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  • Published: 1 Nov 2017
  • Updated: 1 Dec 2017
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The Doctor marries his first wife and they have children...his wife dies...
The Doctor marries River and they have children....River dies

Who will travel all of time and space with the Doctor now? Who will help him raise his children?


5. Amelia and Roria

5 ½ months later…

       The Doctor wraps his arms around his wife…late at night. She turns over and kisses his nose. She then kisses his mouth and before the kiss breaks she groans. She sits up in bed and places both hands over her growing abdomen. The Doctor sits up and comforts her…he makes sure she’s okay. She swings both feet to the ground and cries out in pain. He gets out on his side and runs across the room to her side of the bed. Her head is down and she’s holding back tears. He gathers her into his arms and carries her in the delivery room. He lays her on the bed and squeezes her hands. The robots immediately begin working. She looks at him with her green eyes and he wipes away the tears of pain. She cries and he kisses her forehead.

“What’s wrong?” The robots discuss their concerns and River can’t understand but the Doctor knows things are bad.
“Nothing River…you’re going to be just fine.” He doesn’t leave her side. A robot administers a numbing agent and River’s eyes flutter closed. She opens them to find herself alone in a white room. She sits up and sees the Doctor on the other side of the room standing near the two cradles. The room is now decorated pink. Both cradles are pink. She gets out of bed and crosses the room. She peers into both cradles and finds two little bundles of joy wrapped in pink. She leans over and gathers the one with blue eyes into her arms. The Doctor gathers the one with green eyes into his arms. She cradles the baby and whispers…

“Hello Sweetie…I’m your mummy. Look at you…” The Doctor hands her their other daughter and she smiles at them. She looks up and kisses the Doctor’s cheek. He plants a kiss on her mouth before going back to admiring his twins.

“They’re beautiful River…just like their mother. Brave, strong, beautiful…just like you. I’m so proud of you River.”

“Sweetie…aren’t they adorable. Are they okay?” He nods and replies.

“All four hearts beating as normal as possible. River…don’t worry…our children are just fine and are perfectly perfect.”

“I’m exhausted but I don’t want to leave our twins.” She places them both into their cradles and strokes their faces. She kisses their heads and then leans against her husband. He holds her in his arms as they stare at the beautiful children they’ve created.

“River…I was thinking about giving them TARDIS’ for their 16th birthday.”

“That’s 16 years away…we’ll burn that bridge when we cross it. Right now, we need to focus on naming them.”

“River what about naming them after your parents?” She stares into his eyes and lets a tear roll down her face. He notices how her pregnancy, how motherhood and their marriage has changed her. He knew naming their daughters after her parents would bring tears to her eyes.

“Amy and Rory?”
“No River, Amelia and Roria.”

“The one with blue eyes can be Roria and the one with green is Amelia. Doctor, what about Amelia Oceana and Roria Brooke?”

“Amelia Oceana and Roria Brooke Smith it is. Don’t worry…they’ll be just fine. Our time tots…conquering New Wales one day at a time.”

River and the Doctor watch Amelia and Roria sleep for just a few more minutes. River thinks about her parents and the Doctor thinks about his other children…Jenny, Susan’s parent…his sons and his daughters…his other wife…as he lays in bed with River at his side he can’t help but think about what he would do without his loving wife. The apple of his eye…his one true love.

       In the middle of the night, the cries of two newborn babes awaken the Doctor and his wife. River throws on a robe and runs as the Doctor gets ready as slowly as he can. He finds River feeding Amelia and bottle and does the same with Roria. They change their diapers in sync and lay them back to sleep at the exact same time. River leans against her husband and they watch their twins sleep. A sleepy River kisses the Doctor’s cheek and whispers before going back to bed…

“Twins…are going to take some time getting used too. How many children do you have sweetie?”

“The twins aren’t my first…and won’t be my last…when you’ve had two wives and you’re 900…you lose track. I do remember Jenny though…my daughter…they stole my DNA to turn her into a soldier. She died. Amelia and Roria are my remaining two children.” River stands on tiptoe and kisses his mouth. He picks her up and carries her to bed. He strokes her back and she runs his fingers through her hair. She wraps her legs around his lower thigh and pulls him closer to her. She kisses his lips and he closes his eyes. They drift off to sleep…and catch a few hours before both twins wake once more.

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