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  • Published: 1 Nov 2017
  • Updated: 1 Dec 2017
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The Doctor marries his first wife and they have children...his wife dies...
The Doctor marries River and they have children....River dies

Who will travel all of time and space with the Doctor now? Who will help him raise his children?


14. Family

The Doctor pulls levers and punches in the coordinates to take him back to Gallifrey. He steps out of the TARDIS and into the palace. His four children step in wearing their royal Gallifreyan robes and circlets of status atop their heads. The Doctor quickly changes into his Gallifreyan robes and greets each of his children. All are silent except Jocelyn. She questions her father.

“Where have you been? You left nearly a year ago. What have you been doing?”
“A year…I left a year ago. I’m sorry the TARDIS must’ve brought me back at the wrong time. Well I’m here now and I have no intention of leaving again. I deactivated and parked the TARDIS.”

“Good because Missy’s already deactivated ours. Father, she’s strange.”

       His four children give him ice cold looks and he sighs. They all sit in their thrones and talk about what’s been going on the past year. Amelia speaks first.

“At first I didn’t like her, then she began doing things that Mother used to do. She’s becoming good Father. She’s good. A year ago, when you left she was evil and now she’s 95% good. She only executes the bad ones and if they have a child…she leaves them alone. Father, I wish you would marry her.”    

       Roria puts her input about Missy next and the Doctor smiles as he realizes that Missy’s been a good stepmother to the children. Maybe he is doing the right thing. He left a year ago…he’d almost forgotten it takes 6 months to get to Akhenaten and back. He spent like a day in the library and hours searching for the perfect ring. Roria finishes speaking with a few words.

“Father, I see the way you look at Missy. You want her to be more than a friend. You have Amelia and my permission. I’m sure Luke and Jocelyn will be nice enough to agree.”

“Dad, you left when I was 16 and now I’m 17…I’m not getting any younger and little Jocelyn needs a mother.” Luke grins when Jocelyn punches him. The Doctor smiles…his little Jocelyn’s all grown up. In two years, she’ll be able to get her TARDIS license. His eldest three already have theirs’s. Missy comes in wearing her Gallifreyan robes and when she sees the Doctor she smiles. He briskly walks over to her and she kisses his cheek. She smiles and he wipes away her tears.

“Doctor. I thought you’d gone and left me.” The Doctor grips her shoulders and then leans down to kiss her. He’s never kissed her before. She turns warm and he feels her hearts pounding against her ribs. She wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him closer. With their bodies touching the kiss lasts a few minutes. The four children all go “Ew”. Missy smiles and the Doctor grins.

“Missy…I have a question for you.” She nods and closes her eyes. He takes her hand and carefully slips on the engagement ring without her feeling a thing. She thinks he’s just playing with her fingers.

“Open your eyes Missy.” She opens her eyes and stares down at her hand. She stares at the ring and then back up at the Doctor. They kiss again and again. She laughs and cries. He wipes away her tears and asks.

“Are you happy Missy?”

“Yes, my oldest friend…asked me to marry him. Of course, I’m happy. I’ve been wanting this since we were kids. I hated being a boy, I was born a girl…”

“Well…now you’re lady. Mrs. Doctor. I guess Missy does suit you.”

       They share another kiss before walking off to see the suns set. The children join them on the balcony and Jocelyn whispers.

“Dad and Missy, I’m happy for you. Sometimes I wish Mom was here, but Missy you’re a part of our family now. We are family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”

       As they enjoy the sunset the Doctor hears the pounding of all twelve hearts. In his hearts, he can feel the hearts of Jenny, Susan, River, his first wife and his first group of children. What Jocelyn said was right…family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. The Doctor hears the hearts of his companions and sighs. He says.

“Life is good…but with family life is beautiful.”








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