched the door while I cried quietly. 

I must have fallen asleep sometime in the night because I woke up to someone tapping on my door. My eyes opened and I yawned instead of telling them something. They opened the door and walked in. It was my dad coming in to tell me something.  

"Breakfast is ready, Rowena. And you don't want to go because you have some questions," He told me before sitting down and waiting for me to start with the questions. 

"So, mom's real name is Mivea?" I smiled when my dad nodded. "Okay umm... So, what is the name of the place that I will be sent away to if I choose to become a real witch?" I asked grinning. My dad looked over at me with wide eyes. "Oh, didn't think I had listened last night while you were, in my room?" I asked him titling my head. 

"I guess that’s what we get when we talk in front of you. The school is an all exclusive prep school basically. Only for witches and no one else can get in or even see the school. Excelsior School of Witchcraft is the name. And if you're thinking about going I can help you. I went there and you only have to know who built the school." My dad told me. I smiled at that. It seemed that everything was going to work out fine in the end then.   

I walked into the kitchen after that with my dad and sat down smiling. My mom, however, looked at him to me and back. She knew something was up but she wasn't going to get it from me. "Did you have a nice night Rowena? You seem a little happier then yesterday," My mom pointed out. I nodded and ate the warm buttermilk pancake severed with lots of butter that was melting off the sides and syrup done in a way that a fun design was my pancake. It tasted better than it should have. I even enjoyed the bacon on the side with the small glass of milk next to my plate that I would have never touched.  

Chapter 10 – Mom gets Back 


My dad and I called the police and an ambulance. We were both afraid to move Eva, thinking we might hurt or put her in more pain then what she was already in. I had to call Eva's folks to tell them what was up. They didn't take it too well to know that Eva was hit by a car and then the person got away.   Eva was taken to the hospital and right into surgery. Even though she wasn't awake they had to put her under Anastasia so she wouldn’t wake up in the middle. 

"Calm down Rowena, you're going to put marks on the floor if you pace like that," My dad told me after an hour into Eva's surgery. I was so scared that it wasn't going to be alright that I had started to pace in the waiting rooms. My phone was next to my dad's on a stand that was nearby but I didn't even want to look at it. After what felt like hours of torcher a nurse finally came in and told us that Eva was going to be okay. Eva's mom and dad had just entered the room and ran to us accusing us of being the cause of Eva getting hurt in the first place and saying that I should stay away from her.  

The security personnel had to come and take us to different rooms that way we would be quiet for everyone else. I didn't like to know that this is the way we got treated when Eva got hurt but I guess that is how they deal with it. Everyone deals with pain their own way, I guess even if it means hurting others. I picked up my phone when I saw a red light blinking on it. Turning the screen on my mom had called about 50 times.  

"Hey dad, did mom call you?" I asked looking at my phone. He shook his head.  

"But she was calling you non-stop. I wonder why she never thought to call me," He added to himself. I typed in my mom's phone and dialed her up. She didn't answer on the first try like normal. So, I tried again. 

"Hey mom, what did you need me for?" I asked when she said hello. 

"Well, I was trying to tell you that I was coming home today but you were not answering your phone. Why?" She asked me in a hurtful tone. 

"Eva was hit by a car tody mom. That is why I didn't answer you," I told her back crossing my arms and in a hurtful voice. My mom stopped at once like she was holding her breath or something. 

"Oh, honey I am so sorry about your friend. How about this once I get home we talk about it okay?" She asked me. I was astonished that she could change so fast on me. 

"Um how about no? You just changed your voice so fast that it made my head spin. You don't care. Good bye and see you when you get here," I said calmly holding back angry. Even my dad knew this and had to calm me down before someone saw the fire that had started to grow in my hands.  

"Well, that started off nice but what happened?" He asked when I was better. 

"She wasn't sincer about Eva getting hit like she knew that it would happen," I told him sitting down and trying to not think about the growing fire. I felt my dad place his hand on mine and hold it there even thought it was burning like fire. I had to look over at him and saw that there was a smile on his face even though I was burning his hand.  

"Your mother, she does things in a weird way. She deals with things in her own way as do you. When something bad happens, you tend to try and find the bad things that go with our mood. Your mother, she tries to not let it touch her heart but it always does," He told me and I felt the fire go out. "Would you like to go home now? Or stay here with Eva?" My dad asked me after a moment of peace pasted between us. I got up, I answered the question without words.  

My dad knew when to talk and he didn't say a word to me on the car ride home. I think he thought that I was dealing with everything by myself in my own head. Truthfully, I was trying to find my way around avoiding to deal with the problemMy mom's car was in the drive way when he pulled up to the house. I wanted to sit in the car for a moment longer to prolong seeing my mom in person again. I wasn't sure that I would be able to deal with her right now.  

Walking into the house I felt like I should talk to my mom but I didn't trust here every that came from. I walked right up to the steps and through the hallway to my room and closed the door behind me. I wasn't up for talking or anything. I wanted to clean my room up and do whatever I could to get the issue behind me. It was a small bit harder than it should have been but I cleaned up all the dirty clothes on the floor and opened the windows to let some light into my room. All of the dirty glasses in my room went out my door by themselves with my magic 

My dad knocked on my door and saw the clean room he handed me a used black candle and some little snack. I smiled and set them on my bed without much care. Before he left my room, he did say something, "Your mom would like to talk to you. She wasn't to know that you're okay." I didn't turn to face him for fear that my tears were going to show. I heard the door shut behind him and lower my head to face my desk top.  

"You can't keep hiding up here," I told myself. Saying it out loud made it feel better to say than in my head. I looked at my dead computer screen and made myself tell me what I saw. "I see a girl afraid that her mom isn't who she seems. I see someone who thinks too much and does too little. I see someone who needs to stand up and face the truth. Rowena faces what you're afraid of. And now I am crazy because I am talking to myself. Great," I said and cracked a smile. It is good when things start going my way sometimes.  

straitened my back and headed for my door. I forced the thing open and left my room trying to swallow my fear and talk to my mom. Something just didn't feel right thought. Something bad was in the air, and I felt it like an icy hand up my back. I walked into the living room to see my mom and dad sitting on the couch talking under their breaths. I had to clear my throat before they knew that I was in the same room with them. "Told you honey. She was going to come out of her room to talk to you," My dad muttered before he got up and turned towards me. "I am going to go and leave you to alone. Sort things out and don't curse anyone," He said looking at my mom instead of me.  

I slowly walked to sit next to my mom who was looking forward instead of at me. "What was that about?" I asked her as my dad left the room. She still didn't look at me. "Mom, what was dad talking about? He looked at you but was he trying to tell me not to get mad at you? I am so confused," I told her trying to take her hand. 

"Nothing, Rowena," My mom told me finally and turned to face me. She smiled and stood up, "Rowena I am going to go and make dinner. Why don't you go and do something like reading, maybe you should go and watch one of your television shows while I make us something to eat," My mom said smiling awkwardly? She wasn't telling me something and she wasn't looking like she was sad about anything that had happened.   

"Okay then," I said and walked up to my room. I whispered when I was in my room, "That wasn't weird or creepy at all mom." I rolled my eyes and thought about the way she had acted. It was off and she was never a good liar. One time she had tried to tell my dad that the bank had gotten it wrong when she had spent so much money on one thing and my mom had acted the same was as she was right now. I wonder what she is lying about this time, and to me. 

I felt like she wasn't lying but she wasn't telling me the whole truth which just confused me more and more when I thought about it. Why would my mom be lying to me? What could she be hiding that she didn't want me to know? I shook my head and went to step outside. My brain just couldn't piece anything together at the moment. It was too hot inside and I needed space to think about what she could be hiding from me. Talking the big creepy book with me I went out the front door and was about to sit down in the grass under the hill and read up a little more.  

When I finished, I put my plate in the sink and walked over to my mom. I bent down and whispered, "I know everything now," in her ear. I walked away from her and up into my room.  

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