"Mia." He whispered.
"Hmm?" I moaned. The soft light of the morning making me squint.
"Last night was indescribable." He said.
"Mm-hmm." I nodded. I pressed my face farther into the bed, trying to go back to my wonderful dream full of fun and unexpected things. I met my dream guy (aha literally) in this dream.
"Mia. Wake up." He pressed my cheek. I opened my eyes all the way and stared at the boy i was laying beside.
It wasn't a dream...


1. Loosen up

      "Listen, Maya. I want an espresso, double shot and if they ask if you want whipped cream you look them ferociously in the eyes and say no." My intern leader demanded. Her name was Titania. Even her name sounded important. She was a small woman standing at about 4,11 and her black pixie cut made her look sharp. 

      "Um... Titania, my names Mi-"  

      "I'm still standing here without an espresso." She barked. i let out this awkward noise and scrambled out of my desk.

      Titania preferred this coffee shop about fifteen minutes away by car. you'd think she would find a coffee shop a little closer. we're directly by a college for Pete's sake. I grabbed the keys to the company van. It was an old 2001 Town and Country van that looked like it ran over a couple deer in its lifetime. The ocean blue paint it was originally colored was now a rusty orange and most of it chipping. 

      "Okay... Double shot of espresso. Think she'll notice a shot missing?" I asked myself. "Don't be stupid. It's Titania. Of course she'll notice."

      The second I entered the coffee shop i reached for a number stub and looked around. The number on the wall said 62 and i held number 74 in my hand. great. With a sigh, i pulled out my phone and texted Titania.

    -Long line. I'll be a while- Me

    -Hurry it up- T

     "Think she'll realize the difference between this espresso and a sheets coffee?" I asked myself. "Once again, Mia. This is Titania were talking about. lets be real."

       When I got her order in and paid for I rushed out immediately. Sometimes, if Titania's happy, she let's me go off on my own for a small photography job. I just hope she's happy today.

       I stood corrected. Titania was not happy at all. She sat at her desk ranting to me about the incompetence of her workers and how none of them stand to their ability because they're all disrespectful lazy people who don't have a passion for the arts. those were her exact words by the way. 

      Apparently her six o'clock cancelled last minute and this was supposed to be her big deal of the month so that she could pay off the money for the new camera's she bought for the Clark Wedding. Not to mention she's low on staff for their wedding on Saturday.

      "Mira!" She exclaimed randomly.

      "Mia." I corrected.

      "I need you for Saturday, are you free?"

      "Actually, no I'm not free. i have parties to go to and get drunk with my best friend." I thought.

      "Yes, I'm free." I said.

      "Good. You'll be in charge of the guest pics." She said happily.

      "And the guest pics are..?" i asked.

      "Jesus, Mina. Get with the program. The guest pics are you taking pictures of just the guests during the ceremony and during the reception." She sighed. A slight hint of disappointment in her tone. No doubt in my mind she was comparing me to her incompetent workers right now....

      "Okay. I guess i can do it. What time should i be there?" I sighed.

      "Get here at 3. The wedding starts at five but we have to get pictures of the wedding party getting ready so even if you can come a little bit earlier." 


      my phone alarm went off indicating the end of the work shift and i quickly picked up my stuff.

      "I will see you Saturday." I said.

      "You're not working tomorrow?" She peered up at me, her sharp features taking on a new look.

      "No?" i stepped towards the door.

      "Why not? you're one of the best. You should be on the schedule 24/7." 

      "Well, on my resume i requested Fridays off because I like time to study for exams... or whatever." I wrung my hands together, hoping she won't change her mind about my Fridays.

      "Fine. i expect to see you Saturday." She waved me out of her office and i followedher directions.



      Kylie wasn't yet back from work when i returned to the dorm room. I face planted myself onto my bed and closed my eyes. The door flew open and Kylie came barging in.

      "Wake up, Buttercup." She threw her literature guided reading book at me, just missing my head.

      "I wasn't sleeping." I frowned.

      "All the more better." She beamed.

      "That's a double positive." I stated, sitting up. A pack of unopened cigarettes hit me on the cheek and I started laughing.

      "Don't correct me." She said.

      "Don't be wrong." I smirked.

      "Are you free tonight?" She asked eagerly.

      "I have a test to study for, why?" 

      "Because. Were doing stuff tonight. You, me, the world." She motioned with her hands to emphasize "The World".

      "No." I said blatantly.  

     "Why not?" She groaned.

     "I don't feel like it, Kylie. I would much rather stay in the confines of my bedroom and not have to deal with anything." I shrugged.

      "You are so pathetic. Get up." She pulled on my arm. I put all my weight into my legs and held her back.

      "I said no." I laughed.

      "Too bad. Let's go." She groaned, still pulling as hard as she could. "I'm not going to let you waste away to nothing in this cubicle of doom." 

      "Oh My God!" I half laughed half yelled, "I'll go."

      Kylie let go of my hand with a squeal and I fell back on to my bed. 

      "Yeah! I didn't think that would work, but it did." She pumped her fists in the air.

      "Where would we go anyway?"


      Kylie's heels clacked along the sidewalk as we made our way to the party.

      "Where is this place anyway?" i sighed.

      "On 9th Street. Why do you look like my grandmother dressed you?" She laughed.

      I looked down at my outfit. It's what I always wear. My cardigan with a t-shirt underneath that said, "This is my party shirt", and my leggings.

      "What's wrong with it?" I frowned.

      "What isn't wrong with it?" 

      "You're just jealous." I crossed my arms.

       "Not even a little, buttercup. I mean, come on. Who wears converse to a party."

      "A lot of people." I argued.

      "Mia, this is the 21st century. People everywhere prefer clothes that don't exist. What makes you think they're going to like sweaters?" She laughed again.

      "Well, hey. If i find a guy who appreciates my sweaters, I know I have the right guy." I said matter-of-fact.

      "Better hope he likes kittens too because I see plenty of cats in your near future." She said.

      "I hate you." I laughed. "You and all you're American ancestors."

      Yes. Kylie is American. Her mother was from America and so was her dad. I guess her dad was in the army or something and was stationed over here. when he left the army they moved back to London because they loved it.

      The party was at the top of the hill in a house that had way too many windows. The music was loud and the smell of intoxication was strong. Kylie pulled me through the door and introduced me to her friends. I was handed a beer and i stared down at the cup. It honestly looked like a cup of pee.

     "Drink." Kylie demanded.

      "What? Ew." I said.

      "Drink." She squealed. She pushed the cup up to my lips and it poured down my throat. It tasted bitter and gross.

      "whooo!" She screamed when it was gone.

      "Again." She said, handing me another cup. I shook my head, but she didn't listen.

     It took about 15 minutes for Kylie to forget about me and that's when i left. I snuck out the front door and headed down the hill. The wind was chilly and my ears were frozen. 

Who's the smart one now for wearing a sweater? I thought.

      I went into the first building i saw open to the public and looked around. I found myself in a bar. I took the only unoccupied seat beside a man at the bar. The barista Rapped her knuckles against the counter and gave me a wide smile.

      "What can i getchya?" She asked.

      "Coffee, please. And wings. Preferably bar-be-que." I said.

      "Get right on that." She turned towards the back of the counter and poured some coffee into a coffee cup.

     A couple minutes after my food arrived a man approached me. His hair was long, greasy, and he was smelly.

      "I've never seen you around here before.What do you say we head out?" He leaned between me and the counter.

      "Actually. I'm pretty content with this chair and my wings." I shook my head.

      "Come on." He put his hand on my thigh and i jumped back.

      "No." I snapped.


    The man beside me spoke up. His voice was raspy and sounded cloudy.

      "Because she bloody said so." He snapped.

      "And who are you?" The gross man huffed.

      "My boyfriend." i said.

      "No." He gave me a funny look. "I'm a normal guy keeping her from getting hurt."

      "And my boyfriend." I put my hand on his shoulder.

      "What? No." The man rolled his eyes. The gross man had walked away and we both sat back down.

      "To teamwork." I held my hand up for a high-five and it earned me a glare.

     "Okay... My names Mia."


      "Such a common folk name." I nodded.

      "Are you even legally allowed in here?" He sighed.

      "What? of course. I'm 20 years old." I frowned.

      "You're very immature."

      "Actually i'm probably one of the most mature people I know." I crossed my arms.

      "Then you're drunk." He looked at me.

      "What? No...Not really. Maybe a little." I laughed.

      "I'm a decent guy. i can't let you wonder around this town like this." He gestured to me.

     "Ooh. What are we going to do?" I gasped.

     "I'm going to take you home." He said.

     "I don't remember how to get back. My friend is the one who brought me to the party. She's also the one who got me drunk... And the one who told me to loosen up. And i'm pretty sure she was also the one who took all of my sweaters and hid them.." I said.

      "Oh boy. Okay. Let's go." He gently held my elbow and put a couple euros down on the counter.

      "I told you I don't know my way back." I followed him without protest.

      "I'm still not going to leave you by yourself. You'll probably be dead by morning." He sighed.

      "You have very little faith in me." I stated.

      "You haven't given me enough trust to put faith in you." He chuckled.

       "Unbelievable." I whispered. 

      He helped me into a black Lincoln and i ran my hands over the nice smooth leather.

      "I love your car." I gasped.

      "Thanks. It's expensive so don't puke in it." He said.

      "So where are we going?" I asked.

     "I guess back to my house."





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