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  • Published: 1 Nov 2017
  • Updated: 1 Dec 2017
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The Doctor marries his first wife and they have children...his wife dies...
The Doctor marries River and they have children....River dies

Who will travel all of time and space with the Doctor now? Who will help him raise his children?


7. Untitled

The Doctor enters his and River’s bedroom and finds his wife on the floor crying. Her wild curls are messy and her face is stained with tears. At first he thinks she’s caught blue cancer but soon realizes she’s just worried about her children. He sits down on the floor beside her and wraps his arms around. She leans against his shoulder and cries. He strokes her back and listens to her sobs. He listens to the beating of her heart.

“River…don’t worry…they’re fine. No more blue flu. Our daughters are thriving.” She looks at him and shakes her head. He takes her face into his hands and wipes away her tears with his thumb. He pulls her close and lets his lips touch hers. She doesn’t pull away, she doesn’t rush things…she just lets them kiss. When the kiss breaks she whispers…

“That was the best kiss…I’ve had in my entire life.” He smiles and kisses her again.

“What about that kiss?”
“The first kiss was better. Sweetie?” He stares at her and realizes she’s still shedding tears.

“What’s wrong River?” She puts a hand over her abdomen. He looks and then stares at her. He looks back down to her belly. He points in the direction of a crying Roria. He makes a silly face and she nods. He pulls her to her feet and kisses her.

“Oh River…you are a naughty girl.” She smiles and steals a kiss before running off to rescue their twins.

       Months six through nine vanish in the blink of an eye. River’s third through sixth months in her pregnancy seem to be the worst. As the Doctor walks with Roria on his hip and Amelia holding his hand he pushes the door open to their dark bedroom. River’s reading a book in bed…she looks up at them from over the rim of her glasses. She smiles and places a hand over her swollen abdomen. The twins see their mother and shriek with delight. The Doctor lets both girls crawl to their mama and laughs when she greets them.

“Hello Sweeties…come to see Mummy?” Roria places her head under her mother’s chin and Amelia lays her head on her mother’s chest. River embraces both girls with a warm hug and a kiss on the head. Amelia picks up her head and says her first words.

“Mummy…” Both River and the Doctor reward their daughter for her first word. Then Roria says something. She turns to the Doctor and says.

“Papa.” The Doctor lifts Roria into his arms and kisses her forehead. Amelia leans against her mother and says.

“Mummy…I don’t feel well.” With that Amelia closes her eyes and passes out. River screams and the Doctor rushes Roria to her crib. He picks Amelia up and rushes her into the TARDIS sick bay. He checks her hearts and realize one of them isn’t working. A failed Time Lord heart is next to impossible to treat. He picks up his little girl and gives her medicine to ease her pain. His little baby stares at him with her big blue eyes and says.

“Papa…I don’t want to go.” With that Amelia begins to regenerate. With her regeneration complete he puts her in bed and bops her nose. She still has her beautiful features and hasn’t changed a bit. Just like the Doctor’s daughter Jenny. Yes, the Doctor knows that Jenny can regenerate and already has. He walks into the bedroom and finds River in the bathroom getting sick. He pulls her hair back and hands her water when she asks for it.

“Amelia Oceana regenerated…she still looks the same…she’s sleeping.” River buries her head in her husband’s neck and takes a deep breath. She whispers.

“We’ve been married a year…we have three children and have been married a year…” The Doctor suddenly realizes it’s his and River’s anniversary. He kisses her cheek and runs off into the TARDIS. He digs and digs and digs in his pile of junk and finally pops up with the perfect first wedding anniversary gift. He presents the beautiful wrapped present to River and when she opens it she gasps. It’s a necklace with six pearls and each pearl has an initial engraved onto it. D for Doctor, R for River, A for Amelia, R for Roria and L for whatever and a J for whatever.

“Sweetie why are there six pearls.”

“I went into the future to see our children.”

“So, are we going to have four?” He grins and gives her a passionate kiss.

“River…don’t you know?” He smiles and she grins before replying.

“Let me guess…spoilers?” He kisses her again and replies too.

“Yes River, finally my wife gets a taste of her own medicine.” She slaps him and then kisses him to make up for it. 

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