"Mia." He whispered.
"Hmm?" I moaned. The soft light of the morning making me squint.
"Last night was indescribable." He said.
"Mm-hmm." I nodded. I pressed my face farther into the bed, trying to go back to my wonderful dream full of fun and unexpected things. I met my dream guy (aha literally) in this dream.
"Mia. Wake up." He pressed my cheek. I opened my eyes all the way and stared at the boy i was laying beside.
It wasn't a dream...


2. First Timers

      "I don't want to go back to a house or an apartment. When i was in that bar I realized something. I am way too dull of a person. I may never find a man and if i do, He better be prepared for cats galore because that is what my future beholds. Kylie's right. I need to let loose." I said.

      "Beautiful speech, but I'm taking you back to my place, giving you aspirin, and letting you sleep on my couch until morning." He put the Lincoln in reverse and headed out of the parking lot.

      "But Harry. I need to let loose. It's my destiny." I said with zeal.

      "Right now I'm betting you can't even tell the difference between Destiny and a pothole. What makes you believe you know your destiny?" He snorted.

      "Because it's me." I frowned.  It was as if a giant light bulb went off above my head. I let out a loud gasp and squealed. "Oh my goodness! you can help me loosen up! You seem really chill." 

      "No." He shook his head.

      "Why not?" 

      "Because I'm not letting some kid run around while i chase and follow." He snapped.

      "I'm not a kid, and you can't be much older than me anyway." I frowned.

      "I'm 23." He said.

      "Unbelievable." I snapped. "You're literally only three years older than me and you're treating me like I'm 10."

      "You're drunk!" He hollered.

      "Don't tell me you've never been drunk." I crossed my arms. "And if you want me to be an immature 10 year old drunk I will."

      "I have been drunk before, but you're a woman in an awful town walking around announcing to the world that, 'Hey! I'm a virgin!'" He fanned himself.

      "Who said anything about being a virgin." I asked.

      "Nobody had to. Look at you." He gestured to me.

     "That's it! I am going all Kylie. You either help me or I figure out how to loosen up on my own." I said.

      "I'm not helping you." He glared.

      "Fine." I smiled a deviant smile.

      I pulled my sweater off and threw it in the back of his car.

      "What are you doing?" He groaned.

      "Loosening up. My definition of it is to put myself out there. Go bold or go home. Loosen up." I pulled my arm out of my sweater and then my other arm.

      "Are you taking off your shirt?" He gaped.

      "Appears that way." I said, awkwardly pulling my sweater over my head.

      "Stop that." He cleared his throat.

      I sat in the left side of his car with no shirt on.

      "You agree or the bra comes off." I challenged.

      "I'm not helping you!" He hit the steering wheel.

      "Suit yourself." I shrugged. i reached back and unclasped my bra. It fell into my lap and Harry yelled.

      "What the bloody hell! Put your shirt back on!"He snapped.

      "Then agree to help me." I said.

      "This is illegal." He looked at me, avoiding everything but my face.


      "Fine! I'll do it! Just... put your shirt back on!" He said.

      "Gladly." I said. I clasped my bra and put it over my head. I was never good at doing it without seeing it.

      "Where should we start?" I asked.

      "What do you mean?" He sighed.

      "Okay... you're supposed to give me advice. Mentor me on freeloading. Letting loose." I said.

      "Love, that's not how it works. Letting loose has to do with being yourself." He rolled his eyes.

      "I always categorized 'Loosening up' as putting myself out there. Dating multiple people at once. You know, not give a bloody hell about anyone." I explained.

      "Do you want to let loose, or be a whore?" He laughed.

      "Uh! Okay, asshole." I pouted. 

      "I'm just saying..." He shrugged.

      "Okay... has Kylie ever told you about how you should loosen up?"

      "No. She just tells me I'm despicable and i have a future full of cats." I said. "And in her words she says, 'Let yourself go or else that pussy in your future ain't going to be yours." 

      Harry started to crack up. his face turned red and his hand hit the steering wheel.

      "Stawp! It's not funny." I laughed.

      "You're right. It's hilarious." He shook his head.

      I smacked his arm and faced out the front of the window.

      "I'm concerned if you even know what a dick is."

      "Of course I do." I said.

      "That's a relief because i was not going to be the one to show you." He chuckled.

      "You're unbelievable."

      "Have you even actually done anything with a guy?"

      "Of course."

      "Like what?"

      "I went out on a date."

      "With who?"

      "With these twins. Me and Kylie."

      "Twins? Obviously the other twin begged the twin you went with to go so they could go with Kylie. That's how every twin works." He said.

    "No! It was a legit date." I protested.

      "Did you guys talk after that?" He smirked.

      "No... but it was still..."

      "Did he kiss you at the end of the night?" 

      "Again, no... but come on. It was still a date."

      "Oh my God. Have you even kissed anybody?!" He laughed.


      "Don't lie to the both of us." He shook his head.

      "Okay... Fine. I've never been kissed." I sighed.

      "Oh my God. You're pathetic."

      "Ugh! Okay, Asshole." I punched him.

      "Hey, I'm driving."He swatted at me.

      We turned into the driveway belonging to a nice quaint house. It was about two floors and a really gross looking color.

      "Ew... who paints their house green?" I scrunched my nose.

      "That's how I bought it." He opened the garage and pulled the car in.

      "If I were a little bit more sober, I'd come over and paint it for you." I said.

      "You're so judgmental." He frowned.

      "Eh. What's first on the list of ways to loosen up?"

      "I figured, if I'm stuck in this town for the next year, I might have a bit of fun once in a while. I've decided when we were halfway here that I'm going to take you through some of the things you missed." He said.

      "What do you mean." I asked, following him into the house through the garage door.

       "Okay, for example, you've never had an actual date. I'm willing to... reenact something."He said.

      "So take me out on  'date'?" I smirked.

      "Is that what we're calling it?" He smiled back.

      "Well, what are we doing first?" I asked. 

      "Going out on a date. I suggest we cook. It's the best kind of date. I LOVE to cook."

      "Seems fun. It's brilliant."



      "Okay... We can pretend eat." I laughed looking down at his moldy food.

      "I should really stop eating out." He cleared his throat.

      "Absolutely." I said.

      "Welcome to my imaginary restaurant." He pulled out a kitchen chair for me.

      "Why thank you." I giggled."I feel under dressed for this place." 

      "Absolutely, this is five-star quality here. You're dressed for knitting club." He gestured to me with a smile.

      "Hey, don't get a big head. If you were me you'd understand how comfortable sweaters are." I stuck out my tongue.

      "So whats your full name?" Harry sat back in his chair.

      "I'm not telling you. If this date doesn't go well, I'm not getting stalked and murdered in my sleep." I joked.

      "So blunt. It's ferocious." He winked.

     "Oh God." I rolled my eyes.

      "Well, if you're not going to tell me your name, at least tell me things about you. This is a fake date. I should know everything." He bashfully put his elbows on the table and leaned his head into his hands.

       "Okay, my favorite color is burgundy." I shrugged.

       "You hurt my brain." He laughed.

       "You're the one who agreed to take me out on a date." I crossed my arms.

       "Okay... New date setting. Movie." He said.

       "Movies are long. Do we have that kind of time?" I sighed. Harry looked at his clock on the stove and nodded.

      "It's five before nine."

        "Okay. What movie?" I asked.

      "How about Dunkirk." He smiled wide.

      "Never heard of it." I stood up.

      "Never... Oh my God. Were watching it." He stood up as well. he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into his living room. 

       "It is so good." He said.

       "I'll take your word for it." I laughed, taking a seat on his couch.

       He put the movie in and shut off all the lights.


         "That was unbelievable." I gaped at the credits that crept up the telly. "And that actually happened?"

         "To an extent." He shrugged.

         "That one dude Alex, looked just like you." I adverted my gaze to Harry's face and stared into his green eyes.

      "He did didn't he?" He laughed.

      "Yes! Oh my God! I think this one of my favorite movies." I said, excited.

      "Woah, Chill." He said.

      "I can't! It was Brilliant!" 

      "Mia!" He said.

      "Yes?" I giggle in a deep manner.

      "Deep breathes." He squeezed my cheeks together, giving me fish lips. He gasped and jumped off the couch.

      "Follow me!" He dragged me out of the living room and to the basement.

      "Where are we going?" I asked.

      "Right here." He opened the passenger side door of his car and I slid in.

     "Okay, But what's the point?" I laughed.

      "To give you the full first date experience." He said. The door closed and just as quickly Harry's side door opened and he climbed in beside me.

      "This is weird." I whispered.

      "That's okay. Most guys after the first date like to walk girls to the door, correct?"

       "Yes, according to most romance movies." I nodded.

       "Exactly." Harry got out of his car and over to my side yet again, opening the door.


       "No. Wait." He helped me out of the car and walked me to the door that led to the rest of his house.

      I turned to face him, only to step back. he was extremely close.

       "Most guys will kiss you goodbye on the first date." He leaned forward. I tried to step back but i was already completely against the door.

        Harry continued to lean and i could feel his hot breathe touch my ear. My lips pursed and i closed my eyes.

       "What you do, is make them beg for it." He moved from my ear to my neck and I swallowed what was left of my throat. My heart was pounding and my hands were starting to sweat. His arm moved across the front of my body and his lips touche my neck. I craned my neck to let him have room, and the next thing I knew I was flying backwards into the house.

        Harry started to laugh hysterically. I could feel the heat rise on my cheeks.

       "That wasn't funny." I punched his arm.

       "Of course it was." He smiled. The corners of his eyes crinkled.

       "I hate you..." I crossed my arms. I could feel thew smile tug at the sides of my mouth and i asked, "What's next?"














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