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  • Published: 1 Nov 2017
  • Updated: 1 Dec 2017
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The Doctor marries his first wife and they have children...his wife dies...
The Doctor marries River and they have children....River dies

Who will travel all of time and space with the Doctor now? Who will help him raise his children?


6. Blue Flu

       The next few months are routine. Waking up at 3:00am to feed and change, another changing at 4:00am…another feeding and change at 5:00am…at 6:00am another change…at 7:00am another feeding and changing. 9:00am is another feeding and changing. A quick shower and breakfast. 11:00am is another feeding and changing. Basically, a changing every hour and a feeding every two hours. Combine that with three regular meals, a few rounds of housework and cleaning up spit up and you get two equally exhausted parents. But that was only the first three months. The second three months were a bit better as River and the Doctor got used to having a set of twins. A feeding every three hours, a changing every hour and you get two not as exhausted parents.

       Months 6-9 were easy. An alternating bottle and baby food feeding every four hours. A diaper change, every hour. The first time they fed the twins baby food will remain happy memories in their minds. The twins were 6 months old. River gets out of bed and the Doctor soon follows. River picks up Roria and the Doctor picks up Amelia. River feeds bottle to both twins as they sit in her lap. When they’re done feeding, the Doctor changes two stinky diapers. River puts the twins into their highchairs and the Doctor brings in two bowls of baby food. River kisses his cheek before questioning him.

“What’s that?”  He sits both bowls of food just out of reach of the twins.

“Today they turn six months old. They’re old enough to begin digesting semi-solid foods and some solid foods cut up in small enough pieces to chew and or swallow whole.” River takes a spoon and spoon feeds Amelia. The Doctor spoon feeds Roria.

“Sweetie…what exactly are we feeding them?”
“An apple, peanut butter and banana purée with soy milk and coconut extract for flavor.” She nods and continues spoon feeding Amelia. When the twins are done eating, River takes them to their nursery for a quick washing, and change as the Doctor cleans up. River enters carrying both twins on one hip each. Both girls wear a plaid outfit with a big bow in their hair. The Doctor takes Amelia into his arms and plays with her footsies.

“Hello…Amy…I’m your daddy. What’s wrong Amelia? River…I think I broke our baby.” River puts Roria down in her swing and check Amelia out. She checks the baby’s temperature and sighs.

“She has a fever. Check Roria won’t you?” The Doctor sticks the thermometer into Roria’s mouth and shakes his head. River read the temperature and says.

“They both have a fever. Should we take the TARDIS and check them in the TARDIS’ sick bay?”

“Or we could take them to the Gallifreyan hospital?” River shakes her head and takes both twins before heading to the TARDIS. In the sick bay the parents get a report back after various tests.

“Both twins seem to have the Gallifreyan Blue flu.” The Doctor gathers both twins into his arms and River follows. He puts his twins back into their cribs and tucks them in. Outside the nursery he tells River what blue flu is.

“Blue flu turns them blue…it’s a virus that tends to affect Gallifreyan twins. I want you to stay away from them. Blue flu attacks the mother of the twins and can turn into blue cancer. Blue cancer is untreatable…if you get blue cancer you can die. Here drink this…it’ll knock out the virus. I’ll get the robots to sanitize the house.”
       River drinks the pink liquid and kisses the Doctor before he puts her in their room and barricades the door. He gives River food before running back into the nursery. Amelia’s toes have already began turning blue…Roria’s fingers have blue tips. He gives them a pink shot to try to cancel out the blue flu. It doesn’t seem to work. He knows only Gallifreyan doctors can properly treat the blue flu. The Doctor runs into his TARDIS and whips up a batch of a secret Gallifreyan cure that should help his twin daughters be restored to proper strength and so they won’t infect their mother.

       Why you ask, hasn’t the Doctor gotten blue flu or blue cancer? Gallifreyan males can’t get the disease. That’s why. The Doctor takes the pink liquid and enters the nursery. Amelia is screaming and Roria is silent. Both twins are almost entirely blue. The Doctor warms up two bottles and pours half the pink liquid into each bottle. He takes his twins into his lap and lets the girls drink their milk. With the bottle, all gone he watches as they turn back to normal. He checks all four hearts and wipes away the tears of joy. 

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