The Hidden Life of Rowena Foribe * NANOWRIMO 2017*

The life of a witch who had lived most of her life without knowing who or what she truly is. Upon walking into a classroom and getting a project she dives deep into her family history. Finding things that she didn't know and overhearing things that she shouldn't know about. Seeing things that she shouldn't. She is about to turn 15 years old and that is when the first sighs of a witch come out. She can choose to go with them and see where the journey will take her or she can be like her family and turn her back on the Goddess and magic and powers. Rowena is just a normal 14-year-old high school student. Slacking in a few classes but good on most of her classes. Rowena has a few friends but her best friend that she tells everything, Eva Flixnet, who is in most of her classes.

(I know NaNoWriMo is done but I will still be working somewhat on this book. It is also for my school. They want me to write a novella soI wrote for NaNoWriMo.I also made a new cover but it is being picky with me)


16. Excelsior Academy of Witchcraft


When we had all gotten back home. Eva had told her mom that she had met a friend and was going to spend the night with her and came to my house instead. We all had to talk about what was happening. My mom had to make a few calls when we got home but I think that was to just  clear the curse and all so I was fine with her missing a few things in the family meeting.  

"Okay, so what are we going to be talking about again?" Eva asked as we all sat down around the fireplace. Watching my mom get up from the couch and grab her phone she smiled slightly at me before walking into the next room.  

"What is going to happen next. I want everyone to know what is going to happen next. And dad I have some things I want you to answer about this school thing," I looked over at him. I looked over to the almost never used fireplace and thought that it should be lite. I place wood in the fireplace before I thought about how conformable a fire would be and the wood burst into flames.  

"Okay first thing Eva, I choose this for myself. I am sure that I am not going to be able to back to school but keep me posted in our chat online okay?" I asked looking longingly into the fire as it danced about in the fireplace.  "Dad questions? Eva questions?" I asked once more looking back at them  

"Are you sure, you made the right choice?" My dad smiled while putting his hand on mine. I nodded knowing that this was my time to be sure that my chose was my own and no one else's.   

"As much as I want to watch this moment play out and all I have some questions," Eva interjected with ease. I smiled knowing Eva to do just that. "Um if it is a witch school then is it kind of like Hogwarts? What is the name of this place? How do you know that they are going to get you and not anywhere, I don't know, closer? And one more thing, are you sure we are going to be able to talk even though you're going to a witch school?" Eva listed her questions. I stared dumbfounded first before I held up my hands to stop her from more. 

"Hey, dad you want to answer the first one?" I asked turning towards him. 

"I will do you a favor and answer all of them," He paused and turned to Eva. "Okay, first and foremost it is nothing like that imagery school Hogwarts. The name is Excelsior Academy of Witchcraft. It is about the best Wicca school in the country and only the best would want the pure families. And Eva, don't worry about not being able to talk to people over the phone, it is how the students there feel more connected to their family. They are incougered to bring a phone to class and call when they are starting to feel slightly homesick. Unless they changed the rules, the school is the safest, and best place for a new witch coming in. She should be getting her letter fairly soon," My dad finished his speech.  

Eva looked dumbfounded that my dad had managed to answer all of her questions with such ease. I held back a smile and small laugh as to not sound like I was making fun of Eva. Eva saw right through me and gave me an evil look before I laughed at her. "Come on that was funny," I laughed as we both shot up from our seats. Eva started to run after me and I started to run up to my room. My dad was just sitting in the living room watching as we chased each other around like we used to before we had to worry about homework and what we would wear to Prom or homecoming. Leaving my door open and plopping on my bed I started laughing out of breath from running away from Eva. She joined me laughing as well. 

It took a moment before we heard the noise coming from my window. I looked at it while Eva quoted 'The Raven' by Edger Alan Poe. She stopped when I opened my window and a letter fullered down to rest on my desk. Eva and I stopped laughing and looked down at it.  

"Did that letter just?" Eva asked the question too shocked to finish it. 

"Yes. And that. Is. So. Cool!" I shrieked happily and grabbed the letter. My mom and dad ran into the room afraid that I might have hurt Eva somehow. "Dad! My letter came!" I shrieked in front of him.  

"I know. I can see," He said behind me. Turning I saw him shocked by how loud I had gotten. "Well, open it up," He prompted me. Looking down at the letter I started to peal the seal away from the paper. Trying to savoir the moment that I get to go to a school that I didn't sign up for in the first place. My dad waited for my to open it before Eva just ripped it out of my hands and yanked off the seal.  

"Eva! I was getting there!" I accused her. She shrugged and opened the letter. Reading it out loud for everyone to hear, Eva started in a professional sounding voice. 


Dear Miss Foribe 

Congratulation! You are on your way of becoming a full witch. You are accepted to Excelsior Academy of Witchcraft. The class that you will find yourself in starts on October 31, 2017. Please understand that you have chosen this for yourself. You are held responsible for showing up. If you don't any magic you do for the rest of your life will be illige 

In this envelope you shall find everything you will need for the start of your first year with us. If you cannot find the list of supplies contact us to have another list sent. They can all be found at your local Occult store. Fair wishes from all of the staff at Excelsior. We hope to see you soon Rowena Foribe. 



Excelsior Academy of Witchcraft 


"Wow that went in depth about everything," Eva searched the envelope for the list of supplies needed. Pulling it out she handed it to me looking for anything else in it. "That's it," She said tossing the envelope on my floor. 

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