The Hidden Life of Rowena Foribe * NANOWRIMO 2017*

The life of a witch who had lived most of her life without knowing who or what she truly is. Upon walking into a classroom and getting a project she dives deep into her family history. Finding things that she didn't know and overhearing things that she shouldn't know about. Seeing things that she shouldn't. She is about to turn 15 years old and that is when the first sighs of a witch come out. She can choose to go with them and see where the journey will take her or she can be like her family and turn her back on the Goddess and magic and powers. Rowena is just a normal 14-year-old high school student. Slacking in a few classes but good on most of her classes. Rowena has a few friends but her best friend that she tells everything, Eva Flixnet, who is in most of her classes.

(I know NaNoWriMo is done but I will still be working somewhat on this book. It is also for my school. They want me to write a novella soI wrote for NaNoWriMo.I also made a new cover but it is being picky with me)


14. Eva Wakes Up


"That was it? It took you guys three hours in the room talking for her to just say that?" He asked shocked. I smiled and shook my head. 

"You don't get it. Well, you will tomorrow then. I know what I want now. I am just going to think about it a little more before I tell anyone. I-" My phone went off with a  message from Eva's phone. 


Eva – Hey you there? 

Rowena – You should not be up yet?! They said you were in a coma! 

Eva – Yeah, I know. But I woke up a few hours ago. This necklace thing from you? 

Rowena – I made that with the intent to help protect you. I found out what had happened. It was a curse! 

Eva – Do you know from who? 

Rowena – Not the name of the person otherwise I would have hunted them down and sent them to hell in your place. 

Eva – That is extreme 

Rowena – Yeah but they deserve it. By the way I have something that I want to tell you about but dad is in my room I can't say in front of him. 

Eva – Thank you for the … charm thingy. You even made it look nice as well. 

Rowena – I have to go and talk with dad. Talk later than? 

Eva – Will do.  


I tossed the phone on to the table next to my computer and looked at my dad, "That was Eva." He was shocked that she had woken up. 

"And what was in that charm bag you made for her?" He laughed. I laughed as well before showing him out of my room and looking over at the time. It was nearly 10 O' clock. I should have been asleep by now.  But I needed to talk to Eva. I had to tell her what was going on. I picked up my phone again and looked at it thinking for a moment, before I set it right back down and went over to my door. I didn't want someone to over hear me but I didn't know anything to make that not happen so I just stuffed a blanket under my door and left it at that. My phone back in my hand I dialed Eva's number from memory and hit call. When she answered I was a bit alarmed to hear someone's voice on the phone that wasn't hers. I guess they didn't know that she had picked up her phone. 

"You should be asleep young lady!" Her mom shouted at her. 

"But mom I-" 

"No buts! And one other thing stays away from Rowena she did this to you and I can't have something like this every happening again," Her mom told her. I heard Eva mutter something really faint before her mom went on, "Don't back talk me! I don't want you to hang out with someone who is so much trouble! "She yelled again. The conversation went on for a bit longer all about the same way so I just listened and waited for them to stop talking before I even tried to. Hearing a door slam on that end I looked over and saw we had been on the phone for an hour trying to talk. 

"Sorry about that Rowena. My mom is just on end. And I am sure that my little kitten is half way to the grave and back, but she should be okay with a little bit of love when I get home. So, what did you want to talk about?" Eva asked. 

"Just something that was going on in-" 

"Oh, by the way happy early birthday! I so would have gotten you something if I hadn't been in here this whole time," Eva laughed. 

"See that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I was thinking about this thing that I overheard my mom and dad talking about on my 15th birthday. I am turning 15 tomorrow," I told her worried. She still didn't seem to get the point so I just had to flat out tell her. "I have a choice between staying human or going fully witch. I wanted to talk to you about what my choice is going to be." I heard Eva stop breathing for a moment. She understood now. 

"So, what are you planning on doing? I mean if you go witch you're still going to go to school with me, right? You're not going to stay home and get homeschooled, are you?" She asked me worried. 

"No, no, no. Nothing like being homeschooled. But I wouldn't still be going to your school. I would be going to some other one for witches. It would be a high class one and everything would be different for me. I am sure that we would still find time to talk about everything. I am sure if not then I will try to promise myself that one," I told her.  

Eva's voice sounded hitched slightly when she spook again," So you're going to be going to this witch school and make other friends without me?" It sounded almost like she was going to cry. 

"Eva it's not as bad as it seems. I would finally get the life I want and I would be happy. Much happier than I am now when you're not around," I told her as if I was in the same room. I tried to change the subject by asking Eva," Hey do you think you could sneak out of that room you're in for a couple hours tomorrow?" I asked with a smile. 

"Yeah. Rowena, you know that I can sneak out of everything. Where do you want me to meet you?" She asked. I could hear in her voice that the subject change worked, but of what I was about to tell her next she would be right back to the first topic. 

"The bookstore that you forced me to go to," I told her lightly. The fact that she didn't answer back almost after I had finished talking told me something had happened to her again. I looked at my phone and saw that she had hung up on me. Someone must have come into her room and she ended the call or something.  

"Hey, dad! Could you come here for a sec?" I shouted to my closed door. I knew that everyone should be asleep by now but that doesn't mean that they are. My dad rushed into my room looking around. "Sorry. I shouldn't have shouted. I should have thought more about what would happen," I apologized. He nodded and looked at me curiously. 

"What do you want? You should be asleep by now," He said and rubbed his eyes from sleep. 

"I wanted to ask something. It is a bit important but if it is too hard to answer you don't have to," I told him and paused. I tried to come up with a way to Phares what I was about to ask. "Metaphorically speaking, is there something that I need to do if I was to become a witch?" I asked hoping he wouldn't catch on to what I asked him. 

"Everyone says that all it takes it just some little spell but they are slightly off in there thinking. What it takes is deep thought and a willingness to want something big to happen. Take this as an explame. On my 16th birthday, I started to show the signs of being a witch. My mom and dad had sat me down and told about what I would need to do. A family photo in black and white plus the same photo in color. They wanted me to switch the color around. When I told them no and looked around I ended up bringing a dead yellow rose back to life. That is what started me. It is your choice of what you do on your birthday," He said and sat down on my bed again. 

"Wait. Did you say 16? I thought it was 15?" I asked him. He looked over and laughed slightly. 

"For most, it is 16. But you have the early bloomers and the late ones as well. You're going to be the youngest in your class," He told me with a small twinkle in his eye. He knew what my choice was alright. "Now go to sleep before midnight. I don't want to miss out the most important day of your life," he said and got up from my bed. I smiled and got under my blankets.  

I closed my eyes and opened them again looking at my window, I saw that it was time to get up. I must have gone to sleep then it just didn't feel like I had for very long. When my phone buzzed I reached out to get it but stopped as I realized that I was 15 today. "Well, no pressure at all but this could ruin your family life forever," I told myself tensing up as I said it. With that in mind, I had to get up and get my mind off the fact that my life would be changed now and it was up to me to tell them what I want to do. I picked up my phone and saw a text from Eva.  


Eva- When do you want to meet at the store? 

Rowena – When it first opens. I am going to tell my mom and dad now. 

Eva – Good luck.  


I looked over at my door remembering how heartbroken Eva was when I told her that I was going to become a witch. She didn't want that to happen and I am sure that my mom didn't want that to happen.  

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