The Hidden Life of Rowena Foribe * NANOWRIMO 2017*

The life of a witch who had lived most of her life without knowing who or what she truly is. Upon walking into a classroom and getting a project she dives deep into her family history. Finding things that she didn't know and overhearing things that she shouldn't know about. Seeing things that she shouldn't. She is about to turn 15 years old and that is when the first sighs of a witch come out. She can choose to go with them and see where the journey will take her or she can be like her family and turn her back on the Goddess and magic and powers. Rowena is just a normal 14-year-old high school student. Slacking in a few classes but good on most of her classes. Rowena has a few friends but her best friend that she tells everything, Eva Flixnet, who is in most of her classes.

(I know NaNoWriMo is done but I will still be working somewhat on this book. It is also for my school. They want me to write a novella soI wrote for NaNoWriMo.I also made a new cover but it is being picky with me)


4. Is that True?

"Okay come on Rowena, let's get you up now," I heard my mom say. Feeling hands, I opened my eyes slowly. My mom and dad were in the room but not a sign about were Eva might be. My mom and dad were trying to pick me up and put me in my bed. "It's okay. Eva went home. She will come back tomorrow after school to see if your better. Right now, you need to rest," My mom said in a gentle voice. I nodded slowly feeling all the blood rush to my head. They somehow manage to get me up and into my bed and resting. I was asleep when they left the room but when they came back I was awake listing to what they were saying. "Well, what was that book that she was reading about?" My father's voice rang from out in the hall. " They say that it was filled with a bunch of nothing, but after I looked through it... Not nothing. More like a very important secret that she can't know," My mother said. "You have to tell her soon. It is getting close to her 15th birthday. You know what happens than," My father warning rung in my ears. What is going to happen on my birthday? I closed my eyes as my door cracked open. "Yes, I know what happens. But do you see how strong she is already. It is coming sooner for her. She can already manipulate the elements around her. And don't tell me that she can't I know that she can. From what her teacher told me she can also play with the phones around her," My mom said. What does that mean? I can do what now? I wonder what they are even talking about. Footsteps walking away from the door told me that they were done talking for now. My eyes opened and I saw a dark bedroom. I must have been out for a while. Sitting up slowly I felt my head pound but ignored it as long as I could. I reached out for my computer happy to find it right where I normal keep it. I opened it slowly and dimmed the screen in the dark. Typing and quietly as I could I looked for '15th birthdays in Foribe family'. What came up was scary. Pictures of people in circles dancing and chanting. I looked at the first link that came up and it was a picture of my mother with her mother. The headline read 'The first real witch found'. "Witch?" I whispered and typed into the search box 'Foribe witch'. What came up then was a single link without a title. Clicking on it the first thing that I read was 'These are real people with real lives, if you want to know something than ask me. I can tell you anything about this family of witches. This site is not for the faint of heart, or for people wanting to prove me wrong." I gulped and looked up as I heard footsteps across the floor outside my room. Slamming the computer shut as fast and quiet as I could I threw it under the bed sheets and shut my eyes as the door slowly peaked open. "Is she still asleep? I could have sworn I heard someone talking," I heard my mom say. Why was she checking on me. I give a small kick of my foot making sure that it looks like I am asleep. My mom sighs and says, "It must have been my imagination." Hearing the door shut I peeked an eye open to see if they had left the room. I was right that my mom had left the room, but not the eerily feeling that my mom and dad were hiding something from me. I couldn't go to sleep at all in the night. Even getting up and walking around didn't seem to be working. I was missing something and I knew that I was missing something. Nothing in my room was miss placed but yet it didn't feel right. I put my computer back on night stand at midnight. Walking around my room I tried to piece together what would be missing. Looking in my backpack and not knowing what was missing. I looked over my floor, and behind my bed, trying to find whatever it was that I was missing. The sun coming in through the open window stopped me. "I've been up all night?" I whispered. I heard a knock on my door and turned in time to see my mom open the door and look at me. "Oh Rowena! What are you doing out of bed?" She asked in a shocked voice. I shrugged and walked to the side of my bed. "I was too hot," I said in a small voice. I heard her kluged her tongue and rush into my room. Her cold hand was on my head checking to see if I had a tempter. She shook her head and turned me to face her. She gave a small shiver and shot a glance over to my window. "How are you burning up? It is October Rowena and your window are open. It is freezing outside," My mom told me. I stuttered over what to try and say. "Oh alright. You do seem to be turning red in the face, but what I am confused about is that you're not burning. You look like you are but you're just not. If anything, you should be freezing. She said and made me sit on my bed. "I am going to go and get you something cold to try and get your color back," She paused and looked at me for a moment. Nodding her head slowly she walked out of the room with something like a confused look on her face. After my mom had been back and left again I got on my computer and messaged Eva. Rowena- Missing something. Have you seen it? Eva- What you missing? Rowena- I don't really know. Eva- Than how would I know. Rowena- good point. So whats going on? Eva- I don't know. I was going to ask you. Rowena- Wanna come over? Eva- Would you're mom allow that? Rowena- I don't know. I think she might. I'll ask. "Hey mom can Eva come over?" I shouted. I waited for a few minutes before getting up and walking to my door. I opened it and looked out. Seeing no one in the hall way, I walked down the stairs. "Mom? Hello?" I shouted. Nothing. It seems no one was here. I walked back up to my room and messaged Eva again. Rowena – no one seems to be here. Eva – And you can just invent someone over and they wouldn't mind? Rowena – I am going to text her. Be right back. Opening my phone, I saw that the screen was black and the thing had died. "Ughhh!" I sighed. I gave the phone a small squeeze and all of a sudden it turned on. My head titled and my phone went flying on to my bed. What in the world is happening? I thought. Shaking my head, I went to pick up my phone and saw that it was fully charged? I guess someone plugged it in last night for me while I was fully awake. Sitting back at my computer I messaged Eva. Rowena – Okay I am going to start freaking out if I don't get any answers to what the hell is going on? Eva – Okay calm down and tell me. Rowena – I can't I have... I just have to tell you Rowena – In person Eva – Is it a dire issue? Rowena – yes Eva – Be right over. I waited until Eva got here wondering if I should tell her what I found out from my mom and dad and then my family's name online. I was at odds. I didn't want to tell her yet but I also thought that it might be for the best if I did tell her. When she opened the door, I knew that I shouldn't tell her yet. I stopped pacing to look at the door and almost ran over to it. Eva who wasn't even at the door was just getting out of the car. Slamming open the door she kind of just looked over and smiled worriedly at me. I waited for her mom to pull out of my drive before I tugged Eva into the house and instead of into my room, like normal, I pulled her into the living room and she sat down on the couch. "So, what is-" I held a finger over my mouth looking around really fast to see if anyone was watching me. "I am missing something and everything is just going upside down and out a window," I said in a hushed voice. Eva looked at me like I had lost my mind. "Okay. We have something missing, right?" She asked. I nodded my head looking around. "And you don't know what it is?" She said while I nodded once more. "And you think someone is watching you right?" She said again. I nodded. I felt her hands on my shoulders before she made my look at her. "Snap out of it. You are starting to act like someone insane. We both don't have school for the next week because of fall break. You're about to turn 15 I can understand you being a small bit crazy but this is just not right. You're starting to act like you have the government to be running from," She gave me a shake. "Take a breath and chill. I will help you find whatever it is that is missing but you have to remember what it is," She said as I took a deep breath and let it out. We sat and waited as I tried to remember what it was I was missing. "Hey can I see that book that the teacher gave you?" Eva asked me. I gave her a look that told her she knew what I was missing. "Is that what you are missing?" I nodded and she started to ask a bunch of questions about where I had seen it last. We had gotten it down to someone had stolen it out of my room or my mom and dad took it and gave it back to the teacher. Whatever the case was it wasn't here anymore. "Are you gonna tell me what you found out?" Eva asked with her arms crossed over her chest. I looked at her frozen for a moment. She gave me a look that told her I wasn't getting out of this one alive with a secret.
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