The Unexpected Event

Two girls is being bullied and they grew up in a bad environment and they want to get revenge on the people who bullied them.

By the way we aren't from any english speaking country, so there may be some grammatical mistakes.


1. The beginning

The school bell rang loudly into the student’s ears. It was a new day but it felt the same as the day before. It didn’t really have to be a different day, it all felt the same- or that was for me. Often kids go to parties and hanged out with their friends after school but I didn’t had friends or I was never invited to parties. For that reason, I did nothing in my weekends or weekdays. I went to school and that was that. I took my books from my locker and went to class. I sat back in the class with my books and read. The teachers didn’t payed attention to me a lot since what had happened to my sister last year. Everyone began to call me psychopath or just called my sister’s name after me.


Anyone made fun of me and my family. I closed myself inside and just laughed it off but it really bothered me a lot. The first few months of the incident I would get panic attacks if people would have made fun of me. I would close myself inside my room and not leaving my room for a week. I never got help. My parents just thought it was nothing. They couldn’t see how bad it was. In the class, I read the book “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.” I felt like I had a family and I belonged somewhere every time I felt bad and that was often, I would begin to read it again.


At lunch, I went to library to sit alone. There was often people who needed to study more for class or they had finals around the corner. It was the library I found my first love before the crazy came. We saw each other for five months. We met every Tuesday and Thursday in the darkest corner. We would talk and kiss the whole break. It need to be said that the guy was a senior and I was a freshman and he already had a girlfriend. Naturally, we were caught by one of his girlfriend friends. I got beat up after school and teased until a teacher stopped them and expelled her. The guy still look at me every time I walks passed him. Since then I stopped being confident unfortunate it killed me inside, and it made me weak.


The day went by and I was on my way home. When I was home I heard my mother and father screaming at each other- or that my parents say “discussing” but it sounded more like screaming. For me, it was normal. There would never go one day without them discussing. I went to my room and just locked myself inside and hoped I would calm down. I could feel my heart beat fast without any reason. It happened a lot to me. The first time it happened was when I was ten and I thought I would die, but I felt like I couldn’t tell anyone not even my parents. After my sisters incident, it became worse and it would be an everyday thing. I would just listen to music and tried to breath while my tears would fall down her cheeks. Eventually I would calm down and just listen to the music and stare out in my room. When I was sure that no one could see that I had cried I would go to the kitchen were often my parents were, hopefully they had stopped discussing. Every time I would go out to talk to them they always made me regret it. My father would start saying that I never does anything and I just inside my room, he would often use the sentence “You will one day regret, that you don’t have a life.” Every time I will turn mad and walk away. My mother never said anything until one day she said that I needed to do something with her life. I got so mad that I threw my phone into a wall. A week after I got a new phone like an apology, but I never forgave them, not really. For some reason, it was the same as usually. I walked away as fast as I could when my father began to talk about school because I knew he would talk about my life as well.


Two days had gone by with the same things over and over. It was almost like a ritual. One day in English, a girl came in. A new girl. Something new. I was curious about her but she didn’t pay a lot of attention towards me. She should sit up close to the teacher, so she would be able to follow, while she sat down a guy came with one bad pickup line that I had heard thousands times before, but she would look at him stone cold. I could see that it made him nervous. She seemed so cold. Everyone looked nervous and the girls from the class began to make notes to each other, I just rolled my eyes and read my books. But I couldn’t stop staring at her. We didn’t talk the whole day but she looked at me once but it was a split second. I was almost scared to let her go to the canine because there were rumors of me that wasn’t true and I wouldn’t like it if she heard them. It was possible that she didn’t heard anything because she sat alone at launch. We had a lot of classes together and I couldn’t stop admiring her through the whole day. Her name was Coraline. It suits her so much. I wanted to talk to her but I was too scared.


It turned Friday and I found her on Facebook. I considered to ask her to be friends but what if she already had heard of her story. I wouldn’t take the risk to embarrassing myself more  than I already had done. She had often caught me staring at her. I wanted her to talk to her so much. At school, I would notice that Coraline would look at me. Just a split second. When I went home and went on Facebook, I saw that Coraline had asked her to be friends.


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