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  • Published: 1 Nov 2017
  • Updated: 1 Dec 2017
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The Doctor marries his first wife and they have children...his wife dies...
The Doctor marries River and they have children....River dies

Who will travel all of time and space with the Doctor now? Who will help him raise his children?


17. Hello Sweetie...

The twins turn 21 shortly after Luke’s 20th birthday and Jocelyn’s 17th. Braxton aged 3 runs around the palace as Missy carries a birthday cake in one hand and holds a sleeping 6-month-old Aurora in her arms. The Doctor greets his family and they all sit for a lovely birthday dinner. Jocelyn says something shocking when she sits down at the long table.

“Dad, can you believe it’s been five years since Mom died. I can’t be more grateful to have Missy as our stepmother. She’s a good mum. I see how she is with Brax and Ro.” Missy looks at the Doctor with a gaze that shows hurt and pain and trouble.

“Okay, let’s not talk about River’s death. It’s Amelia and Roria’s 21st birthday. 21, I remember when I turned 21…” Luke cracks a joke.

“Was that …2,000 years ago? See, I told you dad was old.” The Doctor smiles and embarrasses Luke by giving him a hug. Jocelyn runs to get her dad’s fez and puts it on his head. Missy puts Aurora in her high-chair and makes Braxton sit down. He sits in his father’s lap as the family sings the birthday song to Amelia and Roria.

“Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Amelia and Roria

Happy birthday to you.” The twins both make a wish and smile as their stepmother slices into the cake. After dishing out eight plates of cake they all sit down to enjoy their chocolate cake. A flash from a vortex manipulator blinds the family and a figure appears wearing a long black cloak and with its face nearly hidden. The Doctor stands to defend his family and his family all crowd behind him. Aurora starts wailing off the top of her lungs.

“What in the name of sanity have you got on your head?” The family gasps in shock as the figure pulls back the hood and exposes her face. Jocelyn’s eyes grow wide and she acts like she’s seen a ghost. Missy puts Aurora in her highchair and vanishes before anyone can make a reaction. The Doctor stands speechless as the figure walks over and sticks her finger in the cake. She licks her finger and then stops with her face just inches away from the Doctor’s. She smiles and whispers.

“Hello, Sweetie.” The Doctors hearts melt. He touches River’s face and checks every inch to ensure that it’s not one of the children’s silly tricks. Amelia and Roria are the first to greet their mother. Luke stands off a bit but smiles when his mum extends her arms towards him.

“Luke, I am your mother.” Finally, River spots Jocelyn over in the corner crying. River wraps her arms around her daughter and examines her baby.

“Look at you, Jocelyn. So, big and so beautiful. Looking at you is like looking at a mirror.”

“Mom.” Jocelyn buries her face in River’s shoulder and neither one of them see Missy staring out of a peephole in the closet. Missy slides down to the floor and silently cries. She had everything and now she has nothing.

       After the family reunion, the Doctor introduces River to Braxton and Aurora. River smiles when she sees the two. She holds Braxton on her hip and talks to him. The Doctor holds Aurora and River strokes the baby under the chin and makes her giggle. She returns to speaking to Brax.

“Who’s that? Is that your lil sis? It’s your lil sis. Brax it’s Aurora. Doctor, they’re beautiful. Is Missy their mum? Where is she?”

       The Doctor gets a grave face and addresses his four children.

“Amelia and Roria take Brax and Ro. Luke and Jocelyn, I want you to go to. Jocelyn go look for Missy. She needs you in this grieving time.”

       The Doctor takes Missy’s hand and leads her to his office. She looks around and states.

“You…emperor. You mean no TARDIS. No adventures. So, where is Missy?”

“Sit. I have a comment too, you’re still very good with children.”

“Explain…where’s Missy?” The Doctor sighs and starts from the beginning.

“I could only marry her on the terms that you were dead and now that you’re back from being dead…what happened? How are you alive?”

“I regenerated…concentrated my energy on keeping the same form. Took me five years because of the stupid library database.” The Doctor nods and then begins telling River that Missy’s gone.

“Missy’s gone because she’s depressed. I could only marry her on the terms that you were dead and since you’re alive…that means my marriage to her was annulled the second you showed up. In any divorce or annulment, the father gets the children. No exceptions.”

       River nods and turns before the Doctor can see her tears fall down her face. She walks away and the Doctor collapses into his chair. River’s his soulmate and his wife but Missy’s also his wife too. He has a decision to make and the Doctor doesn’t know what to do. He takes off his wedding ring to Missy and puts it in the box along with the one from River. He saw that River was still wearing her wedding ring and he bets Missy it too. He remembers something that River told him once long ago before he was about to give up his life. Something that Missy’s never said. River once said ‘I can’t let you die without knowing that you are loved. By so many and so much and by no one more than me.’ A knock at the door and the Doctor looks up from his desk. It’s his Amelia carrying Braxton, Roria carrying Aurora, Luke, and Jocelyn. They crowd into his office with tears in their eyes. They wait for the Doctor to say something and he doesn’t know what to say. Missy steps in and so does River. Missy speaks.

“We’re waiting for your decision Doctor. You’re the emperor and you know the laws.” The Doctor clears his throat and tries to stand to his feet. He kisses Amelia and Roria’s head. He gives Luke a hug, he kisses Jocelyn’s head and then he gives Braxton and Aurora both a kiss. He then stands in front of Missy and she stares into his eyes all sad and he wipes away her tears. She speaks.

“Say something nice.” He wipes away her tears with his thumb and he takes a deep breath. Words aren’t spoken but Missy knows all too well what the Doctor is about to say. She takes off her wedding ring and leaves it in his hand. She kisses her children goodbye and takes the vortex manipulator from the wall. She punches in a code and vanishes.

“Missy, you don’t have to go.” The Doctor watches as she leaves and then directs his attention back to River. She’s sad that it must end this way. The Doctor wraps his arms around his wife and kisses her lips. They haven’t kissed in five years. She takes the ring off his desk and slips it back onto his finger.

“River…my River. Through time and space…I will love you forever.”

“So, what are we going to do with the two little ones?”
“Are you up for raising two more?” River kisses the Doctor and grins before saying.

“I’m ready if you are.”  He pulls her closer and kisses her again. He picks her up in his arms and they both decide that their children can take care of themselves. 

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