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  • Published: 1 Nov 2017
  • Updated: 1 Dec 2017
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The Doctor marries his first wife and they have children...his wife dies...
The Doctor marries River and they have children....River dies

Who will travel all of time and space with the Doctor now? Who will help him raise his children?


11. Missy

He climbs out of the TARDIS and finds himself in front of a huge vault door. A door he promised to guard…he was off for twenty years but arrives exactly when his old self is leaving. He pauses and listens to her playing the piano…he reminders locking her up 1000 years ago after getting them to spare her life. She’s yet to repay him. He peers up at the camera and knows she’s watching him. He hits the intercom button and she answers.

“Long time no see Doctor. What have you been up too? You’ve regenerated too. I like the new look.”
“Getting married to River…have four beautiful children with her…when she died she said I should come back to you.”

“Does your wife see the future or something?”
“I don’t know…shall I go find out what lies ahead for us?”
“Please do.”

       The Doctor climbs into his TARDIS and locates himself 10 years into the future. He stops outside a room and peers in. His four children all grown up gathered around the Christmas tree and then he stops to realize where they are…Gallifrey. Gallifreyan goose, Gallifreyan pudding. He sees himself standing next to a woman and he cries when he sees who the woman is. He gets back into his TARDIS and goes back to the vault. Missy speaks to him as she plays the piano.

“What did you see? Did you see me?”

“No, I didn’t see anything. I saw me and my four children enjoying Christmas on Gallifrey. Then I saw me in a cemetery, crying because my old friend died…”

“Me? I die. Nice to know that one day I can leave.”

       He goes back into the TARDIS and pulls off his black wedding ring. He puts it into a box and realizes what River had talked about when she died earlier today. She wants him to move on…she knew somehow. The Doctor opens the vault door ever so carefully…knowing Missy could run at the first chance he got. He finds her sleeping on top of the piano. She barely fits…he moves the hair out of her face and sees her so peaceful and so not evil. Last time he saw her 20 years ago…she was evil. Last time he saw her 1000 years ago…she was evil. He moves the hair out of her face and lifts her into his strong arms. The feeling of love envelops him. He lays her on the bed and tucks her in. He takes off her shoes and kisses her forehead. He sits down at the piano and contemplates how River could’ve possibly known.

       Did River always know that she would die? Did she always know that they would have four children? Did she always know that the Doctor and Missy would possible end up together? Did River know what tomorrow would bring every day for 20 years and just play along? Or maybe…she just had intuition. The way he talked about his best friend to his wife…did she hear it in his voice. Did she hear that if she ever died he would come back and…

“I can hear your thoughts Doctor? Mental shields, when you’re distracted your shields are down. Thinking about River? Thinking about Amelia, Roria, Luke and Jocelyn Song…somewhere on two TARDIS’ through time and space and you’re here with me.”

“Missy…you’ve changed.” She gives him an evil look with her piercing green eyes. She smiles and shows all her teeth. He knows that she’s obviously up to something.

“Me…changed? Never. Still as evil as ever.” She goes into the kitchen and pours herself a cup of tea. She pours the Doctor one too. She pats the seat next to her and he sits.

“So, Doctor tell me about married life. Tell me about River and your children…my those little…”

“Watch it Missy. You’re talking about my only four children alive.”

“Five. Jenny’s alive…she’s looking for you. Too bad she hasn’t found you.”

“Well I married River…I met her when she was a baby…I married her…we had Amelia and Roria…they caught blue flu. Luke was next…three years after Luke came Jocelyn…she was quite unexpected. Three years ago, River got sick…don’t know what it was. Still don’t. Died a few hours ago…a few thousand years into the future…when she died she told me to come here.”

“I’ve always liked River.”

“You tried to kill her Missy.”

“I regret that…I regret a lot of things. I cry…I have emotions…I don’t like it one bit. I’m glad you’re here though. Make everything better.”

“Missy, I’m here because my wife wanted me to be here.”

“Did you upload her into the library?”
“Yes, how do you know about that?” She points to the wall and he realizes that he had a branch of the library installed a few years ago. He walks over to the wall and is half tempted to bring River into the room right now…so he can talk to her and stare into her eyes and remember the love of his life. To remember his soul mate…the girl that was chosen for him.

“A Gallifreyan wedding vow is only destroyed in death…is that why you married River? Because your vow with your old wife is gone.”

“My vow with River is gone too…she’s dead and I don’t know why.”

       Missy looks sad and the Doctor realizes that she really has changed. Missy walks over to the piano and begins hitting the keys with light strokes. The Doctor watches as her fingers move quickly up and down the keys. She plays chords and scales with ease and with precise precision. He leans against the side of the piano and listens whilst she plays. He closes his eyes and lets the music bring up memories from his life. He thinks of running through the Gallifreyan country side, he remembers the Academy, he remembers his wedding and the birth of his first child, he remembers the Time War and he remembers when Jenny came into existence. The Doctor thinks about his companions, he thinks about meeting and marrying River. He thinks about River’s death. He’s brought to the present when Missy slowly ends the song she’s playing. He opens his eyes and stares at her. He whispers something

“You haven’t played that song since we were children. Why did you stop playing?” Missy shrugs her shoulders and gets up from the piano bench. She walks across the room and lays down on the bed. She places her hands on her chest and stairs up at the ceiling.

“Doctor, do you remember when we were young and naïve. I played for you and you said. ‘Don’t you ever stop playing.’”
“Yes, and you replied with ‘I’ll keep playing until the love runs out.’ You stopped playing when I met my wife. We’re getting old Missy.”

“Over 2000. We are getting old and we’re definitely not getting any younger.” The Doctor sits down at the piano and begins to play. The last time he played was when his firstborn child was born on Gallifrey. Missy dances around as he plays and he smiles as he watches her. He says something while he plays.

“You stopped because…why?”

“Because the love ran out…we’ve always been more than friends. I think I was destined to be a woman. All my love ran out…it’s only now just come back. You married her…you gave her children…you left me for dead…you’ve tried to kill me on numerous occasions…I did all I’ve done for attention Doctor. You married River and gave her four children…”

“River was my soulmate…my first wife was just holding me over until I met River.” Missy wipes away a tear and thinks the Doctor doesn’t see but he does.

“Then what are you going to do with both dead and only five surviving children that are gone?”
“My children are 16, 15 and 12…young and naïve like we once were.”

       Missy smiles and gets off the bed. She walks over to where the Doctor is and sits down on top of the piano. She closes her eyes and lets her arm hang over the side of the piano. He thinks about their childhood and suddenly remembers something his mother told him, his first wife showed him and something River gave him. His mother once told him “Theta Sigma, you see Koschei he’d make a good missy one day. I mean he was born a girl…why not return to his roots?” His first wife showed him how Koschei would look at him with jealously every time the Doctor took his wife and children out. And River, rest in peace…River gave him the opportunity to do the right thing. The voice of the All-seeing eye echoes in his head.

“Every timelord has three loves. Be it three spouses or three things…three loves…three chances…if you lose your first two loves…make sure the last love or last thing is one that will last.”

       The Doctor contemplates his memory and tries to classify what his three loves or three things can possibly be. He has too many children, he’s had too many companions. His first two wives are dead…it must mean that Missy is what the eye was talking about nearly 1500 years ago.

       “Missy, do you know what my wife told me before she died?” Missy’s head perks up from the piano and she pulls up into sitting position. Her green eyes follow the Doctor pacing around the prison room. The vault…her prison…and he’s chosen to be trapped with her. He looks up and sees that Missy is fully interested.

“River said… ‘Don’t travel alone, Doctor’ and yet she refused to travel with me. So, we settled down and had our children. My first wife wouldn’t travel with me either. Missy…I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.”

       He walks over to the piano and falls to his knees…he takes Missy’s hand into his and stares up into her eyes. She’s a bit shocked but a grin appears on her face.

“Missy, old and dear friend. Travel with me…for old time’s sake?” She nods and replies with…

“For old time’s sake.” She hops off the piano and before the Doctor knows what’s happening…she steals a kiss. He opens the vault doors and she walks into the TARDIS. He barely as time to shut the door before Missy begins pulling levers and pushing buttons and the TARDIS is in motion. She squeals as the TARDIS takes off and flies into space. Suddenly, it stops and the Doctor throws open the door. Missy rests her head on his shoulder and whispers.

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