"Mia." He whispered.
"Hmm?" I moaned. The soft light of the morning making me squint.
"Last night was indescribable." He said.
"Mm-hmm." I nodded. I pressed my face farther into the bed, trying to go back to my wonderful dream full of fun and unexpected things. I met my dream guy (aha literally) in this dream.
"Mia. Wake up." He pressed my cheek. I opened my eyes all the way and stared at the boy i was laying beside.
It wasn't a dream...


6. blah blah blah

       "What do we do?" I asked, looking up at him.

      "We can't exactly do anything..." He said.

      "Can't we call somebody?" I sighed.

      "Their lines are probably down. We'll have to wait until the morning I'm betting." He faced me, he hands on my shoulders. "Can you survive the night?"

      "Oh shut up." I rolled my eyes.

      "Stay here. I'll go get flashlights." Harry wandered off in the dark. I heard a yell from by the stairs and I rolled my eyes.

      "Harry stop." I said. There was no response. "Harry?" 

What if he fell down the stairs and I'm acting like he's joking?

      "Harry?" I said harshly. The house was eerily quiet. I tiptoed through the house, unsure of where to navigate myself. I smacked into a table beside the couch. A yell erupted from in front of me. I let out a scream as I was tackled to the couch.

      Harry started to laugh hysterically, I wanted to cry, and I'm pretty sure we broke his couch.

      "Get off me." I punched his shoulder.

      "I'm kind of liking this position." He said.

      "Harry..." I groaned.


      "Did you at least get the flashlights?" 


      "Can you please. now?" I demanded.

       "Since you asked so politely." He said. The dead weight lifted off of me and heaved a breath of relief.

       "You're so mean. I'm not that heavy." He said.

       "You might not be overweight, but you're still a grown man." I took a flashlight that Harry held out to me and turned it on. "Your house is so creepy without light." I shone it around.

       "You're the first person to experience this with me." He said.

       "You've never had a black out before?" I raised my eyebrow.

       "No, I have. I just mean in this house." He clarified. 

       "How long have you lived her?" I asked.

       "3 months. You?"

       "3 years." I laid down on the couch.

       "Hey, we have 3 in common." He laid down by my feet.

       "I googled you." I stated.

       "Oh God. What did you find?" He sighed.

       "A bunch of bologna. It's so not fair how they portray people. I spent all night with you and not once did you exhibit any of the things they say about you. How attention seeking do these people need to be to make up something like that about a person. I wrote a lengthy letter to them." I said.

       "What?" He snapped. "You shouldn't have done that."

       "what? Why not? I was just trying to help." I frowned.

        "Mia. They got your picture the other day when we were in London. That's why we left the park so quickly. If they find out your name and see that letter you wrote, they'll use that letter and turn it into some weird thing going on between us." He said.

       "Isn't there some weird thing going on between us. I mean, this is already twice in the same weekend that we were brought together." I said.

        "I'm just saying. They'll turn it into something you won't like. I've seen them do it before." He grabbed my hand. My flashlight beam illuminated Harry's face in all the right places.

       "But why? I just wanted them to stop making things up." I said.

        "That's not how the media works!" He yelled. "All they do is screw with people's careers!"

        "I just... Wanted to help."

        "Why are you crying?"He sighed.

        "Because I screwed up."

        "You didn't do anything wrong." He pulled me to his end of the couch and I rested my head on his chest.

      "There's no need to cry. It doesn't matter." He stroked my hair.

       "But it does." I mumbled. 


       "Because you yelled." 

        The lights turned back on and we shut off the flashlights, but didn't move from the position we were in.

       "Mia?" Harry whispered.

      "What?" I looked up.

      He caught my chin and planted a kiss on my lips. I kissed back, unsure of where we went from there. I was okay with not knowing, because at that moment... I was perfectly content.

























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