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  • Published: 1 Nov 2017
  • Updated: 1 Dec 2017
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The Doctor marries his first wife and they have children...his wife dies...
The Doctor marries River and they have children....River dies

Who will travel all of time and space with the Doctor now? Who will help him raise his children?


15. A Final Decision

Missy wears a simple white Victorian wedding dress; her hair is pinned up in a bun and she’s standing on the palace balcony watching the suns set. Her future stepchildren all gather in earthly robes and watch. Amelia wears a simple bridesmaid dress in a mint green. Her hair is pinned back with Gallifreyan roses and she wears two-inch heels. Her sister Roria is the exact same just her dress is baby blue instead of sea green. Jocelyn looks quite beautiful in her purple dress that matches her sisters. The Doctor wonders at the fact that Jocelyn looks almost identical to her mother. Missy’s a bit sad that the Doctor will always have a reminder of River…having a reminder of River walking about means the Doctor will never truly get over River’s death.

       Luke wears a tuxedo identical to his father’s. His grey eyes sparkle in the sun and his hair is messy but makes him look cute. Missy quietly fixes his hair before the Doctor and her begin the ceremony. The Doctor takes her hand and wraps the red ribbon around his hand and she wraps the red ribbon around hers. He’s had plenty of practice, this being his third traditional Gallifreyan wedding. Their hands join and the Doctor stares into Missy’s eyes. He gets sad because during this very intimate ceremony he’s thinking about River…all he can see is River and Missy sees this and it breaks her hearts.

“Missy…I don’t know what to say…”

“Doctor…I don’t know either…are we doing the right thing?”

       The Doctor peers off into the distance and thinks about how every single day of his life he’s defied the time lord rules and in marrying the 3rd and final object of his love…he’s following the rules. Rule number one the Doctor lies and rule number two he’s been lying to you.

“Missy…we’ve been friends for centuries…friends for two millennia and marrying you…when I’m still in love with the dead…couldn’t have come at a worse time. I’m sorry Missy. I’m going to take my children and leave.”

       He kisses Missy’s cheek and lets her stand alone on the palace balcony. As he takes his children without question a single tear falls down her face. She’s let her doctor get away. She’s also done something terribly evil and wicked. She stole some of his DNA from a piece of hair and created…a time tot. Jocelyn runs back and wraps her arms around Missy’s neck. Missy cradles Jocelyn’s head and lets the tears fall.

“Missy…I wish Dad would’ve married you…I know one day you’re gonna make a great mum.” Jocelyn kisses Missy’s cheek and lets Missy stand alone. She sighs and goes down to sit on her throne, so lonely. She should’ve known that her and the Doctor would never happen. Two years of nothing but loving him and he left her at the altar.

       Missy hears voices and the Doctor’s voice. She looks up from her throne, she’s still wearing her wedding dress and sees the Doctor running in. He drops to his knees and slides up against the throne. He takes her hand in his and kisses it. Missy looks up to see the four children still wearing their wedding attire and smiling. She looks back down at the Doctor with tears in her eyes.

“Missy…are you a weeping angel? Because I can’t take my eyes off you.”

“Doctor…what are you doing here?” The Doctor grins…

“Why? I’ve come to claim my bride. We went to visit River and we tried and tried to bring her back. Finally, she showed up, slapped me and said. ‘I’m dead…don’t you forget that dead is dead. Goodbye.’ And with that River vanished and so I took a test to see who my true love is…” He smiles and takes her hand. She asks.

“Was it me?” He nods and she spins into his arms. They dance and then finally they kiss.


“Yes, Doctor.”

“Marry me?”

“Yes, Doctor.” Missy and the Doctor join hands as the suns rise. The children change into different dresses and different tuxes but the same color as their last ones. The Doctor takes Missy’s hand and they’re joined by a black sash. He whispers his name in her ear and she whispers hers in his. They stare into each other’s eyes and then the Doctor leans down to kiss his new bride.

“I love you, Missy.”

“I’ve done something naughty.”

“I know what you did. The TARDIS scanned you last week. I was trying to determine if you loved me and when I found… Well, I knew it was meant to be.”

“Why did you run away?”
“Because I was getting cold feet.” Missy rest her head on his shoulder and the Doctor pulls his new wife tight. They dance all day and back into the night. The children go to bed and Jocelyn sneaks back in to see her dad and step mum still dancing. 

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