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  • Published: 1 Nov 2017
  • Updated: 1 Dec 2017
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The Doctor marries his first wife and they have children...his wife dies...
The Doctor marries River and they have children....River dies

Who will travel all of time and space with the Doctor now? Who will help him raise his children?


16. Rumors

Two years later…

       A heavily pregnant Missy shakes the Doctor awake with pains in her lower abdomen. He wakes up with a start and carries Missy to the palace sick bay. The robots move aside and the whispers of rumors echo through the palace. The rumors that the empress is about to give birth to the Doctor’s 21st child. The Doctor takes Missy’s hand and knows that his children are watching silently behind a one-sided mirror. The robots work like clock-work; briskly moving about; working fast to deliver a healthy child. Finally, the moment comes and Missy smiles as the Doctor gathers the little pink bundle into his arms. Gallifrey shouts and hurray’s as they learn that the empress has given birth to a daughter. The Doctor wonders at his luck. He never thought one day he would be emperor and it never crossed his mind that one day he would be holding his 21st child in his arms. Missy gets up and kisses her husband’s lips. They’re warm and wet. They share a kiss before going out to present their daughter to his children.

       Amelia and Roria aged twenty, Luke aged nineteen, and Jocelyn aged sixteen all gather around their father’s cot which holds their new baby sister. Amelia holds her baby brother Braxton on her hip and lets him peer into the cradle at the sleeping bundle of joy. Braxton’s green eyes stare down at the chubby and red skinned baby girl sleeping in his old cot. Amelia comforts and coddles her baby brother.

“Look Brax…it’s your new baby sister. Isn’t she pretty.” Braxton’s green eyes stare at the baby and then he buries his face in Amelia’s shoulder. She places a hand on his brown curls and holds him close. Missy opens her arms and Amelia places her brother into Missy’s arms. Missy holds him on her hip and goes off into the corner of the throne room to talk to him. The Doctor leans over and picks up the little girl with big blue eyes and straight brown hair into his arms. Jocelyn asks her father a question.

“What’s her name?” The Doctor looks at his youngest daughter in his arms and then at Jocelyn.
“You’ll have to ask Missy.” Missy comes walking up with Braxton on her hip. Braxton James Smith…on her hip. She puts Braxton into Roria’s arms and takes the newest addition from the Doctor. Missy gazes into her baby’s eyes and then looks up at her husband, looks at her four stepchildren and looks at her son.

“Amelia, Roria, Luke, and Jocelyn. This is your little sister. Braxton this is your little sister. I need the perfect name. Doctor, any idea.”

       The Doctor looks around at his children…he remembers his 13 children from before the time war…he remembers his daughter Miranda, he thinks about Jenny. This little girl was his 21st child. His youngest daughter. Missy places her in his arms and he carries her outside to the balcony. He stares up at the suns and suddenly the perfect name appears in his head. He listens to the sound of his daughter’s beating hearts and whispers her Gallifreyan name in her ear. Then he announces…

“Her name is Aurora Dawn.” He puts little Aurora into her cot and rocks it back and forth. He thinks about all his children. He remembers the ones that are dead, he remembers the ones that are far away, he remembers the ones who are here and above all he just remembers his children. He shouldn’t call himself the Doctor he should call himself the Father or the Grandfather. Maybe Father Time is a better name.

       The Doctor strokes Aurora’s head and reminisces. He thinks about all his children and how nearly all of them slept in the cot that his mother made. He hears footsteps and looks up towards the door. It’s Missy with her hair down and she’s wearing a white nightgown, much like the one River always wore. She leans against the window and says.

“Come to bed, it’s late.” The Doctor leans down and kisses his daughter. He walks over to the door and wraps his arms around Missy’s waist. He leans down to kiss her but she seems cold and frightened.

“What’s wrong?” She shakes her head and shivers. The Doctor wraps his arms around her to warm her. He stares down into her green eyes and feels both hearts beating at an increasingly fast rate. Her eyes are cold and it looks as if she’s staring off into the distance.

“Missy. What’s wrong?”

“There are rumors…the rumors say that the library’s artificial intelligence and all the data it’s collected from the universe has the power to bring the dead back to life. It’s searching for the souls stored that need their family the most.” He stares into her eyes and sees why she would be frightened. Two years of marriage could be annulled if River shows up alive and heart beating again. It would disrupt the life that Missy and the Doctor have built. He pulls his wife close and she lets the tears fall. She whispers.

“If these rumors are true. What if River comes back? It would mean our marriage will be dissolved and…” He knows what she’s going to say next. In any Gallifreyan court of law…the father…in any divorce or marriage annulment…the father always gets the children. He holds Missy tight and prays that River won’t come back…a little part of him hopes that she will. One day. Hopefully Missy can’t hear his thoughts tonight.

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