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  • Published: 1 Nov 2017
  • Updated: 1 Dec 2017
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The Doctor marries his first wife and they have children...his wife dies...
The Doctor marries River and they have children....River dies

Who will travel all of time and space with the Doctor now? Who will help him raise his children?


10. Goodbye Sweetie

15 years later…

       16-year-old, Roria Brooke and Amelia Oceana watch from the window and peer into their mother’s hospital room in the TARDIS. All their lives all they’ve known was their garden with the white picket fence in New Wales, the ever growing home and the huge TARDIS that was bigger on the inside. Another thing was that only their mother didn’t have two hearts. 15-year-old Luke Raine watches with his sisters and 12-year-old Jocelyn Sea watches with tears in her eyes. She’s known River the least and she’s not about to allow her mother to cease from existence.

       The Doctor walks into River’s hospital room and asks the TARDIS to turn off all noise. He also asks the Old Girl to make sure the children didn’t come barging in at the slightest bit of trouble. He didn’t want his four children to worry about their mother. He sits on the edge of River’s bed and realizes she’s fading fast. Even the Doctor himself doesn’t know what came over his wife only three years ago. One day she was fine and the next all four of his children were screaming that River was dead. She wasn’t but now she’s about to be. The Doctor already has the external hard drive ready to upload River into the TARDIS’ main data base that way one day he can bring her back. Or maybe he should upload her into the TARDIS’ of his four children that he’s already bought. Soon Amelia and Roria will take their TARDIS…that they share…to endless galaxies. In a year, Luke will be allowed to travel and in four years…Jocelyn will go.

       He takes River’s hand and strokes the wedding ring he bought her 17 years ago…the ring he put on her finger…so long ago. 17 years haven’t been long enough. She opens her eyes and manages to whisper

“Hello Sweetie. You’ve changed” He bends over and plants a kiss on her cold but inviting lips.

“River…” He doesn’t know what to say. He knows their children are watching. Maybe he should upload her to the library. It’s the largest data collection in the universe and he can have access to her with or without the TARDIS. One day if she’s in the library, he can bring her back.

“River…” She opens her eyes again and manages a grin. The Doctor realizes he’s losing her. He allows the TARDIS to let the children in. He watches as his girls and his son bid their mother goodbye but he doesn’t see Jocelyn’s sacrifice. She uses her regeneration energy to try to bring back River and give her life. Jocelyn fails. Each of his children give River a bit of regeneration power and fail miserably.

“Amelia.” River takes her daughter’s hand and Amelia wipes away her mother’s tears.

“Mom.” River takes a deep breath and speaks in a raspy voice.

“You remind me of my mother. Be strong Amelia and…be strong and courageous. Be independent and be who you are.”

Amelia steps back and Roria takes her place beside her mother. River takes Roria’s hand and speaks.

“Roria…named after my father. You my daughter, like my father, are a centurion. I’ve seen you fight…you are a strong warrior. Like me and my father. Don’t lose you fight…always fight.” Roria steps aside and Luke takes his mother’s side.


“Mom.” River wipes away Luke’s tears. His strong and independent Mother…dying. His father, getting old. Just a few days ago his father with the bowties regenerated into a cold old man.

“Luke…my pretty boy. I see your father in you and I trust that you’ll do what you need to when the time is right.” Luke steps aside and Jocelyn takes her mother’s hand and cries.


“Sh! Jocelyn it’s fine. Baby girl, it’s fine. You’re strong…you can live without me. Jocelyn…my little girl…my baby. My children stay together, go off in your TARDIS’ but come home every year to Wales…come home and get together. Kids, if you father wishes to remarry after me…he has my blessing. Treat your stepmother with kindness…no matter who she was or who she is.”

       The kids leave and bid their mother one last goodbye. The Doctor bends down to River’s side and takes her hand. His voice is raspy, his face his wrinkled, his hair is white and he’s old.

“Hello Sweetie…you’ve changed…you’ve regenerated…I like this look.”

“River, what did you mean by who I’ll marry. I don’t want to marry anyone except you.” She smiles and he gives her a kiss.

“You’ll get married again. To whom, I know is an old childhood friend but I can’t say anymore because spoilers are in store. And Doctor, don’t travel alone.”  River closes her eyes and leaves her husband and children to grieve. The Doctor uploads her into the Library and plans to bring her back when the time is right. Or at least he plans to see her in the past. He’ll go anywhere to see his wife again. He notifies Stormcage and the universe that Dr. River Song is dead. Then he gives the twins the key to their TARDIS and give Luke and Jocelyn the key to another TARDIS.

“Look kids I only have three. Be good and stick together. Don’t go anywhere alone. Loneliness is your worst enemy.” All the kids say goodbye and Jocelyn comes back to give her dad a hug.

“Dad where are you going?”
“To see an old friend…locked in a vault…we’ve been friends since childhood. Wonder what he’s up too?”
“Dad…don’t be surprised if you don’t find what you want to find.”

“Jocelyn…how do…” She kisses her dad’s cheek and whispers.

“Like Mom…spoilers.”

       The Doctor climbs into his blue box…shuts the door…types in a date and location…pulls a lever…pushes a button…flips a switch. Wipes away his tears of grief and waits to see where his old friend is up too. He says something when the TARDIS stops and says… “Missy what have you been up too?”

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