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  • Published: 1 Nov 2017
  • Updated: 1 Dec 2017
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The Doctor marries his first wife and they have children...his wife dies...
The Doctor marries River and they have children....River dies

Who will travel all of time and space with the Doctor now? Who will help him raise his children?


13. Hello Sweetie

The Doctor leaves his children alone with Missy for a short period of time. He travels to Akhenaten and pops into a jewelry shop. He’s not going to buy something as special as River’s but he wants to get something that represents their 2,000-year friendship. Before the Doctor makes any decisions he stops by the library.

       He leaves the jewelry shop without any purchases and heads to the biblioteca in the very center of Akhenaten’s main city Tutan. The Doctor reaches the main computer and types the information into the web browser

Name: River Song AKA Melody Pond

Age: Unknown

DOB: Unknown

Death Date: A year ago

Upload date: A year ago

Spouse: The Doctor

Children:    Amelia Oceana

              Roria Brooke

              Luke Raine

              Jocelyn Sea

       The Doctor hits enter and River’s memory pops up. The computer whirs and spins and River comes up as in real life. The Doctor tries to hold back his tears as River smiles and greets him. Her eyes have tears in them as well.

“Hello Sweetie.” The Doctor falls to his knees and lets the tears fall. River comforts him. He’s glad that the artificial intelligence is smart enough and advanced enough to make his wife real and alive for just a few hours. River wraps her arms around her husband and wipes away his tears. She kisses his cheek and he wraps his arms around her.

“River…I miss you. The children miss you. I wish I could bring you home.”

“It’s a fixed point in time sweetie. I know that fixed points aren’t to be messed with.”

“Time can be rewritten.” River gets a stern look on her face and shakes her head.

“Don’t you dare.” She kisses her husband’s lips and takes his hand. She notices his wedding ring is gone. She stares at her and then stares back at his hand and asks

“What happened to your ring?” He looks sad and he looks like he’s being punished.

“River…I…Missy…I’m sorry.” River kisses his cheek and starts speaking before she breaks up.

“You’ve come to ask for my blessing to marry Missy. Of course you can marry her. I knew I wouldn’t last…I knew you needed a companion that wouldn’t wither away. Eventually, our children will move on and wither away from you. Never travel alone.” Before the Doctor can say anything the computer shuts off and River vanishes leaving her husband in a desolate position and full of despair. He sulks away and leaves the library…returning to the jewelry shop he stares at rings, trying to pick out the best one for his old friend.

“Can I help you sir?” A young lady about 24 comes up, she has blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a pretty-red dress that reaches her ankles. She has sandals on her feet. The Doctor doesn’t say anything quite yet. Finally, he asks for help.

“I’m looking for a ring…something that is special but means old friend. Her and I have been friends for years.”

“How long have you been friends?” The Doctor thinks back to how old he was when he and Missy started at the academy. They were about 15.

“About 2,000 years.” The young lady takes a step back and then assists the Doctor in his perfect ring search.

“What about the soulmate ring?” The Doctor shakes his head…River was his soulmate and she’s dead.

“What about the true love ring?” The Doctor shakes his head…River was his true love and she’s dead.

“What about love of your life?” The Doctor shakes his head and replies.

“My first to wives died…Missy is going to be my third. I’ve thought long and hard about this. I want a permanent companion.” The young woman shrugs and brings out the final ring. It’s like River’s in a way. River’s was stars in a band and this one look like…

“It looks like a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.” The young lady grins and replies.

“Yes, it’s our only Gallifreyan piece. I guess the Gallifreyans would rather keep their things.” The Doctor smiles and stars at the thin gold band with a glass exterior. Gallifreyan words were engraved into the ring and he reads what it says.

“It says to my oldest and closest friend…finally, together, forever at last. Thank you…it fits. How much?”

“For you Doctor, free. Have a good life with Missy. I’m sorry about River and your first wife. I’m your biggest fan, I read all about you in the library.”

       The Doctor places the ring box into his pocket and steps into his TARDIS. He can’t believe he’s about to do what he’s about to do. 2,000 years of knowing each other and finally he’s realized Missy’s the only one that will never leave him. When he’s with her, she’s not evil. She tries her best to be good and in the past year he’s noticed that she’s turning into a good girl. She still fights the goodness but slowly she’s stepping out of the darkness and into the light. 

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