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  • Published: 1 Nov 2017
  • Updated: 1 Dec 2017
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The Doctor marries his first wife and they have children...his wife dies...
The Doctor marries River and they have children....River dies

Who will travel all of time and space with the Doctor now? Who will help him raise his children?


3. Twins

       He opens the cell door with a key and climbs into her cot with her. He wraps his arms around her sleeping body and whispers.

“River.” She opens her eyes slowly and smiles at the sight of his face.

“Hello Sweetie. It’s been three months…I tried to contact you.”

“I jumped into the TARDIS and she brought me here two seconds after you left. I’ve gone two seconds without you and it was the worse two seconds of my life.”

“I’ve gone three months without you. Sweetie, don’t ever do that to me again.” She turns over and wraps her arms around his neck. She buries her face in his shoulder. She breathes in his scent and something about it wants to make her vomit. She feels it in her throat and pushes him away. She climbs over him and dry heaves into the toilet. He gets up and pulls her hair away from her face. With the other hand, he rubs her back. When she’s done, she takes a drink of water and brushes her teeth. She sits down on the bed and cries. The Doctor comforts her. He holds her and strokes her back.

“River…my dear River…what’s wrong?” She slowly lifts her head and the Doctor wipes away her tears. He takes her hand and smiles, as she’s still wearing her two rings. He strokes her hand and kisses her forehead. She shrugs her shoulders and says.

“I’ve been feeling a bit…emotional lately.” The Doctor jumps up and looks at River. He stares at her.

“What are you doing?” She questions.
“Who are you and what have you done to my wife?” Her asks before River slaps him and the Doctor smiles. She wears a stern expression on her face and punches him in the jaw.

“It’s me you blubbering idiot. If you aren’t going to be serious about YOUR WIFE’S condition. I’ll find out myself.” River stands up and puts her gun in her holster. She changes out of her pajamas and finds the Doctor staring at her. She gets a smug grin on her face and asks.

“Find something you like?” He nods and sits up. He straightens his bowtie and strides into the TARDIS. River walks in wearing a grey shirt, khaki cargo pants, her holster and her hair in a ponytail. He positions her to where the TARDIS can take a full body scan. She doesn’t protest. He kisses her cheek and starts punching buttons. A few moments later, the automated, female robotic voice comes through the TARDIS’ control panel speakers.

“SCAN COMPLETE.” The Doctor whips around the screen where River and him can both read it. She leans into the Doctor’s arms and he gives his smug little grin before proceeding to read the results. He takes River’s shoulders and breaks the news to her.

“River…you’re pregnant. Approximately three months. You and I are going to be…” He gulps and the word escapes as a whisper “Parents”

       A single tear rolls down River’s face. The Doctor takes her into his arms and she buries her face in his neck.

“What are we going to do?”

“We’re going to raise our child. Our little baby. When it’s older, I’ll take it on adventures through time and space.” She pulls away and walks down the halls of the TARDIS. The TARDIS had already began setting up a medical area and a nursery for the tot. River walks into the bay area and sits down. A robot nurse comes over to comfort her. River lays back and lets the robot perform an ultrasound. She stares at the Doctor leaning against the door frame with sadness in her eyes. His silly smile, his crooked bowtie, his child-like face. The man she married and the man she would raise her child with.

       The Doctor walks over and takes his wife’s hand in his. He kisses it and gets up to kiss her. The ultrasound is finished and the robot nurse tells them the news.

“Healthy…it’s twins. There are four heartbeats. Actually five because of River’s but…two healthy Gallifreyan twins.”

       The Doctor watches, River as she sits up and cleans off. He watches her as she walks away and he watches her watch the TARDIS add another cradle to the nursery. He can tell that his wife is vulnerable…he can tell she’s upset. He does his best to comfort her. That night in bed as she sleeps he stares up at the stars and imagines him and River raising two time babies. Time twins…both of his offspring. Two more time tots to add to his list of children. To add to his family tree and they were his and River’s. He rolls over and wraps his arms around his wife. He doesn’t see her open eyes, or the tears she sheds.

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