"Mia." He whispered.
"Hmm?" I moaned. The soft light of the morning making me squint.
"Last night was indescribable." He said.
"Mm-hmm." I nodded. I pressed my face farther into the bed, trying to go back to my wonderful dream full of fun and unexpected things. I met my dream guy (aha literally) in this dream.
"Mia. Wake up." He pressed my cheek. I opened my eyes all the way and stared at the boy i was laying beside.
It wasn't a dream...


9. Loco motion

      "Guess what." Harry demanded.

      "What?" I faced him.


      "Hippos. dodo birds. Blue footed boobies. cats." I listed them off the top of my head.

      "Come on, i'm being serious," He rolled his eyes.

  “So am I.” I laughed.

     “You’re unbelievable.” He scoffed.

     “Okay, fine, what?” I sighed.

     “I’m taking you on vacation.” He stated, incredulously, as if he did not even know what was being said.

    “That’s… unexpected.” I blinked away my astonishment.

    “Well, winter break is coming up for you guys and I wanted to do something special, you know?”

    “Why, though?” I frowned.

    “Well, it’s our first Christmas together.” He shrugged.

    “Harry, I don’t celebrate Christmas.” I rolled my eyes.

    “You don’t?” HIs face twisted as if he was completely oblivious to this statement.

    “Harry, I’m Jewish.”

    “You are?” his eyes widened.

    “Yeah, I celebrate hanukkah. You know, the hookah and everything?”

    Harry’s mouth curled into a smile.

    “A Hookah?”

    “Yeah, that candelabra type thing?” I gave him the most serious look I could possibly give him.

    “Right. The one celebrating the seven weeks countdown to Jesus’s death.” He nodded in understanding.


    “I know you’re lying.” He laughed.

    “How?” I gasped.

    “You know nothing about Jewish tradition. The ‘Hookah’ you say, is called a menorah. And it symbolizes something else. Jewish religion doesn’t believe in Jesus being the chosen one. They completely block out the new testament.”

    “That’s dumb.” I scrunched up my nose.

    “Not if you’re Jewish.” He laughed again, “Now, what about that vacation?”

    “Depends on where we’re going…” I wiggled my eyebrows.

    “Depends on where I feel like deciding to go.” He entwined our fingers so that we were holding hands.

    “Jamaica?” I suggested.

    “I’ve been there.” He shrugged.


    “Too green.”

    “Well, it’s your decision.” I pulled my hand from his.

    “What’s wrong?” He sighed.

    “Nothing?” I gave him a quizzical look.

    “Mia. I’ve known you for a good while. I know when something’s bugging you.” He rolled his eyes.

    “No, you don’t, because there’s nothing wrong.” I say dubiously.

    “Stop doing that.” He groaned.

    “Doing what?”

    “Acting like this. You do it all the time lately, and quite frankly I’m getting sick of it.” He snapped.

    “Acting like what?” I snapped back.

    “Acting like nobody in the world could possibly care for you. Literally just last week we were having a great conversation about me meeting your family and then seconds later you shut down! You start babbling about how pointless it is because your parents aren’t going to like me! Seriously, Mia. I really do like you, and I’m sick and tired of you pretending were nothing." He screamed.

    Tears pricked my eyes.

    “You’re an asshole.” I stormed out of the living room and retrieved my bookbag from the table.

    “Mia, where are you going?” Harry blocked the doorway.

    “Back to school. I need to study. I have a big final coming up.” I put on my shoes and tied them quickly.

    “Mia, please stop. I didn’t mean to upset you. “

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